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4 in custody after armed robbery at University of Alabama Birmingham parking deck #PrivateOfficerNews

16th Street Parking Deck.jpg
Birmingham AL April 30 2016 Four suspects were taken into custody early this morning after an armed robbery in a University of Alabama Birmingham parking deck.
The holdup happened after midnight in the 16th Street Parking Deck on 16th Street and 10th Avenue South. The masked men were armed with a shotgun, according to one of several campus alerts issued during the incident.
The suspects fled the scene in a brown van. The victim wasn't injured.
Both UAB police and Birmingham police responded to the scene and eventually gave the all-clear. UAB police reported just after 3 a.m. that all four suspects were in custody. Police officials said they expect to release more information later this morning.

The parking deck where the robbery happened today is the same deck where four UAB students were attacked in 2014.
In that Oct. 13 incident, two female students and two male students were sexually assaulted at gunpoint.
The students were leaving a residence hall on their way to get something to eat when the gunman approached them. One shot was fired during the holdup, but no one was injured by a bullet. A 27-year-old suspect was arrested on Oct. 20, 2014 in connection with that incident. 

National Institute of Standards and Technology computer specialist lured children for sex #PrivateOfficerNews

Washington DC April 30 2016 A longtime federal government computer specialist admitted using his computer to attempt to lure a child for sex.
Federal records obtained by News4 show former National Institute of Standards and Technology employee Carmelo Montanez pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to engage in indecent liberties with a child and began serving a two-year jail sentence earlier this month.
Montanez was arrested by Fairfax County police after attempting to lure what he believed to be a 12-year-old boy to engage in sexual activities. The person he thought he was soliciting was instead an undercover Fairfax police officer.
Records obtained by News4 show Montanez also was active in youth soccer in Montgomery County in recent years, though police said their investigation did not reveal evidence Montanez engaged in illegal activity prior to his arrest in Fairfax County in late 2014.
Investigations by the Fairfax County Police Department and the U.S. Department of Commerce Inspector General reveal how Montanez sought to solicit a young boy. Montanez spotted an online advertisement, then engaged in a series of text messages and emails with the advertisement’s poster, whom he believed to be a boy, according to investigators’ report
Montanez tried to set up a rendezvous at a park near Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, the investigators’ reports said. Montanez brought an open bottle of red wine and a video game, the reports said. Montanez drank one glass of the wine “to calm his nerves,” according to the federal investigation.
Fairfax County Police Lt. James Bacon, a supervisor of the agency’s child exploitation unit, said Montanez was surprised when police arrived at the park.
 “He was disappointed when he found out it wasn’t a 12- or 13-year-old boy he was going to meet here,” Bacon said. “It was us.”
An investigation by the U.S. Department of Commerce Inspector General revealed “numerous adult pornographic images” were found on Montanez’s two work laptop computers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. But the investigation found no evidence of child pornography.
Tax records and court records reviewed by News4 showed Montanez was an active member of the Damascus Soccer Club in Maryland, once serving on the group’s board of directors.
“There was a full investigation of Mr. Montanez and his computers, and there were zero ties to youth soccer or youth soccer activity,” said Peter Greenspun, Montanez’s defense attorney.
Fairfax County police said their investigation produced no other evidence of other illegal activity by Montanez.
Damascus Soccer Club provided the following statement:
"We are shocked and saddened by the actions of Mr. Montanez. Everyone serving our youth, regardless of the sport or the organization, is committed to the safety of our kids as a first priority.
“Though Mr. Montanez left our Club in August of 2014 - before he committed this crime - and we are aware of no evidence that he has assaulted any child during his time with our Club, he is well known in the greater soccer and school community as both a coach and a referee. His actions will serve as a painful reminder to all that our safety protocols are in place for a reason.”
A spokeswoman for the National Institute of Standards and Technology said Montanez resigned his job with the agency in August.

