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Private security firm takes over security of New Orleans City Hall

City Hall, New Orleans

New Orleans LA Feb 27 2015
The responsibility for securing New Orleans City Hall is no longer in the hands of Sheriff Marlin Gusman.
As of Feb. 14, the armed guards are being provided by Falcon Security, which won the contract in a public bidding process.
The switch is part of a broader effort to bolster the number of deputies at Orleans Parish Prison, sheriff's spokesman Philip Stelly said.
"The Sheriff's Office is in the midst of a recruitment campaign to staff the new jail facility. In addition to new deputies, we need experienced deputies to help with our core mission," Stelly said. "So back in November, the administration announced its intention to end security services at City Hall to have more deputies available for security at other facilities and eventually at the new jail facility."
The sheriff's office had been in charge of City Hall security where six deputies were assigned since 1994
Falcon Security's one-year contract is worth $275,000 with the chance to make additional money for "unexpected special events or security needs."
"The Office of Homeland Security is responsible for security at City Hall (and) the recent changes are part of the Office's efforts to improve the overall security in order to better protect our workers and visitors," according to the mayor's office.

Orange County High School Basketball Coach Arrested For Sexual Misconduct With 2 Minors

(credit: OCSD)
SANTA ANA CA Feb 27 2015 — Orange County Sheriff’s investigators Thursday were seeking additional possible victims of a 20-year-old high school basketball coach accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with two minor girls.
Dwayne Jordan Richardson, 20, of Fullerton, was arrested Wednesday for Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor, Sexual Penetration and Oral Copulation with a Minor, officials said.
The investigation began after a Villa Park High School Resource Officer received information regarding alleged crimes involving a student at Villa Park as well as one who attends El Dorado High School in the city of Placentia.
Based on a preliminary investigation, authorities suspect Richardson has been engaging in sexual misconduct with at least one of the victims since June 2014.
The suspect was booked into the Orange County Jail and has since been released after posting $100,000 bail.
Richardson was a “walk-on” girls basketball coach at Villa Park High School leading investigators to believe there may be additional possible victims.
Anyone with information was asked to call Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. Special Victims Unit Sgt. Wade Walsvick at (714)647-7418 or (714)647-7000. Anonymous tips may also be submitted to Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCCS (855-847-6227) or at

San Leandro security fires weapon at vehicle that struck him

Security Guard Shoots at Suspect in San Leandro Bowling Alley Parking Lot

San Leandro CA Feb 27 2015
A private security guard fired his gun at an 18-year-old driver who allegedly nearly ran the guard down while leaving a bowling alley parking lot in San Leandro on Saturday night, police said today.
The security guards found a group of five males drinking in the parking lot of the Manor Bowl at 887 Manor Blvd. at about 10 p.m. on Saturday, police said. When they confronted the group and asked them to leave, one of them, identified as 18-year-old John Nguyen, reached into the car and threw a can of beer at one of the security guards, according to police.
The five males, both adults and juveniles, then got into their 1998 Honda Civic with Nguyen driving, police said. Nguyen allegedly sped toward the security guards, nearly striking one of them. In response, the 44-year-old fired his gun at the car, missing the five occupants. The Honda swerved and then sped out of the parking lot onto Manor Boulevard toward Farnsworth Street, police said.
Investigating officers found the car later that night at about 11:20 p.m. Police detained the five males. Nguyen was identified by the security guard as the driver and was arrested. The other four males were released, police said. When he was arrested and placed in the pack of the patrol car, Nguyen began to kick the windows of the police car, police said.
Officer tried to restrain his legs and as they did he allegedly kicked one of the officers in the face, police said. He was booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer, police said. The officer’s injuries were minor and he returned to work after the assault, according to police.

Bell Centre's security rules include mandatory pat downs

Montreal Canada Feb 27 2015 Meghan Merrigan was thrilled when she received a last-minute invitation to the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Bell Centre this month. She and a male friend arrived a bit late and there were no crowds as they entered the building. Merrigan rarely attends shows at the Bell Centre, but she assumed there would be some type of security so she opened her purse to allow a security guard to look inside.
Instead, she said the young guard grabbed her legs and began rubbing his hands up and down her inner thighs as part of a security pat down. “I was taken by surprise and it was an extremely unwelcome touch,” Merrigan recalled. “I was really shocked.”
Merrigan, 31, said she asked the security guard what he was doing and why he didn’t inform her he was going to touch her. “Surely, he can’t just do that? It just didn’t feel right.” Merrigan said she didn’t believe the touch was sexual in nature, but felt that the security guard was on a power trip or improperly trained. After she admonished him for touching her, she said he “turned red and appeared embarrassed.”
She said she would have agreed to be searched if she had been informed beforehand.
Whenever she has been searched at Trudeau airport, Merrigan said, it’s always done by a female security guard “who is really clear about what is going to happen.” After the concert, Merrigan posted a message about the incident on Evenko’s Facebook page asking what their policy was, but she said she didn’t get a response. She said she thinks officials at the Bell Centre need to be more proactive in informing the public about their security policies.
A spokesperson for Evenko, the company that promotes shows at the Bell Centre, insisted that searching ticket holders prior to concerts is not new. “I am not sure when was the last time she was at the Bell Centre, but the security rules are posted,” said Christine Montreuil, Evenko’s spokesperson.
Montreuil said a male and female security guard usually work together to conduct the pat downs. She doesn’t know why that didn’t happen in Merrigan’s case.
Security at the Bell Centre is re-evaluated every three months based on what is happening “in the news,” along with requests from police authorities and artists performing there, Montreuil said. Security has been increased during the past few months after two Canadian soldiers were killed in Ottawa and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
People attending shows are no longer able to leave bags in consignment and cannot enter the building with a backpack larger than a briefcase. Concertgoers are also not be permitted to leave the building and re-enter after undergoing a security check.
The Bell Centre has a message on its Facebook page and Twitter account informing concertgoers that “every person will be searched at the entrances.” This reminder is sent to all ticket holders a few days before the shows, Montreuil said.
After the Montreal Gazette inquired about its security policy on Monday, Evenko tweeted a message asking ticket holders for the Bryan Adams concert to turn up early because there would be a mandatory pat down prior to the show.
Last week, security guards were searching cars in the underground parking lot before the Canadiens game against Toronto.

