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College Park police sergeant killed in motorcycle accident privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. May 31 2016-- A police sergeant with the College Park Police Department was killed in a motorcycle accident Monday evening, Memorial Day, authorities say.
A spokesperson with the department say Sgt. David Hough was riding a motorcycle on Interstate-20 west near Covington when he lost control of the bike and crashed. Authorities say he was transported to the hospital, but later died.
At this time, officials don't know what may have caused the 31-year-old's motorcycle to crash at the exit ramp, but they say he was not on duty responding to an emergency when the crash happened.
College Park Police say Hough was a New Jersey native and had just been promoted to sergeant within the past year.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office is now investigating the incident.

Two NYC Security Officers Killed in Gunfire privateofficer,com #PrivateOfficerNews

Manhattan NY May 31 2016 Security officers working at a concert and an apartment building were both shot to death in a week-end that has seen extreme violence for private security.
NYPD confirmed that a security officer working at the high rise building refused to allow a man into the building after he had been involved in an earlier altercation. The man left but then soon returned and began to fight with the security officer before shooting him.
A second shooting of a security officer occurred at the Irving Plaza during a Hip-Hop concert and police just confirmed that the man, identified as Ronald McPhatter, 33, was killed when he intervened in a confrontation involving several people during the concert event. At least two other people were also shot during the incident.

These shootings bring the total number of security personnel killed this week-end to four and at least ten more have been shot.

Hartford police chief takes over for retiring husband privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

A career that started as a joke
Hartford MI May 31 2016 Tressa Beltran has been the acting police chief in Hartford since February, when her husband, Chief Ramon Beltran, retired due to a shoulder injury.
But she’s a longtime veteran of the department, with 28 years of experience on the force. She is a 1984 Bangor High School graduate who also worked for the Bangor, Keeler Township and Lawrence police departments before joining the Hartford department in 1988.
Formerly Tressa Bowman, she married Chief Beltran in 2001, bringing five children between them into the family. She has a son, and he has four children. Ramon Beltran had been on medical leave for about 18 months before retiring, giving his wife ample time to learn the chief’s duties.
Staff Writer Andrew Lersten spoke to the acting chief last week about her new duties and what attracted her to police work.
What attracted you to police work?
It started as a joke. When I ran for Miss Bangor in high school, my friend said I should say I wanted to be a police officer. It was a total joke. But Bangor police were persistent. They encouraged me to be a reserve officer. So I started working as a Bangor reserve officer, and I remember one of the first major cases was a bad child abuse case. I remembered thinking, I can help in situations like this. It was kind of exciting.
You’ve really been doing the chief’s duties for two years now. You should be getting good at it.
I like to think so. It’s a wonderful opportunity. I’m trying to take advantage of it.
What duties were new to you?
Attending the City Commission meetings. That was a new experience for me. Also, doing up the monthly report, the newsletter.
You are from Bangor, so you didn’t end up too far from home.
No. As soon as I graduated from high school I started working as a Bangor police dispatcher and reserve officer. Bangor funded me going to the Grand Valley Police Academy. In 1988 I went to work full-time in Hartford.
What’s your favorite part of the job?
Working with the kids. Every year I do the Hartford “Shop with a Cop” program. We do a community Christmas toy chest. And we have a student internship program. That’s a program we look forward to every year. Some of our interns have gone into law enforcement, and even to be reserve officers for us. It’s actually pretty awesome.
You get to be a good role model for these kids.
They learn that cops aren’t all bad. I love trying to influence and impress the youth of today.
You said your son, Brandon, is in the Army. You’ve got to be proud of him.
I couldn’t be prouder. He was in Korea for a year. Now he’s stationed in Maryland. Before, he had been in Texas and Missouri. So we didn’t get to see him much.
I have to say I love your first name. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else named Tressa in my 31 years living in Southwest Michigan. It’s a great name.