“While the (Inspector General) investigation found evidence of adult pornography on the former employee’s NIST computers, the (Inspector General’s) memorandum does not conclude that those computers were used in the commission of the felonies,” the spokeswoman said.
NBC Washington

Database to track driving records of school bus drivers #PrivateOfficerNews

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. April 30 2016  Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill that would set up a process for alerting school districts and child care agencies when their drivers have issues with their driving history.
Starting in July, the Department of Safety will create a database of all of the state’s school bus drivers.
Before your kids head to the bus stop every day, your school will be able to check and see if there has been an issue with anyone’s driving record.
School officials are very excited about this and worked closely with lawmakers as they were putting it together.
“It’s just an added layer where we will be notified if they see something. So a lot of times we may not get the information in real time, it may take a few days before we get the information. So as soon as someone has an issue with their driving record, we’re notified immediately. So every day when we come in we can see if there’s been a situation with someone’s driving record,” said Metro Schools Director of Transportation Taffy Marsh.
The bill goes into effect in July in time for next school year.

Chesterfield County teacher accused of having inappropriate relationship with student #PrivateOfficerNews

Chesterfield County, S.C. April 30 2016— Bryce Benning, 24, is charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the third degree after he admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a student, according to Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks.
The Chesterfield County School District website says Benning is a band director at Chesterfield-Ruby Elementary School.
Brooks said the school district notified them of the incident and deputies immediately began an investigation.
"Investigators of the Sheriff's Office immediately started an investigation. This morning, a forensic interview was taken from the victim and shortly afterwards, the suspect was interviewed. The suspect admitted to an inappropriate relationship with the student. After notifying the victims' family, the suspect had been charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor Third Degree," said Brooks.
Brooks said Benning has been released from the Chesterfield County Detention Center on bond.
He added the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office Victims Advocate Unit, along with the School District Office will continue to work with the victim and family to assure she has the appropriate counseling and support.


2 sentenced for roles in baby formula ring #PrivateOfficerNews

Houston TX April 30 2016 With powdered baby formula retailing for $25 at supermarkets, some cash-strapped parents resort to buying it for discount prices at flea markets, Craigslist or the corner store.
Retailers say a black market pipeline has existed for years to supply those bargain shoppers with name-brand formula.
Two members of one such baby formula ring were sentenced Thursday in Houston federal court for their roles in a multimillion-dollar operation that ran from Houston to Bayonne, N.J., and stocked bodegas in New York City. One defendant worked at the beginning of the supply chain in Houston, recruiting a team of shoplifters, while the other was on the receiving end, running a New Jersey wholesale business that moved the hot formula to mom-and-pop stores.
Abel Garcia Tepozotlan, 53, a Mexican national who is undocumented, was sentenced to a year and a half in federal prison. After completing his term, U.S. District Judge Keith P. Ellison said, he should expect to be deported. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen merchandise.
Ellison also sentenced Ahmad Manzoor, 73, a U.S. citizen who emigrated from Pakistan, to five years of federal probation and ordered him to pay $7,500 in restitution. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen merchandise through interstate commerce.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Magliolo Jr. told the judge both men had cooperated with police, helping them track down other participants in the ring. Magliolo said the operation likely involved millions of dollars of merchandise, but more restitution cannot be recovered because authorities can't identify the stores from which the formula was stolen.
Tepozotlan, who also went by Eugenio Ortiz Contreras, admitted he organized a crew of shoplifters, known as "boosters," to empty shelves of formula at a variety of Wal-Marts, H-E-Bs and other stores in the Houston area between 2012 and 2013.
Tepozotlan sold the cans - with a retail value of over $2 million - to a "fence," or clandestine supplier, in Houston. Magliolo indicated that suppliers like that make about $600,000 a year. The supplier put the odd assortment of formula on pallets and shipped it to M&Z Candy, Manzoor's wholesale business in New Jersey, and to other wholesalers, who comprised a second tier of fences and resold the cans.
A third defendant, Wassim Hassan Elsaleh, pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to ship stolen merchandise across the country. He admitted to being the fence in Houston. His sentencing is May 11.
While the baby food racket is not new, attorneys familiar with these operations said individual thefts rarely add up to organized-crime prosecutions - for one simple reason. If security personnel catch a booster shoplifting a few cans of baby formula, they might cut the person a break, and they're unlikely to conclude the culprit is linked to an interstate racket that makes millions of dollars.
In addition, formula has a high price point and is fairly easy to move, said Joe Williams, a consultant and former vice president for the Texas Retailers Association. Supermarkets lose about $2 million per month statewide in stolen formula alone, he said.
Reselling stolen formula, however, is not as easy as it used to be.
In 2003, a task force of retailers, manufacturers and law enforcement agencies crafted an Organized Retail Crime law making it illegal to resell products intended for young children at flea markets in Texas.