Homeland security is top priority at Dubai Airport

Dubai Feb 27 2015 The General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, GDRFA-Dubai, is sparing no efforts to ensure homeland security by using the highest technological standards at Dubai Airport that can detect even highly sophisticated fake passports, a senior official said today.
Major General Mohammed Al Marri, Director General of the GDRFA-Dubai, added that the passports’ control officers at the airport are well trained on how to identify forged passports quickly and efficiently.
“We invest in our staff to get good skills. The officer must be able to recognise the security features of any passport in the world,” he said.
According to statistics released by the GDRFA in Dubai, a total of 47,910 suspected documents were inspected by the Expertise Centre Identity and Fraud Documents (ECIFD) system at Dubai International Airport in 2014 compared to 64,652 in 2013.
Captain Abdullah Mohammad Al Mutawa, Director of ECIFD of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, said that visitors trying to enter the country using fake identity documents are being easily exposed at the airport, due to the high-tech passport-reading and biometrics technology system designed to identify fraud. The ECIFD was established in 2010.
Captain Al Mutawa said a total of 1,027 fake documents were discovered by the ECIFD in 2014 compared to 968 fake documents seized in 2013, and out of the 1,027 fake documents 818 were forged, 24 were documents with some changes and 185 were those used by someone else other than the original owner.
He added that out of 968 fake documents caught in 2013, 765 were forged, 34 were documents with some changes and 169 were those used by someone else other than the original owner.
Captain Al Mutawa said usually those who try to enter the country using fake passports are send back immediately to the country they came from.
“The centre helps verify the identities of millions of travellers passing through Dubai airport each year,” he said, adding that the ECIFD stores data on travel documents and identity cards from over 200 countries. It has a library of sample documents and forgeries.
He explained that the training centre of ECIFD develops and maintains a high level of expertise in relation to document checks on national and international investigation, and training on body language is also very important for passport control officers.
“We train the officers not only on recognising forged documents but also we train them on customer service,” he said, adding, “We want them to be very friendly because they are the first people visitors meet when they enter the country. The officers at the airport make the first impression on visitors,” he said.
First Lieutenant Khalifa Juma Harran, General Training Coordinator, said that all the training programmes are delivered by Emirati trainers and the training courses are divided into three levels, the first level is aimed at passport control counter employees, the second level is for supervisors of passports control counters, while the third level is designed for laboratory employees to analyse suspected passports.
He said the basic level or the front-officer training is to help the staff to identify a forged passport and if the front officer has any doubt, then it goes to the advanced level where there will be specific equipment to inspect the suspected passports, and finally the suspected passport may go to the third level or the expert level and at this stage the officer must make a decision about the suspected travel document.
Major General Obaid bin Surour, Deputy Director of the GDRFA-Dubai said that through the GDRFA, the UAE is a contributing member of the Electronic Documentation Information System on Network (Edison) Travel Documents Section Committee.
The Edison is a kind of library developed by five countries, the US, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands and the UAE, the only Arab country who can use this system. These countries continually update the database to help in efficient verification of documents.

Lawrence police officer arrested for domestic violence, kidnapping charges

LAWRENCE, Kansas (AP) – Lawrence police are searching for two men ...

Lawrence, Kansas Feb 27 2015 Lawrence police on Tuesday morning arrested one of their officers, 32-year-old William Jacob Burke, on suspicion of domestic battery, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, kidnapping and criminal threat.
Burke, of Lawrence, is accused of restraining, battering and threatening the victim, with whom he has a “domestic relationship,” during an incident last month, police spokesman Sgt. Trent McKinley said Tuesday. Police received the domestic violence report Monday.
Investigators interviewed Burke and determined there was probable cause to arrest him on suspicion of the five charges, McKinley said.
The incident occurred while the patrol officer was off duty, McKinley said. Burke has been with the department since August 2011.
Burke has been suspended from duty while the investigation continues. He is being paid on suspension until he is formally charged. McKinley said. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.
"If he is charged tomorrow, the city manager will review that and determine if he needs to be changed to unpaid status," McKinley said Tuesday.
Burke is being held in the Douglas County Jail without bond. The Douglas County Jail's policy is not to release booking photos until suspects make their first appearances.

Former Huntsville AL police officer pleads guilty to bribery in drug cases

BIRMINGHAM AL Feb 27 2015 —A Huntsville police officer pleaded guilty today in federal court to taking part in a conspiracy to fix cocaine trafficking charges against an individual arrested by another Huntsville officer, announced U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance, FBI Special Agent in Charge Roger C. Stanton and Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris.
LEWIS BERNARD HALL, 45, of Meridianville, Ala., entered his guilty plea to the conspiracy before U.S. District Judge R. David Proctor. His sentencing date has not been set.
“A corrupt police officer poisons the public’s trust in law enforcement. Most officers work hard to protect their communities and are willing to put their lives on the line in that service,” Vance said. “Our communities need and deserve police officers with that integrity. The conduct of individuals like this defendant is not worthy of the badge and I applaud the work of the Huntsville Police Department and the FBI in bringing Mr. Hall to justice.”
“While the majority of police officers serve and protect the public with honor, there are those few, like Mr. Hall, who violate the public’s trust and bring dishonor to their badge,” Stanton said. “Simply stated, there is no place in law enforcement for individuals who lack integrity, lie, and violate the very laws they are sworn to uphold.”
In his plea, Hall acknowledged that he conspired with someone identified in court documents as “Individual B” to pay a fellow police officer $5,000 if that officer would claim a July 29 vehicle search he conducted, which resulted in drug-trafficking charges against “Individual A,” was unlawful, thereby making the criminal case against Individual A go away. The Huntsville officer who conducted the vehicle search and, subsequently, assisted in the investigation of Hall is identified only as “Cooperating Officer.”
According to Hall’s written plea agreement with the government, Individual A was on supervised release following a 15-year prison sentence for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance when the Cooperating Officer pulled him over on a traffic stop July 29. The officer searched the passenger compartment of the vehicle, found about three ounces of cocaine, and took Individual A into custody on a charge of trafficking cocaine, according to the plea agreement.
Hall admits in his plea that on July 31, he and Individual B discussed offering the Cooperating Officer a bribe to tell other law enforcement officers that his search of Individual A’s vehicle was unlawful. Hall offered the bribe to the Cooperating Officer on July 31, paid him $1,000 on Aug. 12, and had two follow-up conversations in November about what the officer was supposed to say when asked about the search of Individual A’s vehicle, the indictment says.
The maximum penalty for the conspiracy charge is five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
The FBI investigated the case in conjunction with the Huntsville Police Department. Assistant U.S. Attorney George A. Martin Jr. is prosecuting the case.

Drunken man lashed out at female Warsop bouncer

 Nottinghamshire, England Feb. 27 2015
An engineer who got involved in a confrontation with a female bouncer outside a Warsop pub has been ordered to pay out £345.
Carl Haslam (31) of Egmanton Road, Meden Vale, got into an argument while 
drunk with the door supervisor member at the Talbot pub.
Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard how Haslam had been heavily drink after downing pints of beer, cocktails and Jagerbombs.
But his mood turned when he saw his ex-partner in the pub which led to the intervention of the door staff.
The court was told how Haslam became aggressive and he punched her on the shoulder.
A second man then tried to intervene to calm Haslam down, but he became abusive towards the innocent bystander.
The court was then told how Haslam slapped the man twice to the cheek with his palm.
Haslam was later arrested and questioned by police and said he could not remember the incidents because he had been drunk.
CCTV footage played to the court showed Haslam swaying and lashing out at the two victims.
He admitted two counts of common assault.
In mitigation, it was heard how Haslam had turned angry because he saw his ex partner in the pub and claimed she had recently denied him access to their 15-week-old baby.
He also wanted to know who was looking after the baby while she was in the pub.
He was fined £140, made to pay £50 compensation to each, and pay £85 costs and a £20 surcharge.

