Wednesday, June 13, 2012

College Park police officers accused of forcing prostitutes to have sex

COLLEGE PARK, GA June 13 2012 - A College Park police officer has quit and another is still on the force after prostitutes alleged having sex with them to have their cases dropped.

Former Officer Horace Roberts, of College Park, resigned from the force in April after College Park police investigators attempted to question him about the allegations. Roberts told CBS Atlanta News that he had no inappropriate relationships with any prostitute and resigned from the force because of stress.

Officer Marcus Dennard, of Fayetteville, is still assigned to the department's Special Operations division after the department investigated and closed the case.

According to a city of College Park police complaint, Jessica Flournoy, 23, and Jenny Clementi, 29, claimed Roberts and Dennard requested sexual favors in return for their charges related to prostitution to be dropped.

The complaint reads, "After an arrest, she started seeing him (Dennard) on a regular basis." Fluornoy claimed Dennard visited her eight times and told her that she would be taken care of if anything happened.

According to the complaint, "She stated that there was no set price for the sex but that he paid her anywhere from $30 to $70 each time for her services."

Clementi claimed Roberts made sexual advances and exchanged numbers with her. Police reported that it was verified by checking Clementi's phone.

Clementi also stated that after she had sex with Dennard, he told her he would not show up in court and have her case dropped.

According to court records, the charges were dismissed after Dennard stated that video evidence he intended to use to prosecute Clementi could not be found.

According to the complaint, Dennard failed a voice stress test on two relevant questions about whether he had sex with prostitutes. The results of a subsequent polygraph came back inconclusive. Dennard admitted to using certain techniques to show the test inconclusive.


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