Thank you. It’s funny because a lot of people only know me by my first name. I had a parole agent tell me, `you’re like the Cher of law enforcement.’ I got my name from my grandmother, who is Cherokee-Blackfoot.
The Herald Palladium 

Hospital patient murders another patient in room privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Miami Beach FL May 31 2016 Miami Beach Police have arrested a suspect after a patient was found dead at Mount Sinai Hospital Saturday evening.
According to the police report, 55-year-old Alejandro Ortega was found dead on the bathroom floor and bleeding from his head. Police were informed by staff that Ortega was allegedly involved in a type of physical altercation with 23-year-old Andre Brown.
Police located Brown and he was placed under arrest. Brown told police, "It was self-defense."
During an interview with detectives, Brown stated the he and Ortega were roommates.
Brown added that while he was using the bathroom Ortega attempted to touch his private area.
In response, Brown then began to strike Ortega with his fists, knocking him to the ground. Brown then chocked Ortega, says the police report.
Brown is being charged with first and second degree murder.
Mount Sinai released a statement regarding the incident: "This is a tragic incident that took place within the confines of our psychiatric health unit.
Our deepest sympathies are with the deceased's family and friends.
The safety and well-being of our patients is our top priority.
We continue to work with authorities in their ongoing investigation."
It is not known if he has hired an attorney.

Carson City Goodwill cashier charged with embezzlement privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Carson City NV May 31 2016 A 20-year-old Goodwill cashier was arrested Friday on suspicion of felony fraud and embezzlement after alleging pocketing money from cash register transactions, a Carson City sheriff’s deputy said.
Tamara Meinen was taken into custody at 3:40 p.m. at the Goodwill store in the 3500 block of Highway 50 East. She faces charges of committing fraud involving multiple transactions and embezzlement, both felonies. Her bail was set at $25,000.
According to the arrest report, a deputy was called to the store for a report of embezzlement and made contact with the store’s regional asset protection investigator and the suspect.
The investigator showed the deputy 65 different transaction beginning April 4, 2016 of the suspect selling items to customers, voiding the transaction in the computer and keeping the money. He stated when he interviewed the suspect, she admitted to voiding the transactions and keeping the money for herself, according to the arrest report.
The investigator stated during the course of transactions, the suspect would complete them by providing the customer with a proof of purchase. Once the customer left the store, she would void the transaction in the computer and keep the money for herself, the report states. He further stated there is video footage of the incidents and provided the deputy with copies of the transactions.
The deputy spoke with a witness to the interview between the suspect and investigator who said the woman admitted to taking $1,500 in cash from the store by voiding receipts after the transactions, the arrest report states.

The suspect did not want to speak with deputies. The investigator claims the store lost $1,500 in cash that the suspect allegedly took and $1,500 in sold merchandise for a total of $3,000. She was arrested on the charges and taken to jail.

Man charged with assaulting Pacific View Mall security officer privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Ventura CA May 31 2016 Ventura police said they arrested a man Sunday on suspicion of assaulting a security officer and resisting arrest.
Officers said they responded to a call at the Pacific View Mall just before 6 p.m. where they found the Ventura man arguing with security.
As police attempted to arrest the man, he violently resisted, authorities said.
Officers used a police dog to help with the arrest and the man was later booked into the Ventura County Jail, authorities said.

Drunk man exposes self, defecates on Kroger self-checkout privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Colin Murphy

HYDE PARK, Ohio May 31 2016—A man who appeared drunk stripped naked and publicly defecated inside a Hyde Park Kroger, police said.
Authorities arrested Colin Murphy, 23, after they said he exposed himself to an employee and relieved himself on the self-checkout Sunday.
Court records said Murphy was slurring his speech, staggering and smelled of alcohol.
Murphy was charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency.
He will be arraigned at the Hamilton County Courthouse Monday morning.

University of Findlay starts private police force privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