Security tightened at New Delhi churches after attacks

A protester holds a cross during a protest rally by hundreds of Christians against attacks on churches nationwide, in Mumbai February 9, 2015.  REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

New Delhi India Feb 27 2015 The government said on Wednesday it had boosted security around hundreds of churches in New Delhi after a spate of attacks on religious institutions unnerved minority Christians.
Minister of State for Home Haribhai Chaudhary told lawmakers that extra police had been deployed to protect 240 churches in the capital, and that surveillance cameras had been installed in and around all religious centres.
Since December, five churches in the capital have reported incidents of arson or theft. On Wednesday, a church in Karnataka was vandalised, a police official in Mangalore told Reuters.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a declared Hindu nationalist, vowed earlier this month to protect all religious groups at an event organised by the Catholic community -- a long-awaited reassurance widely seen as a response to the violence.
Days before, hundreds of Christian protesters had clashed with police on the streets of New Delhi to demand government protection following concerns that minorities were being increasingly targeted by Hindu extremist groups.
After Modi came to power last May, systematic campaigns by conservative groups to convert Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, as well as acts of vandalism and theft at churches, have outraged religious minorities.
About a fifth of India's 1.27 billion people identify themselves as belonging to faiths other than Hinduism.
Even after Modi's speech, the leader of an influential hardline Hindu organisation associated with his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lashed out at Mother Teresa, the Christian nun who spent her life caring for the poor in Kolkata.
Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), said Mother Teresa sought "to make the person obligated so that they become Christian".
Mother Teresa, who was born in Macedonia but became an Indian citizen, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her work in the slums.

Cape Town security officer killed in robbery attempt

CAPE TOWN SA Feb 27 2015 - A security guard has been killed in a shootout with a group of armed robbers in Khayelitsha on Thursday.
Robbers hit a cash-in-transit van yesterday while collecting money at a petrol station in Makhaza.
The police's Andre Traut says the suspects were able to flee with an undisclosed amount of cash.
“Shots were fired and one of the security officers was fatally wounded. The suspects then fled the scene and are yet to be arrested.”

Man carrying AK-style rifle arrested at Spokane federal courthouse

Marshals arrest man carrying weapon at federal courthouse | Spokane ...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Feb 27 2015
US Marshals arrested a man carrying an AK-style rifle at the entrance to the Federal courthouse Wednesday morning.
Anthony Bosworth, who walked onto federal property with the rifle slung across his back, told a security officer with Department of Homeland Security he wasn't there to achieve anything; he claimed he was there to exercise his rights. When the DHS officer asked him if he was making some sort of 2nd Amendment statement he said he was actually there exercising his 10th Amendment rights.
As Bosworth and the DHS officer talked for several moments, a US Marshal approached them and brought an end to the discussion.
"This is federal property, you can't bring guns here, if you don't leave we will arrest you. It's that simple. You're not protesting you are violating the law," the Marshal said.

Shortly after that Bosworth is taken into custody by the Marshal, while the woman who was with him backed up onto public property on the sidewalk.
"They said that I was illegally trespassing on federal land with a firearm," Bosworth said. "They quoted the law, they actually misquoted the law, saying that I was illegally on federal property, when the law they quoted states I must be in the facility, in the building, which I corrected them on."
That law in question is Title 18 U.S. Code 930 regarding "Possession of Firearms and Dangerous Weapons in Federal Facilities. It defines a federal facility as "a building or part thereof owned or leased by the Federal Government, where Federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties."
Bosworth said there were no clear boundaries, and he should be allowed outside the steps of the courthouse. But the authorities didn't agree.
"We were complying, we were proceeding to head towards what we thought was state land, federal land, the border there," Bosworth explained. "We still hadn't gotten clearance from them which was which, then that's when they placed me under arrest and took me in."
Members of the Patrick Henry Society say Bosworth was a co-organizer of the “I Will Not Comply” rally and the “Our Capitol, Our Rights” rally. He is also said to be one of the leaders of Liberty For All.
Bosworth said he was questioned by the FBI, but was not charged with anything. His guns were not immediately returned to him, but he was confident he would get them back soon. He said he plans to run for Sheriff in Yakima, where he lives, on this platform of citizen rights.

Alert Loomis security officers avert armed robbery

Left to right: Lamothe, Gordon, Vann (Source: OPP)

New Orleans LA Feb 27 2015 New Orleans police said an armed heist attempt likely was averted Tuesday (Feb. 24) when three men spotted tailing a Loomis armored truck along its pickup route in Algiers were arrested.
Cirdezhean Lamothe, Jerome Vann and Miquel Gordon were booked with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, according to court documents. Police said they arrested the trio after Loomis guards twice reported being followed by the men, and a traffic stop by 4th District officers uncovered in their car a loaded gun, three sets of gloves, a ski mask, bandana and knit cap.
At least one of the three confessed the group had "an intent and plan to rob the armored vehicle," according to the arrest report written by NOPD Detective Leonard Bendy. The detective wrote that "further interviewing of a subject yielded an admission that the armored vehicle was followed with the intention of committing a robbery ... that motive was the need of money."
The report said the two guards manning the Loomis truck first noticed the men watching them from inside a blue Chevrolet Impala when they stopped at the First NBC Bank branch at 4901 General De Gaulle Dr. The driver of the armored truck warned her partner, the report said, and when she made eye contact with the men, they drove away.
The guards said they watched the Impala leave the bank parking lot, make a U-turn, enter a restaurant parking lot, then continue to an adjacent gas station. There, the report said, one of the men got out of the car and pretended to inflate one of the its tires while continuing to watch the armored truck.
The Loomis guards kept their truck in the bank parking lot and called police. But the Impala drove away before officers arrived.
The report said an NOPD unit escorted the armored truck to its next two stops, with no sign of the suspicious car. But when the armored truck later made a service stop at the Walmart at 4001 Behrman Pl. near Terrytown, the driver again spotted the Impala in the store parking lot. The men remained in the car, and the Loomis guard carrying currency returned to the truck without incident. But the guards immediately phoned the NOPD officers who had escorted them earlier to advise them the surveillance had resumed.
The Loomis truck pulled into the parking lot of a nearby fast-food restaurant, and the Impala followed, parking at a restaurant next door. That's when police arrived to question and ultimately arrest the men in the Chevy.
The report said Lamothe, 20, was in the front passenger seat and seemed especially reluctant to step out of the car. When he did, police said they found a loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol, gloves and a knit cap on the floorboard under his seat. Lamothe was on active probation following a 2012 simple robbery conviction in Orleans Parish, and was booked Tuesday with an additional charge of illegal possession of a firearm by a felon. His bond was set Wednesday at $40,000.
Vann, 25, was driving the Impala. Police said they found a blue ski mask and black gloves on the floorboard under his seat. Vann had no prior arrests on record in Orleans Parish and his bond was set Wednesday at $20,000.
Gordon, 19, was seated in the car's back seat, police said, where they found gloves and a black bandana. Gordon also had no previous arrests on record in Orleans Parish and his bond was set at $20,000. The next hearing for all three suspects was set for March 25.

