Thursday, May 10, 2012

Armored truck roll over spills money across Interstate-77

CHARLESTON, W.Va. May 10 2012-- Passing motorists took money from an overturned armored vehicle immediately after it rolled over Tuesday morning along Interstate 77, police said.

A Loomis armored vehicle with two guards rolled at 9:10 a.m. in the northbound lane about one mile north of the Haines Branch exit of I-77.

Bills, rolls of coins and loose quarters scattered around the vehicle in both northbound and southbound lanes.

One of the earliest emergency responders on the scene radioed in that some passersby were trying to grab some of the money.

The number of those allegedly involved and how much money was taken is still under investigation, said State Police Trooper D.E. Gregory.

Gregory said details are being sorted, but the vehicle possibly hydroplaned after striking standing water. The driver and passenger received minor scrapes when the vehicle rolled and came to a rest on its top in the center median. Those who allegedly took money fled when emergency help arrived, Gregory said.

Paramedics took both guards to CAMC General Hospital, but Gregory expected them to be released Tuesday evening.

By 10 a.m., police were still removing bags of cash from the vehicle so that it could be towed. State Division of Highways employees used hand-held gas-powered brushes to sweep the coins off the freeway surface and into piles for collection by Loomis employees who arrived at the scene in a second armored vehicle.

Traffic was backed up by the accident, but began moving around the crash scene before noon.

Anyone who took money could face criminal charges after the investigation is finished, Gregory said.

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