Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shooting at hospital leaves employees, neighbors scared

Omaha NE OCT 29 2008
BY: Rick McCann
There are still very few clues concerning a shooting that took place in broad daylight. Omaha Police say it appears the victim was chosen at random. Shot in the middle of a busy hospital parking lot.
Half of the parking lot at Immanuel Medical Center was wrapped in crime scene tape and dozens of officers and hospital security officers did crowd control and searched for clues.
Omaha Police confirmed Tuesday morning that a shooting of the victim was shot in the chest around 1:30 p.m. Monday. It's an unlikely scene and one never thought possible to unfold at a hospital.
Hospital workers and residents of the normally quiet neighborhood said the broad daylight shooting is disturbing and scares many hospital employees who go there every day.

What about people who bought homes within walking distance of the hospital, thinking it was the safest place to be in the city?
"I thought I moved away from all the trouble for the most part," said Carlina Thompson.
"Actually buying this house, I was thinking that the hospital's right there so if something comes up we can always have somewhere to run," Thompson said.
Adrienne Grundy and her family have lived in the same neighborhood about two years. The shooting also has Grundy coming to grips with what at one time seemed unthinkable.

However, it proves that anything can happen just about anywhere.
Right now police are not sure if it was a robbery attempt or exactly what caused the shooting to take place at the hospital and are being tight lipped about details.
Police have still not released the victim's age, name, whether or not she was an employee of Immanuel, a patient or just there visiting someone.

Although the victim was shot at Immanuel Medical Center, she was rushed to Creighton University Medical Center for treatment.

The hospital is a trauma center with staff trained specifically to treat patients with extreme injuries.
The gunman is still at large. Anyone with information, should call police at 444-7867.


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