From Grateful Dead to Phish: 20 years of security

Williston, VT Feb 27 2015

By: Brent Hallenbeck

Members of Phish have called that epic concert the pinnacle of the band's career. It was also the moment Cheney knew his young company had arrived. He helped oversee the building of a temporary city that caused what he called "the largest non-weather traffic jam in Florida history," yet only a few automotive snarls, drug issues and fire-ant bites marred an event otherwise hailed as a success.
"Everybody was for the most part safe," Cheney said in a recent conversation at the Green Mountain Concert Services offices in Williston. "All things considered, that event was very smooth."
Green Mountain Concert Services took off from there, going immediately from the humid swamps of south Florida to the frigid hills of southern Vermont to handle security for ESPN's Winter X Games at Mount Snow in early 2000. That led to gigs across Lake Champlain at the sports network's Great Outdoor Games at Lake Placid, N.Y., and a reputation that in the ensuing 15 years has helped the Vermont-born company extend its reach into nearly a dozen states.
Green Mountain Concert Services hits its 20th anniversary this year with a pool of 800 part-time security professionals the company taps into for the 1,500-plus events it handles each year. GMCS employs 40 full-time workers, most of whom are based in Vermont. An 11-year-old sister company, Green Mountain Flagging, provides security for utility workers and others doing roadside projects.
The companies combined for $6 million of business in 2014, said Allen Ostroy, vice president of sales and marketing. The growing companies moved in October into new offices in Williston after overflowing from their previous space in Essex into an adjacent condominium complex.
"Kevin had positioned GMCS correctly in this market," Ostroy said. He said GMCS handles security for the University of Vermont and overnight patrols everywhere from Burlington's parking garages to the Trapp Family Lodge outside Stowe, from methadone clinics to hospital satellite-parking lots. Green Mountain Concert Services personnel are visible at high-profile Vermont events including the Champlain Valley Fair, Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Lake Champlain Maritime Festival and Grand Point North music festival.
"Everybody knows the yellow jackets," Ostroy said.
"We really have a reach in the New England area," Cheney said, "that a lot of our competition does not."
'Nothing personal'
Cheney, 47, was born in St. Albans. His family moved to Virginia but returned to Vermont in time for him to graduate from Middlebury Union High School.
In high school, Cheney was the kid who watched the door at friends' parties. After high school, he had no idea what to do with his life. He wound up joining the Vermont Army National Guard's Mountain Battalion.
"It was something I needed, the structure," he said.
Cheney began working security in April 1992 for Front Row Productions, a company run by friend Karl Barth. They handled outdoor concerts in Stowe and Essex Junction and indoor shows at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington.
Cheney, Barth and a third partner, Stephen Myers, met in March 1995 with an accountant and an attorney at the now-defunct Chicken Bone Café in Burlington to incorporate a new company, Green Mountain Concert Services. Barth and Myers have since left GMCS, leaving Cheney as president and chief executive officer.
GMCS began with a trial by fire: the notorious Grateful Dead concert in Highgate in June 1995 that Cheney said drew 65,000 paid concert-goers and another 25,000 or so who snuck in. "It was a sea of people," he said.
GMCS was in a secondary role, providing 70 personnel to support hundreds of other security forces and Vermont State Police. State police and the other security teams bore the brunt of the criticism for the chaotic event, something Cheney would come to understand in the ensuing years.
"As I grew," he said of his company, "the stresses obviously grew."
Security personnel at concerts and sporting events are not unlike umpires at a baseball game; they're there to enforce the rules and make sure the event the fans came to see runs smoothly. Like umpires, security teams tend to be noticed only when something goes wrong, and then they draw the fans' ire, as Cheney's company discovered a decade ago when a wet Vermont summer caused massive parking problems at Phish's farewell concerts in Coventry.
"It really did seem like whatever gods are out there were not with us on that day," he said.
The company knew it had a problem when it couldn't fit any more cars on the muddy site with 35,000 more fans on the way. "It turns out the best parking was on the highway," Cheney said. "That was one of the hardest events I've ever done."
Recently, GMCS worked the Feb. 13 concert at the Flynn Center featuring the Vermont-based rock band Death with openers including Rough Francis, featuring the sons of Death member Bobby Hackney Sr. There were no serious problems, though security personnel chased away a few people dancing in front of the stage.
The preschool daughter of one of the members of Rough Francis was dancing in the aisle to her father's music, next to her seated mother, when a GMCS security worker came over to talk with the mother. The girl, now crying, returned to her seat. A man sitting a few rows back yelled out, "Let the little girl dance!"
GMCS was enforcing the Flynn's rules. Cheney has accepted that that means the company will sometimes be seen as the villain. "We are the first ones on the line of defense," he said. "We're the face out there."
At moments like that, Cheney references the Zen-like line attitude of Patrick Swayze's bouncer character in the movie "Road House" — "It's nothing personal. It's just a job." He said GMCS emphasizes to its employees that people aren't screaming at them, they're screaming at the situation.
Good communicators
Security has evolved in the two decades since Green Mountain Concert Services was born. Gone are the days of looking simply for "a big brute" to throw people out of a concert or sporting event, said Ostroy, the company's vice president of sales and marketing. That's especially true in Vermont, which he said is one of the few states requiring 40 hours of training for security personnel to receive a two-year license.
"In the state of Vermont you can't just throw a T-shirt on somebody and call them security," Ostroy said.
Cheney said it helps to have a big brute monitoring crowd surfing and other potentially hazardous activities, but his company looks for "good communicators" to defuse problems before they develop. Security personnel are coached not to yell at someone in the parking lot as they arrive at an event, as that might foster bad feelings that flare up inside the event an hour or two later.
"You don't have to be a big guy to deal with the situation," according to Cheney.
He said The Station disaster, when 100 people died after fire broke out at a Rhode Island music venue in 2003, tightened restrictions on security companies. "It's sad that it takes a tragedy to change things," Cheney said. People at concerts often ask why there's so much security if nothing happens; the idea, Cheney said, is that the presence of security helps disasters from taking place.
His company shows video from The Station fire and resulting stampede to trainees. "I like to emphasize what it takes and why it's important," he said.
Cheney said he knows his security workers are often appreciated. He worked the Country Music Awards in Tennessee weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, where security screened everyone coming to the television broadcast. That included the famous performers themselves, who thanked the security workers for doing their jobs.
Ostroy used to manage jam-rock bands Strangefolk and Percy Hill and said he wrote many checks to GMCS before he came to work for them. He appreciated the company's approach to concert-site management. "The goal was always to create an environment that was safe for the fans," Ostroy said.
That, he said, translates to a fun environment as well as a safe one. "We still will get the goose bumps when you hear the crowd cheer," Ostroy said, "because you helped create that."
"That's a reward," Cheney added. He said GMCS just started working security at The Wobbly Barn, a music venue in Killington, and after a recent event there many people leaving the ski-town night spot thanked the security crew for a job well done.
Sometimes Cheney stands at a sold-out concert at an event such as the Champlain Valley Fair and takes a moment to look around and appreciate what his company set in place. "We created this event that these 10,000 people are enjoying," he said.
Burlington Free Press

