Friday, August 31, 2012

Wanted man kills self in front of police

ASHLAND WA Aug 31 2012 - Authorities are investigating an incident in Bayfield County, in which a driver who was wanted on a warrant killed himself in front of an officer who stopped him for a traffic violation.

It happened during the noon hour on Monday, about three miles west of Ashland on Highway 2. A Bayfield County deputy stopped the car, learned that the driver had a warrant, and told the man he was under arrest. Officials said the driver refused to follow an order to get out of the car – and instead pulled a gun hidden near the driver’s seat and shot himself in the head. He died later at an Ashland hospital.

Ashland Police are investigating. They say they won’t release the names of the man or the sheriff’s deputy until their probe into the incident is finished either today or tomorrow. For now, officials are not saying why the man was stopped – or what the warrant was for.

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