Boosters still steal formula here - it's among the top stolen items, along with razors and beauty products - but the fences sell it out of state, Williams said. The vast majority of stolen formula is used to feed babies, though law enforcement officials have told retailers about 3 percent is used to cut such drugs as heroin, methamphetamine or cocaine.

Milwaukee high school student knocks security officer unconscious #PrivateOfficerNews

Milwaukee WI April 30 2016 Police in Wisconsin were called to a high school on Wednesday after a student got into a fight with a security guard in a hallway and knocked the man out cold.
The incident occurred around 1.30 p.m. at Vincent High School on Milwaukee's northwest side.
According to officials, the 17-year-old boy hit the 51-year-old man after the guard caught him speaking on his cellphone.
A video of the fight surfaced online not long after the incident and has shocked students at the school.
'This morning when I came to school, they was talking about it and I actually know the person who did it, and I heard his name and I'm like, is it a video?' Oscar Rash, a senior, told Fox 6 Now.
'And I got shown the video and when I seen it I said, ''that's disrespectful''.
'I'm cool with him -- but he gets no respect for doing something like that to a person like that.
'He's older. You can't do that.'
Officials at the school said the safety officer was treated for minor injuries.
Police are currently seeking the 17-year-old student.
Other students at the school said the security guard is generally well-liked.
'He was cool. He just stood in the corner, made sure you got to class,' Rash said.
'He made sure we did what we was supposed to do.
'It wasn't like he was a security guard who started stuff with everybody.

Another sutdent, Taron Edmond, added: 'You respect your elders. Nobody had any problems with him.'

Skateboarders assault security guard in downtown Calgary #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for skateboarders assault security guard in downtown Calgary
Calgary Canada April 30 2016 A private video showing what looks like a security guard being assaulted by at least one skateboarder in downtown Calgary is getting some online attention.
The video was taken by a couple who live in the apartment building across the street from the TransAlta building.
Global News spoke with the woman who shot the video, who asked to be referred to by only her first name, Freddie. Freddie explained that the couple noticed about five skateboarders using the rails and stairs on the TransAlta property around 7 p.m. MT Wednesday.
In the full video you can see the security guard approach the boarders on several occasions. Freddie said that from their perspective it appeared as if the security guard was trying to take pictures of the boarders.
She said there were a number of different confrontations between the group and the security guard, and that eventually the confrontations escalated.
At one point on the video you can see what looks like the guard being pushed and even hit. Freddie told Global News they called police once things got physical.
We spoke with the guard at the TransAlta building, who confirmed he did not want to file a complaint.
A spokesperson for TransAlta said this issue is being taken seriously and the company is investigating.

FOX45 security guard describes interaction with bomb threat suspect #PrivateOfficerNews

BALTIMORE MD April 30 2016 When a 25-year-old man walked through the front doors of FOX45 Thursday afternoon and announced a bomb threat, security guard Jay Apostolides sprang into action.
To keep the man calm until the building could be evacuated and police could arrive on the scene, Apostolides engaged him in conversation and was handed a flash drive which the man said contained information that needed to be aired.
"It's him talking into the camera," Apostolides described. "He was pretty much saying how the government is hiding the truth behind black holes and the sun."
Apostolides scanned through the contents of the flash drive before the suspect asked for it back, hearing snippets of what the man described as "the truth."
"The truth being what a black hole is and what they're used for," Apostolides described. "He then goes on to talk about the sun."
Apostolides added, "I skipped to the end and he said he was willing to die to get his message heard."
The suspect, who was identified by his family as Alex Brizzi, was shot by police in front of the station after an hours-long standoff.
A robot was sent in to strip him of the explosive device, which turned out to be chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil, held together with wiring and strapped to a motherboard, investigators said.
Brizzi remained in a hospital in serious condition Friday morning.
FOX45's Shelley Orman spoke with the suspect's father, Edward Brizzi, Thursday evening. Edward described his son as a "nice kid" with no history of mental illness, who suffered what he described as a "break."
"It looks like he's just had mentally a breakdown," Edward said Thursday night. "What he was doing was probably putting himself out there thinking that he wanted to die, I think."
The investigation is ongoing .Police are holding a press briefing at 12:15 p.m., which will air on FOX45 News and online:


Mother sues Stonecrest Mall and Securitas Security Services for assaulting son #PrivateOfficerNews

Lithonia, Georgia April 30 2016
The mother of a teenager allegedly injured during an altercation with Stonecrest Mall security guards in June 2015 has filed a lawsuit to seek justice for her son.
“People need to understand that you cannot go around victimizing children,” said Chavella Hamm during a news conference April 20, the day the lawsuit was filed against Stonecrest Mall, the three security guards involved in the incident— John Battle, Howard Bell and Glenn Russell—and their employer, Securitas Security Services USA.
According to the lawsuit, Hamm’s son, who was 15 at the time, and a group of his friends were ordered out of Stonecrest Mall because they were not accompanied by an adult per the mall’s policy.
One of the teens told the guards that his mother was en route from a nearby store to pick them up, according to the lawsuit, but the guards insisted that the teens exit the mall immediately.
Because it was raining heavily outside, one of the teens asked to wait inside until his mother picked them up, the lawsuit stated.
In response, one of the guards “began cursing at the teen and insisted they exit the mall into the rain,” the lawsuit stated.
“An animated exchange then ensued” between the teens and the security guard who punched Hamm’s son in the face, according to the legal document. The other guards joined the first guard in physically attacking Hamm’s son, the lawsuit states.
In a cellphone video recording of the incident, “you can see [the guards] throwing punches at [the teen’s] head and face, then grab him and throw him out of the bushes into a bench,” said Hamm’s attorney Mawuli Davis during a news conference last year. Hamm’s son’s “head hits the bench and his eye is split open. It is only at that point, when he is dazed, that [the guards] stop throwing blows against him.”
Hamm said the assault was due to the “unprofessionalism of the security guards.”
“Once I got the call—I was there…only right around the corner from where he was—I was in shock,” Hamm said about arriving on the scene after the altercation. “My child was bleeding. His clothes [were] off his body. He had all these scars and scratches.
“To see him like that, it frightened me,” she said. “I was really scared. Then when I found out who did it, I went from scared to…very upset.”
Hamm said before filing the lawsuit her “focus was to get these three individuals in jail where they need to be because what they did was wrong.”
Davis said his law firm initially “attempted to secure justice through the criminal justice system.”
“Unfortunately these three adult security officers have not been criminally charged,” Davis said. “We can’t wait any longer for justice.
“We are here because the criminal justice system has failed this family,” Davis said. “What we have seen is this pattern, unfortunately, of…law enforcement as well as law enforcement types or even vigilantes getting away with the physical abuse of young African-American men.
“From Trayvon Martin forward it has been very difficult for the criminal justice system…to find justice for these young men who have been physically assaulted, and in some cases even killed, by those that we would expect…to protect them and other patrons,” Davis said.
Davis said the civil lawsuit was filed “to not only hold these officers accountable for their abuse and their negligence and their physical attacks against him, but also to bring a suit against…Securitas Security Services USA as well as the Stonecrest Mall.”
“We want to hold the individual and corporate wrongdoers accountable for the harm they caused this young man,” said Harold Spence, the lead attorney in the case. “We know that we cannot reverse what happened to him. The punches and kicks that met their target—we can’t reverse those. The profane and vulgar insults that he had to endure—we can’t reverse those either.
“But what we can do is pursue this lawsuit to hold these wrongdoers accountable for the harm that they did to this young man,” Spence said.

Hamm said her son has healed physically, but “mentally we’re still dealing with, day to day, how he was mistreated by adult individuals at the mall.”