Attleboro pastor accused of molesting girl

Hector Aguirre
Attleboro MA Feb 27 2015
An Attleboro pastor is accused of molesting a teenage girl more than a decade ago, and authorities said they believe there may be more victims.
Hector Aguirre, pastor of Iglesia Arca de Salvacion, is charged with rape and witness intimidation.
The alleged victim, now 28, came forward last weekend.
Prosecutors said Aguirre, 35, molested her in the church basement from the time she was 13 until she was 15.
They said he is also under investigation for allegations involving other children.

Tacoma shoplifter points gun at Macy's security and threatens to kill them

Police: Man steals jeans at gunpoint, leads cops on I-5 chase

TACOMA, Wash. Feb. 27 2015 -- An armed man who threatened to kill mall store security guards after being caught shoplifting has been arrested in Tacoma following a police chase that spanned two counties.

The man grabbed three pairs of jeans from Macy's at Olympia's Capital Mall just before noon Tuesday and ran from the store, where he was confronted by store security guards, said Lt. Paul Lower with Olympia police. The robber then pulled out a gun and threatened to kill the guards, police said.

He jumped into a red Camaro and sped off toward I-5, where he was eventually spotted by Olympia police officers, Lower said.

A chase ensued onto the northbound lanes of I-5 and was joined by Lacey Police and the Washington State Patrol, Lower said. The chase carried into Pierce County and the streets of Lakewood where at some point, two Lacey police cars were damaged near Filbert Lane SW and Bridgeport Way SW with one police cruiser's air bags deployed, said Det. Sgt. Terence Brimmer with Lacey Police. There were no reported injuries to the officers.

Police eventually lost sight of the Camaro, but the robber eventually bailed out of his car in the 5000 block of S. Puget Sound Avenue and ran. Residents alerted police to the abandoned Camaro, and Tacoma police officers spotted the suspect jumping a fence. He was later arrested a block away on S. Tacoma Way, said Loretta Cool with Tacoma Police.

The suspected robber fainted after his arrest and was taken to a local hospital to be checked out, Brimmer said. He'll eventually be booked for at least investigation of robbery and assault, Lower said.

There are no reported injuries.

Tampa security officer recogized by police for heroic actions

Tampa FL Feb 27 2015 On 7/6/2014 at 4:28pm, the Tampa Police Department received a 911 call involving a subject who had just pulled a gun and threatened the female caller.

Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and arrived on scene a few minutes later. Prior to the officers arrival, Security Officer Antonis “Anthony” Zaloumis of Critical Response Security, LLC was alerted of the incident.  Security Officer Zaloumis immediately sprung into action and made contact with the armed subject. Security Officer Zaloumis observed a firearm in the suspect's left front pant's pocket and ordered the suspect to put his hands up.

The suspect failed to listen to the commands and began to flee. Security Officer Zaloumis initiated a foot pursuit of the armed suspect while in the performance of his security duties while patrolling this apartment complex that is frequently plagued by violence and armed subjects. Security Officer Zaloumis quickly chased down the armed suspect and prevented him from fleeing the area. The suspect violently began to fight and resist the actions of Security Officer Zaloumis who was trying to handcuff the armed suspect. During the violent resist Security Officer Zaloumis was forced to use pepper spray to gain compliance of the suspect and during the fight become contaminated himself.

Upon the officers arrival, they observed Security Officer Zaloumis was holding onto the suspect's left hand ensuring that he was not able to get to his firearm. That firearm was determined to be fully loaded and functional, although the serial number had been scratched off.

A review of the defendant’s criminal history revealed he had been arrested for thirty-two (32) felony charges and an additional twenty-one (21) misdemeanor charges. The defendant had also failed to appear in court on ten (10)  prior incidents.

Defendant Wanser case was properly documented and left him with no defense as a result he pled open on all cases/charges and was sentenced to 5.5 years as a Prison Release Re-Offender and Habitual Felony Offender and upon his release will be on 3 years of felony probation.

Based on Security Officer Zaloumis heroic actions and the courage he took to engage a known armed suspect while placing his own safety at risk and preventing the escape of the suspect he is hereby awarded the Tampa Police Department's Citizen Appreciation Award.

India mall security officer beat to death

Security Guard of Rohtak Mall Beaten to Death With Sticks, Killers Caught on CCTV

Rohtak India Feb 27 2015 A group of men in Haryana have been caught on camera assaulting with sticks and belts a mall security guard who later died in hospital.

Footage from a security camera at Rohtak's Skytech mall shows the men attacking the guard, identified as Sunil Kumar, in the early hours of Thursday.
Within moments, Mr Kumar, who is dragged and beaten mercilessly, is left motionless. A young man who apparently tried to stop the attackers was also beaten.

The police have identified one of the attackers as Dheeraj and arrested him. He is seen hitting Mr Kumar with his belt before he is joined by others armed with sticks.

The police are still unclear about what provoked the attack. The group, say the police, had come to an adjoining community centre for a wedding function.

Mr Kumar died in hospital. The police have launched a manhunt to look for the others caught on camera.

