Friday, August 3, 2007


OREM, Utah AUG. 3 2007 - A security employee was bit Wednesday afternoon as she tried to apprehend to shoplifting suspects. Police say Macy's security personnel at the University Mall saw a woman putting jewelry into her handbag before leaving the store with another woman. Police say they made no effort to pay for the merchandise. A female security employee attempted to stop the women and asked them to return to the store. Police say the suspects resisted and a fight broke out.

The security employee grabbed hold of the woman with the purse. That's when the woman started biting the security employee. Meanwhile, police say, the second suspect took off her shoe and started hitting the security employee. The two suspects escaped, but the employee managed to hang onto one of the suspect's purses, which contained both the stolen jewelry and the woman's photo identification.

Police made efforts to find the suspects Wednesday, but were unsuccessful. Police say an officer spoke with one of the suspects when she called the department Wednesday evening to report that she'd been assaulted by a woman at the mall earlier who accused her of stealing and stole her purse. The suspect is from American Fork.

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