Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kenton County School District adds armed security guard

FORT WRIGHT KY Aug 30 2012— Visitors may notice something new outside the Kenton County School District office on Eaton Drive: an armed security guard.

He’s not there to protect against threats of violence, but to protect the personal information of students and school staff, according to Kim Banta, assistant superintendent of community engagement for Kenton County schools.

She said the protective action was taken after the Aug. 6 board meeting, when a parent showed photos taken inside the building.

Banta said district administrators were “disturbed” by the photos.

“We were worried because we have extremely personal information here,” said Banta. “Believe me, I do not think for one moment that someone would come in here with the intention of harming anyone, but it’s our responsibility to keep people from accessing private information.”

Fort Wright Police Chief Dan Kreinest said no threats of violence against the Kenton County School District office have been reported recently.

Banta said the guard is a temporary measure until the district can go through a bid process and have security cameras installed, hopefully before the end of October.

Kenton County School District Treasurer Kelley Gamble said the organization contracted with PLS Protective Services of Cincinnati for a guard eight hours a day during weekdays at a rate of $20.75 per hour, paid from “costs for central office and building operations.”

Gamble said the district has not yet been billed, and there is no set date for the contract’s end, but acknowledged it’s a temporary situation.

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