Hospital welcomes two K-9 teams to security staff #PrivateOfficerNews

CHOMP welcomes two K9 teams to security staff

MONTEREY, Calif. -April 30 2016
The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula is beefing up its security staff with the help of man’s best friend. Security officials say they are the first hospital in the area to utilize K-9 teams.
Tarac is a three-year-old Belgian Malinois. His handler, Sherwin Fernandez describes him as playful and intelligent. Hugo is a four-year-old German shepherd that’s partnered with Kimilyn Lab. He is described as stoic and motivated. Since late February, the two dogs have been getting familiarized with the grounds of CHOMP.
A 2014 study by the International Healthcare Security Safety Foundation found the risk of violence was lower in hospitals with K-9 units, compared to those without. While there hasn’t been a particular incident that has sparked the addition but K-9 teams are a growing trend, with hospitals in Santa Barbara, San Diego, Arizona and Utah utilizing K9’s. Security officials say they want to be proactive in case anything were to happen.
Tarac and Hugo were the pick of the litter and both have had extensive training with their handlers in Southern California. They add a new step of protection, sniffing out potential trouble in and out of the hospital.
"Hugo is actually trained for the hospital to do patrol but he can actually do bite work, he does obedience, he does agility and he's also certified K-9 for Schutzhund title in Germany," Lam said.
If needed, they can jump into action and protect staff and patients. But there are some places they won’t go, like operating rooms and the ICU. They do have a rest area near the emergency department, where they take breaks during their shift.
Security officials say the response from the public and hospital staff has been positive.
"First reaction is they want to come pet the dog, and I think that's one of the good things about having this program,” Fernandez said. “Both dogs are very socialized and they are both very well-behaved."

The K-9 teams will work primarily at the hospital, with occasional visits to offsite facilities. Security officials say if anyone comes across Hugo or Tarac at CHOMP, to remember they are working dogs, not pets or therapy animals. If someone wants to pet them, ask the handler permission first before approaching.

Fired Oakton cop's lawsuit: 'Problem employee' ad is defamatory #PrivateOfficerNews

Des Plaines IL April 30 2016
A former Oakton Community College public safety sergeant says in a federal lawsuit she was fired after alleging "systemic" gender discrimination and a hostile work environment in the school's public safety department.
And, she claims the Des Plaines-based college defamed her by posting fliers around campus with her photo, promoting a seminar called, "Problem Employees and the Games They Play."
Joan Nebel, who worked in Oakton's public safety department from 2002 until her firing June 2, 2015, alleges her firing was the result of her bringing gender discrimination complaints to her bosses. Those statements are "statutorily protected activity," the suit states.
Oakton spokesman Paul Palian on Wednesday declined to comment on the suit, and didn't say why Nebel was fired.
Oakton's human resources director and attorney raised "alleged incidents" during an interview with Nebel last May, according to the suit.
After her firing, Oakton put up copies of the flier advertising a Nov. 17, 2015, seminar at the Homeland Security Training Institute at the College of DuPage, the suit states. It included photos of Nebel and another former employee, who also sued the college after his firing, according to the suit.
The lawsuit alleges the same fliers were still up in the department's patrol, sergeants, and interview rooms as of Monday, though Oakton officials wouldn't confirm that.
In a February 2015 interview with Oakton's human resources director, Nebel supported allegations of gender discrimination by two former female Oakton cops, and raised allegations of gender discrimination of her own, the federal filing states. In retaliation, a "formal investigation" was initiated against her by then-Acting Chief George Carpenter, leading to her firing in June, the suit alleges.
The suit states Oakton chose Carpenter ahead of Nebel to serve as chief after former Chief Dennis Nolan notified the school of his retirement in January 2014, despite her being more qualified.

Nebel, who declined to comment through her attorney, is seeking reinstatement, damages and back pay.

Rowdy Trespassers Prompt Lockdown, Early Dismissal at NJ School #PrivateOfficerNews

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Somerset County NJ April 30 2016
Students at a New Jersey high school were ordered to shelter in their classrooms, then sent home early after authorities said a pair of rowdy trespassers made their way onto campus.
Hillsborough High School in Somerset County was put on lock down Friday morning after two strangers somehow got into a common area. Students at a New Jersey high school were ordered to shelter in their classrooms, then sent home early after authorities said a pair of rowdy trespassers made their way onto campus.
Hillsborough High School in Somerset County was put on lockdown Friday morning after two strangers somehow got into a common area at the school ahead of the opening bell.
Students said that one was pushing around a chair as another sat on a table.
"They were like sitting on tables in the commons," said student Cailin Dugan. "Everyone was pretty creeped out."
It was not immediately clear what threat the two men, both in their 20s, posed to the school.
Hillsborough police arrived on scene Friday morning and placed an officer outside every entrance of the school.
Officers also searched the school for bombs or guns at the school, which dismissed early because of the scare.
Hillsborough police say they're continuing to searching for the trespassers.ea at the school ahead of the opening bell.
Students said that one was pushing around a chair as another sat on a table.
"They were like sitting on tables in the commons," said student Cailin Dugan. "Everyone was pretty creeped out."
It was not immediately clear what threat the two men, both in their 20s, posed to the school.
Hillsborough police arrived on scene Friday morning and placed an officer outside every entrance of the school.
Officers also searched the school for bombs or guns at the school, which dismissed early because of the scare.