Plan for armored car robbery prompted thefts from squad cars

Indianapolis IN Feb 27 2015
Police say Christopher Byrne had some of idea of how he planned to use the high powered rifle and protective gear he allegedly stole from two police cars in October 2014.
One person told investigators that Byrne had ambitions of robbing an armored car.
But his plans, according to court documents, came to halt when a traffic accident led to the discovery of a stolen police badge in his wallet.
Byrne, 29, was taken into custody by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department last week on charges of marijuana possession and theft.
The first case of theft and vandalism was reported about 4:30 a.m. Oct. 3 in the 2000 block of Turning Leaf Drive in Franklin. That’s where police found a Greenwood police car engulfed in flames. A laptop, an AR-15 rifle and several magazines of ammunition were missing.
Court documents state that on the morning of Oct. 10, an IMPD vehicle was found in the 10000 block of Shelbyville Road with a broken passenger side window. Some contents had been scattered in a nearby cornfield.
Missing items included a police riot helmet inscribed with the officer’s name.
Police came in contact with Byrne on the night of Feb. 4, court documents state. He had gotten into a single-vehicle crash at Pearl and Water streets in Greenwood.
Bynre was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. A search of Byrne and his vehicle led to the discovery of three sets of handcuffs, a police baton, an IMPD gas mask and the badge of a retired IMPD officer.
The badge belonged to the husband of the officer who had her car broken into in October, according to court records.
A few days later, a Greenwood detective spoke to an acquaintance of Byrne’s. The acquaintance told police that Byrne was overheard telling a friend that had broken into several squad cars, court documents state.
Byrne was also heard saying that he had a stolen rifle in his apartment, and that he wanted to rob an armored vehicle with it.
On Feb. 17, officials from the U.S. Marshals Service and the Indiana State Police followed up and served a search warrant on Byrne’s apartment in the 8800 block of Bison Club Drive.
The hours-long search led to the recovery of the riot helmet, a flashlight, books, a first kit and several other items missing from the IMPD car. Additionally, officials located the AR-15 rifle and police-issue ammunition stolen from the Greenwood car.
During the search, officials found four marijuana plants in a front bedroom. Court documents state that Byrne admitted the plants were his before he and his girlfriend were arrested. She also faces theft and marijuana charges.
Byrne told police that he purchased all the police equipment from an unknown man at a gun show, court documents state. His girlfriend denied any knowledge of the stolen items.
Byrne is slated to be in court for a bail review hearing on Tuesday. He and his girlfriend have not been charged with the Greenwood case.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

1400 airport security badges unaccounted for across the country

TSA considers biometric ACIS program but airports are not convinced

Dallas TX Feb 26 2015
NBC 5 Report   An exclusive NBC 5 investigation found hundreds and perhaps even thousands of airport security badges, known as Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) badges, are unaccounted for across the country.
NBC 5 Investigates requested records from some of the nation's largest airports asking how many SIDA badges are unaccounted for.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport sent a response saying more than 1,400 badges were lost or stolen over approximately two years.
Larry Wansley, who once led security for American Airlines, believes the missing badges present serious concerns for security officials and are something terrorists would like to have possession of in order to compromise security.
Before NBC 5 Investigates could get missing ID badge information from other airports, like Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration stepped in and said we couldn't have those numbers.
The TSA said it is security sensitive information and they don't want to say just how often airport ID's go missing at each airport.
However, police reports obtained by NBC 5 Investigates from D/FW Airport show more than just ID badges disappear each year. Employees have reported lost and stolen airline uniform shirts, an entire FedEx pilot's uniform, missing TSA badges and even a federal flight deck officer's credentials and badge, which allow a pilot to carry a gun on a plane.
In one case, a police report said an employee who lost his airline and airport security badges, “did not call to report them missing hoping someone would turn them in."
The employee’s lost badge was not deactivated for three days.
A stolen ID badge or uniform would not necessarily allow someone to walk right in to a secure area.
“Just because one aspect of it has been compromised, if you will, there are a whole lot of other backups that come into play,” said Wansley.
Most big airports, like D/FW and Atlanta, now use biometrics or PIN number systems. In order to get in, employees are required to scan their hand-print or enter a code in addition to swiping their ID card.
“The biometric technology provides another layer of security and is designed to ensure the integrity of the badge and badge holder in unison”, said D/FW Airport spokesman, David Magana.”
But Chaim Koppel, a security expert who consults with airports and airlines all over the world, still fears bad guys could use stolen ID cards to cause other problems, even without getting through the secure doors, by posing as someone who is a legitimate airport employee.
Koppel points to an attack in Pakistan last year where terrorists, dressed as airport security workers, launched a deadly assault from the airport perimeter and killed more than a dozen people.
“These few seconds that people are hesitant to act against them, that's going to be the key to success for them,” said Koppel.
Koppel said someone wearing a stolen ID card might also have a better chance of sneaking in an open perimeter gate or hopping a fence, much like the teenage stowaway who managed to hide on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from San Jose, California last year even without an ID.
Someone wearing an ID badge on the tarmac may be less likely to stand out.
Unions that represent airline employees said they constantly remind fellow workers to help protect uniforms and ID cards.
“You know, I treat my access badge like cash … or like a passport. If I lose it, it's gone,” said Jeffrey Ewing, with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.
Still, there are lapses sometimes in employee security. In 2013 NBC 5 Investigates discovered workers at D/FW, even an airline executive, sneaked family and friends through the secure doors allowing them to bypass the checkpoints, leaving open the possibility that someone with a stolen ID card might be able to follow someone through the door the same way.
Ewing said the message to employees is that safeguarding ID’s is not only about safety and security for crew members, but for the customers the airport and airlines serve.
The TSA declined to be interviewed, but the agency said in a statement it is currently conducting a, “…comprehensive review of the issues related to the security of the sterile areas at airports nationwide in order to identify all viable means for the Department of address any potential vulnerability.”
TSA said changes might include additional measures to check ID’s and physically screen workers at employee entrances.
If more than 5 percent of badges go missing at one airport, the TSA requires the airport to cancel and reissue all badges. The 1,450 missing badges in Atlanta represent only a small percentage of the nearly 60,000 people employed there.
In a statement, Reese McCranie, director of policy and communications for the Atlanta Airport, told NBC 5 Investigates, "We take the loss and theft of employee badges very seriously. Badges are deactivated as soon as they are reported lost or stolen. Secured areas of the airport can only be accessed with a valid badge and PIN, and each badge has a photo of the employee on it. Due to these safeguards, we do not believe that lost or stolen badges pose a significant security threat to the airport."
DFW Airport spokemsan David Magana provided the following statement:
"DFW Airport strives to provide effective security for the Airport and its customers in accordance with the Airport Security Program (ASP) approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). DFW's security program allows for the use of employee badges with biometric technology for employees who need to access the sterile or secured areas of the Airport for their employment function. The biometric technology provides another layer of security and is designed to ensure the integrity of the badge and badge holder in unison.  DFW's overall goal is to provide an effective multi-layered approach to security while allowing for the efficient flow of travelers through the Airport, creating a balance of safety and security along with an outstanding customer experience."

Retired Cliffside Park cop, 82, commits suicide after killing son

police lights file photo.jpg

WESTFALL TOWNSHIP, Pa -Feb 26 2015- An 82-year-old retired Cliffside Park police officer fatally shot his son before killing himself outside at a home in the Poconos, officials said Tuesday.
Joseph Matrongolo was arguing with his son, 40-year-old Joseph M. Matrongolo, when the older man went inside the home, retrieved a handgun and fired several rounds at his son around 8 p.m. Sunday, according to a Pennsylvania State Police news release.
The son was shot once and died at the scene in Westfall Township, State Police said. Joseph Matrongolo shot himself and was later pronounced dead at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton.
Police said the investigation was ongoing and have not detailed what sparked the argument.
The elder Matrongolo served with the Cliffside Park Police Department for 25 years and retired July 1, 1988 as a patrolman, according to borough spokesman William Maer.