Hillsborough police say they're continuing to searching for the trespassers.

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Marijuana dispensary security guard shoots at burglars #PrivateOfficerNews

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SAN DIEGO CA April 29 2016 — A security guard fired a shot at burglars entering a Mission Valley marijuana dispensary early Wednesday, then police followed the culprits and arrested two teens near San Diego State University, authorities said.
Two others ran into a campus construction site and got away despite an hours-long search of the neighborhood with help from a police helicopter. A fifth accomplice hid near the dispensary and escaped, San Diego police said.
The teens who were arrested, ages 16 and 17, are from Orange County and had used the younger boy’s mother’s Chevrolet Sonic to get to the dispensary, police Lt. Andra Brown said. They were taken to Juvenile Hall on charges of burglary and conspiracy.
The security guard called police about 2:10 a.m. to report that five people in hooded jackets were using a pry bar to break into The Healing Center dispensary on Camino del Rio South near Interstate 15. The two-story brick building houses a number of medical offices.
A City Attorney's Office spokesman said the dispensary has a permit to operate legally.
The guard told police one accomplice was standing as a lookout while the others forced their way inside the front door, to a small lobby. They were approaching a second, glass interior door and the guard, on the inside, yelled a warning at them, Brown said.
He fired a shot at them through the glass door and they ran. Four of them got into the small blue Sonic and left. Brown said none of them was wounded by the gunshot and they got no marijuana.
A police officer heading toward the building passed the blue car, made a U-turn and tried to stop the driver. With the police helicopter tracking the car, patrol officers followed without engaging in a pursuit or using sirens, Brown said.
The burglary suspects drove into the College Area and stopped on Lindo Paseo. The four ran in two different directions.
Officers had two in custody around College Avenue and Montezuma Road by 2:30 a.m. They called off the search for the other two about 6 a.m., police said. They were described only as juveniles, one with short brown hair, who wore gray hooded jackets.
San Diego Tribune

Alton Memorial Hospital holds Active Shooter training for security officers #PrivateOfficerNews