Seminole Casino security nab woman trying to get cash advances with fake credit cards

Shanisha Boyd collier arrestsCollier County FL Feb 26 2015 A Miami woman is accused of attempting to obtain a large amount of cash using fraudulent Visa cards at the Seminole Casino.
Shanisha Boyd, 21, was arrested Sunday by Collier deputies at the 500 block of South First Street.
According to an arrest report, deputies were notified by security at the Seminole Casino that Boyd was attempting to get a cash advance for $2,700 from a Walmart visa card.
Boyd obtained a receipt through the gaming cash advance system and then proceeded to receive a voucher, reports said.
However, the casino system flagged the transaction due to Boyd’s history of suspected fraudulent transactions, casino security reported.
Deputies said while they were arresting Boyd for fraud, they found her in possession of two more fraudulent cards.
Boyd faces a felony charge of possession of a forged credit card.
Naples Herald

India apartment security officers need better training

KOCHI India Feb 26 2015 Following recent attacks on security guards by apartment residents -- a fatal one in Thrissur and another in Kakkanad in the city - residents' associations are planning to employ security guards trained by Kudumbashree Mission.

"We have been receiving calls from residents' association seeking security guards. However, we are not in a position to offer guards as all the trained women -- in housekeeping and security services -- are already engaged. We will definitely think of recruiting more security guards," said Dani Thomas, district coordinator (Ernakulam), Kudumbashree Mission.

Meanwhile, a reality check conducted by the TOI found that while residents were unhappy with the performance of security guards, the guards were angry with the behaviour of flat owners.

Residents blamed security agencies for recruiting guards who were untrained and physically unfit. "We are fed up with the old and physically unfit guards. Now, we have decided to approach the Kudumbashree Mission. This will be finalized in our monthly meeting scheduled to be held on March 1," said V K Sankarankutty, president, JM Manor apartment owners' association, Kaloor.

According to flat owners, security guards are unfriendly and they don't do their job sincerely. "Their main job is to ensure that no stranger enters the compound, keep a record of visitors and keep vigil on the entire area. However, most of the guards are seen sleeping while on duty or simply sitting on chairs. We had to change our contract with security agencies many times due to these issues. There were even instances when guards failed to even open the gate for residents," said K Ramachandran Nair, secretary, Skyline Gateway apartment owners' association.

At the same time, the ego and attitude of residents were a major issue in turning the security guards unfriendly, he said. "Residents have to understand that guards are doing their duty and let them do it. We can always guide the guards if they commit any mistakes. However, it is a fact that many people shed their frustration on low-profile guards," he said.

All security guards with whom TOI interacted said that they were considered 'second-class citizens' by flat owners. "We are expected to perform many roles and duties identical to police as well as wage labourers. The Thrissur incident is not isolated, but we don't open up our mouth, fearing loss of job," said a 47-year-old Kovalam resident Antony John (named changed) who works as a security guard in a highrise on Chittoor Road.

Antony works 12 hours a day for Rs 7,500 a month without leave or day-offs. According to him, like many security guards, he has to take care of the generator room, water pump house and carry LPG cylinders and when the flat owners demand. All this comes along with the job of the security guard.

"We have many guests visiting residents, but majority of them are reluctant to enter their names and addresses in the guest book. Majority of flat owners do not park their vehicles in the space allotted to them. Sometimes, residents send us to buy liquor and cigarettes for them. But, when they hold a meeting, we are scolded for all these mistakes," said Binod from West Bengal.

No professional security agency services are willing to deploy security guards at residential apartments. Security agency sources said that none of the residents' associations are ready to sign a decent agreement. "

Associations always look for the lowest quotation while inviting security guards on contract. But they demand 24X7 security and additional jobs such as maintaining generator rooms, lift operations and other work," said manager of a security agency that recently stopped supplying guards to apartments. The company now concentrates on corporate firms and private companies.

Fairfax County police deploy Taser on shoplifter during scuffle

have raised concerns over increased police deployment of Taser ...Fairfax County VA Feb 26 2015 Fairfax County Police arrested Lenard A. Green, 51, charging him with shoplifting and possession of cocaine Sunday afternoon at Fair Oaks Mall.
The incident took place in the 11700 block of Fair Oaks Mall at about 5:03 p.m. Sunday, according to police.
Police say Green entered a store and was suspected of shoplifting. Green fled on foot from loss prevention security personnel, police said.
Green was located and began to fight with loss prevention personnel, according to police. An officer deployed the conductive energy weapon (CEW) and the suspect was taken into custody, FCPD said.

Virginia Beach police seek K-Mart burglars

Virginia Beach, Va. –Feb 26 2015 Virginia Beach Police are looking for several suspects who broke into a K-Mart store and stole several items between Tuesday, February 17th and Wednesday, February 18th.
Two people entered the store through the garden side door between 9:00 p.m. and 2:25 a.m.
The suspects attempted to steal multiple TVs but were unsuccessful. They did manage to take two prepaid cell phones.
Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to call Virginia Beach Crime Solvers at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP (1-888-562-5887) or by texting “VBTIP” and the information to CRIMES (274637).

4 Wesleyan students arrested in Molly drug hospitalizations

Wesleyan Students Charged in MDMA Overdoses | NBC New York
MIDDLETOWN, Conn. Feb 26 2015 (AP) — Four Wesleyan University students were arrested Tuesday in connection with about a dozen hospitalizations among people who took a party drug known as Molly.
The students, including one from Brazil, were arrested on assorted drug charges and were suspended from the university.
Eleven Wesleyan students, some of whom had attended a rave music show on Saturday night, received medical attention over the weekend, police said. Two students were still being treated Tuesday, they said.
Police officers trying to find out who supplied the Molly and collect evidence in the case searched locations in and around Wesleyan’s campus in Middletown, Chief William McKenna said. Authorities from various agencies worked to identify the different types of chemicals in the batch of Molly that caused the weekend overdoses, he said.
“This particular batch may have had a mixture of several kinds of designer drug chemicals, making the health risks unpredictable and treatment to combat the effects complex and problematic,” he said.
The arrested students were identified by police as Eric Lonergan, of Rio de Janeiro; Andrew Olson, of Atascadero, California; Zachary Kramer, of Bethesda, Maryland; and Rama Agha Al Nakib, of Lutherville, Maryland. They were jailed Tuesday night, and police said there was no way for them to comment to anyone by phone. They’re due in court March 3.
Lonergan is accused of possessing a controlled substance and illegally obtaining or supplying drugs while Olson faces charges of possessing and selling a hallucinogen. Kramer is accused of possessing drug paraphernalia, a regulated substance and a small amount of marijuana. Al Nakib is accused of possessing a controlled substance, a controlled substance with intent to sell it and drug paraphernalia.
Wesleyan president Michael Roth said the university takes drug distribution allegations seriously and is cooperating with authorities.
“We will do everything we can to make our community as safe as possible,” he said in a statement.
Roth had sent a letter to people on campus on Monday asking for help: “If you are aware of people distributing these substances, please let someone know before more people are hurt,” he said then.
The university became aware of the Molly problem early Sunday after several students showed up seeking treatment at a hospital near campus, university spokeswoman Lauren Rubenstein said. Two students listed in critical condition Sunday were airlifted for treatment in Hartford, 20 miles north of campus.
Molly is a term used to describe a refined form of Ecstasy, a synthetic drug also known as MDMA. It can drive up body temperature and cause liver, kidney or cardiovascular failure.
Dr. Mark Neavyn, chief of toxicology at Hartford Hospital, said users who believe they are taking Molly are often receiving different kinds of designer drugs, with ranges of purity and potency making the health risks unpredictable.
The weekend rash of Molly hospitalizations wasn’t the first such episode this year at the private university of nearly 3,000 students.
Wesleyan health officials said in a campus-wide email on Sept. 16 that students had been hospitalized the previous two weekends after taking Molly. Students were urged to visit the university’s health center if they had questions or concerns.
The police chief said the safety and welfare of community members, including those on the Wesleyan campus, were his top priority.
“Incidents jeopardizing the safety will not be tolerated,” he said, “and those offenders will be held accountable.”

Former MS. assistant principal gets 20 years in prison

Jackson MS Feb 26 2015 A former assistant principal was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison for sexual battery of a
10th grade student.
George Lomax, the former assistant principal of Jacob McClain High School in Lexington, was found guilty late Thursday by a Holmes County Circuit Court jury.
Lomax, 42, was sentenced today in Holmes County Circuit Court. Lomax was given the maximum 30 years, but 10 years was suspended, leaving the 20 to serve.
"I have zero tolerance for the assault of our children," said Holmes County District Attorney Akillie Malone-Oliver.
Malone-Oliver said the female student said Lomax told her to go into the band hall and that is where the sexually assault occurred on April 4, 2013.
Lomax's DNA profile was found inside the student's underwear, Malone-Oliver said.
Malone-Oliver said the student reported the assault immediately to school officials, but school officials didn't notify the girl's parents or authorities. It was after the student got home and a relative told her parents what happened. Her parents took the student to the emergency room and authorities were called.
Malone-Oliver said Lomax was the acting principal that day because the principal was out.
Lomax's attorney Lisa Ross said an appeal will be filed on behalf of her client, especially dealing with his sentence. She said others sentenced in Holmes County for sexual battery, including a school security guard, received much less prison time. Ross pointed to former school security guard Terry Gibson, who was sentenced in 2013 to serve two years in prison after being convicted of sexual battery.
the Clarion Ledger

Lexington TN police investigate Walmart shooting

Walmart Shooting

Lexington TN Feb 26 2015 Lexington police have one man in custody and believe they will make additional arrests in last week’s shooting in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
Corri Fuller is charged with attempted first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, use of a firearm in commission of a dangerous felony and unlawful gun possession by a felon in the Feb. 18 shooting.
According to Capt. Jeff Middleton, Fuller and another man showed up at Wal-Mart in separate cars. They met in one car and had a dispute. Gunfire broke out between the two men and both suffered gunshot wounds. The name of the other man has not been released.
“We’re still investigating witnesses and coming up with circumstances that led up to exchange of gunfire,” Middleton said.
Middleton said both men were transported to hospitals in private vehicles.
Fuller was transported to Regional Hospital of Jackson and the other man was transported to Henderson County Community Hospital. Both men were later airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

Dyersburg Police investigator charged with theft of money

Dyersburg TN Feb 26 2015 An investigator with the Dyersburg Police Department has been charged with stealing money out of an online account belonging to a Union City couple.
According to a news release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Cara Johnson-Peckenpaugh was charged with theft under $500. Johnson-Peckenpaugh used the money to pay her own electric bill to the Forked Deer Electric Company in Halls on Feb. 5, the TBI said.
The investigation was completed by TBI special agents and deputies from the Obion County Sheriff’s Office.
Johnson-Peckenpaugh, 37, has been suspended without pay from the Dyersburg Police Department pending an administrative proceeding, according to the release. She was released and no bond was set.

Charlotte school nurse charged in murder-for-hire plot

Fathia Davis
CHARLOTTE, NC Feb 26 2015           
A school nurse supervisor in Charlotte has been charged in a murder-for-hire plot.
Fathia Davis, a school health nurse supervisor with the Meckelnburg County Health Department, has been charged with use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire.
County officials say the charges are not related to her work with the school health program.
Davis was suspended without pay pending the outcome of the charges.

Goose Creek High School assistant principal accused of sexual relationship with student

Source: Berkeley County School District

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC Feb 26 2015           
An at Goose Creek High School accused of having an illicit sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student was released Wednesday on a $100,000 personal recognizance bond.
Investigators say 36-year-old Paul Jette Herman was arrested at his Moncks Corner home Tuesday and charged with sexual battery with a student (without aggravated force or coercion).
The $100,000 personal recognizance bond means Herman did not have to pay for his release, pending he abide by terms set by a judge. His bond conditions include no contact with the alleged victim or her family, and no contact with children under the age of 17 other than his own children.
Herman is married and has three children, his attorney said Wednesday.
He was also ordered to stay away from schools, playgrounds, malls, and libraries.
According to BCSO officials, after discovering text messages on the victim's cell phone and questioning the victim, her parents' ascertained information that she had been having an illicit relationship with Herman since December 2014.
The victim's parents then filed a report with the sheriff's office which came to the attention of the Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division.
An incident report states that the "inappropriate contact and communication" began in December of 2014 and ended on Saturday when the teen disclosed the incident to a parent.
An investigation followed and an arrest warrant was sworn out after obtaining a statement from the victim and corroborating evidence was found on the victim's cell phone.

Officials with the Berkeley County School District say Herman will be placed on leave immediately pending the investigation. The district released a statement on Tuesday saying officials had just become aware of Herman's arrest.

Act Number 2010-265 was signed into law in June 2010 and is designed to prosecute those in authority in the public or private school sector who abuse their authority and position of trust for the purpose of taking sexual advantage of students. Sexual battery with a student is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.
According to his attorney, Herman got his Masters at The Citadel after graduating from Charleston Southern University. He was a Mt. Pleasant police officer for four years, worked at Cross High School for seven years, and has been at Goose Creek High School for three years.
Herman is next scheduled to appear in court on June 26.