ALTON IL April 29 2016 — Without disrupting patient services Wednesday morning, Alton Memorial Hospital held its first active shooter response training, involving security officers, medical personnel and Alton police and firefighters.
“It is in a pretty limited footprint,” said Ryan Pirtle, AMH manager of emergency preparedness and environmental safety, regarding the training area prior to the drill. “In certain areas, staff is getting a visual — seeing what it might look like.”
Hospital personnel and first-responders met outside the Emergency Department prior to the drill to review what would happen. The “shooter” never made it past the Surgical Care Unit (SCU) into the emergency department, as was planned.
“We are using inflatables,” Pirtle said of the victims. “In a real-world scenario, we would bring them to a triage place — which may or may not be the emergency room — where they would decide to treat or transport them.”
Pirtle said all BJC hospitals, of which Alton Memorial is part, are holding such drills after previously only having “tabletop” discussions and developing preventative and response plans. He said such exercises are becoming commonplace, evidenced by his child’s school in St. Louis also holding shooter-response drills.
“It’s a hot topic, BJC was heavily involved in the Ferguson (Missouri) incidents, so we are doing a lot more security at a lot of the hospitals,” he said of the facilities that treated victims during the civil unrest. “We just need to be ready.”
Brad Goacher, AMH vice president of operations, said about 400 employees were working at the hospital Wednesday, about half the full-time staff. There are another 200 part-time workers. Goacher said administrators will review the procedures and results of the drill with all of the shifts.
“This is the first time we’ve done one of these,” Goacher said. “Like fire drills, which we do regularly, this will become more consistent.”
Hospital officials had sent out an email Friday to staff so they would know what would happen Wednesday during the armed intruder drill, and so not to frighten any of those on duty. “The safety of our employees, patients and guests is our No. 1 priority,” it says. “As the world around us becomes increasingly unpredictable, we have decided to hold our first armed intruder drill.”
Various staff congregated in an air of expectation, waiting for the loudspeaker to announce “Code Silver,” meaning a drill was under way at 9:21 a.m.
The “shooter,” played by hospital security officer Bill Roeck, carried a harmless orange plastic handgun. Wearing a fluorescent orange vest, Roeck portrayed an employee who the hospital recently had terminated.
He was back for revenge.
The angry Roeck entered Duncan Wing, starting his rampage at the coffee stand and crossed into the SCU, pretending to fire. He downed his first of three victims — a gray plastic, air-inflated life-sized figure — in a in a seating cubicle. Roeck then ran down the hall, turned twice and began banging on locked doors and barging into empty patient rooms, looking for his next victims.
He “shot” two more of the gray figures and turned back to flee down the hall, encountering Alton police coming around the corner.
With verbal “bang, bangs,” APD Sgt. William Brantley felled Roeck, who appeared to also return the gunfire, but missed the officers. Police had pointed their forefingers and yelled “bang,” never pulling their service pistols from their holsters.
Officer Rob DeWall then handcuffed Roeck as he lied on the floor, then “died.”
“I need another officer here, we need to clear the rooms,” Brantley ordered. Fellow officers and detectives quickly converged into the area and searched for any additional gunmen. AFD firefighter-paramedics, wearing tactical vests and helmets, then rushed into the hallway and treated the two other gray-form victims lying on the floor.
“Anyone can start triage once the officers clear the corridor,” said Deputy Chief Mark Harris of the Alton Fire Department to AMH medical staff on the scene. At that point, Roeck was declared dead, the 9-minute drill over.
“Code Silver all clear,” the public address system announced.
Several participants expressed concern about what could happen should a civilian carry a weapon inside against hospital regulations — or getting one from a vehicle outside during an incident — and try to help, which could add to the danger to occupants. Police also might mistake such a person as a shooter and fire at him or her, they said.
Unlike the Alton police and fire departments’ drills at the empty Horace Mann School building the past two weeks, hospital staff had to be alerted; patient areas were marked off with signs saying, “Do Not Enter, Not Part of Drill,” and nonparticipants wore identifying strips of blue tape across their chests.
Also different from empty school hallways, members of the public were walking near — or through — the staging area unaware of the drama in the limited portion of hallways in the first floor SCU.
Another difference from the first responders’ recent training sessions was they had realistic, fake-bloodied manikins at Horace Mann, and police and the fake gunmen there fired blanks that emitted odor of gunpowder. The hospital setting also was strangely silent, compared to screams and wails in the hallways of the old school, as might be in a real shooter situation.

Jason Bowman, AMH supervisor of emergency services, witnessed the training Tuesday at Horace Mann to help in planning Wednesday’s drill.
the telegraph 

Murdered Las Vegas security officer identified #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for Murdered security guard's family robbed of a goodbye

LAS VEGAS  NV April 29 2016 An on-duty security guard beaten and shot to death was so severely injured, his family and friends tell News 3, the culprits robbed them of a goodbye.
Now, they're asking anyone with information to come forward to help catch the people who killed 48-year-old Mark Santee.
"The world is a sadder place today because he's not here," said Cheri Mueller. Cheri lives with Mark's youngest daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Matthew Pearce.
"It's like a nightmare," said Pearce.
He has been by Ashley's side all day. It was Ashley who called authorities when her father did not return home at his usual time. She wrote a letter to her dad on Facebook: "Dear dad, today we lost you and I have no words to explain how I feel knowing that you're gone. You were a kind and caring man, and a good husband to mom."
It continues on to say, "We all miss you. I love you."
Santee worked two jobs to provide for his family. He was working his security gig at Safeguard Security at a construction site in the 5100 block of South Jerry Tarkanian Way when he was found dead about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. He was unarmed and working on the property by himself, according to a coworker and police.
Police believe several robbers may have been scouring the site when he tried to stop them. His family friends tell News 3 he was shot four times and severely beaten.
"The coroner has said that he has so much damage they don't recommend that anybody come and say goodbye," said Mueller. "To not be able to say goodbye is hard, and my heart is breaking for (the family). Nobody deserves his kind of violence in their life."
They are asking anyone with information to come forward and contact police.
Mark leaves behind a wife, three daughters and three grandchildren.
His family friends say they were living paycheck to paycheck, and now his widow is struggling to pay for rent and for funeral costs.

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