FINDLAY OH May 31 2016 — When students arrive at the University of Findlay for fall classes, they’ll come to a campus patrolled, for the first time, by sworn school police officers.
The private university in Hancock County is shifting from a safety office staffed by security personnel to a hybrid police and security department, which will include police officers who carry guns and have the power to make arrests.
William Spraw, a former Findlay police chief, begins his new job on Wednesday. William Spraw, a former Findlay police chief, begins his new job on Wednesday.
The university announced last week it has hired William Spraw, who retired in 2009 as Findlay police chief, to serve as the school’s first police chief.
The school currently has about 20 full and part-time security personnel, three of whom have the credentials needed to become sworn police officers by this fall. Over the next couple of years, the university aims to have a mixed department, about half of whom are police officers and half security personnel.
Having police officers on campus will help the university respond to situations requiring law enforcement, including instances in which safety threats escalate, said David Emsweller, vice president for student affairs. Colleges across the country are hiring police instead of relying solely on security personnel, he said. Findlay began considering the change in 2013.
The decision to add police officers was not sparked by an increase in law enforcement calls, he said, but instead to better serve the school’s 4,200 students, about a third of whom live on campus.
“Some of that was driven by parents and then students asking at orientation sessions, ‘Do you have a campus police force?’” he said. “There is sort of a national trend for college campuses to move in this direction.”
The region’s larger public higher education institutions — the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, and Owens Community College — all have police forces with sworn officers, while some smaller, private schools such as Ohio Northern University, Lourdes University, and Defiance College rely on security personnel.
Owens began its transition away from security personnel about six years ago, when four police officers joined its security team. Now, the school is protected by a full-time police force of 13 sworn officers.
Lt. Scott Steinke, interim director of public safety/​chief of police, cited numerous advantages to the police model. One benefit is the ability to respond to a broader range of issues with officers who are better trained and more qualified.
The Virginia Tech mass shooting in 2007 spurred on the campus trend to hire armed officers, he said. More colleges and universities are transitioning to police forces, according to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
University of Findlay police officers will carry a Glock pistol. Security personnel will remain unarmed. Police officers will wear a distinct uniform.
Currently, Findlay’s security officers call the city police or sheriff’s office for assistance when needed.
City police patrol the area and respond to medical emergencies, assaults, or neighborhood complaints about student parties, said Findlay police chief Greg Horne.
His department will continue to work with the university.
“It would just be another police department; we are all working for the same goal,” Chief Horne said.
In 2014, the most recent crime data reported by the university to the U.S. Department of Education, there were two on-campus arrests for liquor law violations and three on-campus reported rape cases.
The addition of police officers won’t significantly increase the university’s safety budget, said Mr. Emsweller, though officials did not provide financial information.
Mr. Spraw starts his new job Wednesday.

Salt Lake security officer shot by man breaking windows privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 31 2016 A security guard at a Salt Lake City apartment complex is recovering Sunday night after being shot in the hand during an altercation with a man breaking a window.
Salt Lake City Police Lt. Craig Gleason said his office got a call from a security company saying its guard at Eagle’s Landing Apartments, 625 S. Redwood Road, had been in a fight with a man who ended up gaining control of the guard’s gun.
 “From what we know, the guard approached a man after hearing a window break,” Gleason said.”An altercation ensued, and the man grabbed the guard’s weapon, and during the course of the altercation, the suspect shot the guard in the hand.”
Gleason said when officers arrived, the suspect had fled the immediate area, but was believed to be in the apartment complex. After receiving a good suspect description, officers were able to locate the suspect in the complex, and they took him into custody.
“He broke some windows on the lower floors, and was apparently trying to gain access to the second floor, but we are not sure why,” Gleason said.
“We are working our records to see if he has any personal contacts in the building or if there was any reason for him to be there.”
Joe Naverez was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on aggravated assault charges. Investigators will try to piece together what happened, then decide on any additional charges.
Police late Sunday night were searching the complex for the gun, hoping to find it before it could get into the wrong hands.

Gleason said he did not know the condition of the guard, but he believed his injuries were not life-threatening.
Gephardt Daily

Lost Virginia couple arrested after cutting fence to get into nuclear plant privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Peach Bottom plant

DELTA, Pa. May 31 2016 A couple who got lost in Pennsylvania while driving to New York entered the property of a nuclear plant by cutting a chain at a gate, apparently in a quest to get back on the right road, authorities said.
The Chesapeake, Virginia, couple were driving from Baltimore on Friday night when they got onto an access road at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, owned by Exelon. The driver told police he didn't see two "No trespassing" signs when he cut the chain on the gate, The York Daily Record (http://bit.ly/27XVuF5) reported.
Exelon spokeswoman Krista Merkel said the couple never posed a threat to the plant and security was monitoring them the entire time they were on plant property.
"It seemed they inadvertently made it to our property and were trying to find their way back out," Merkel said. "They thought the only way they could get back was to cut the fence."
Police initially said, after consulting with security staff, that the man and woman appeared to have made it to "a highly security sensitive area where radioactive material is transferred from the main power plant. If the couple had gone inside a nearby outbuilding, the plant would have been placed on lockdown and there was a "possibility of lethal force being used," authorities said in court documents.
But Merkel said Saturday that the couple hadn't made it to any areas where radioactive materials are transferred or stored and didn't make it past security officers who constantly monitor all sides of the plant. She said the couple was "very cooperative" and waited until police arrived.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokeswoman Diane Screnci also said there was no threat to the plant or harm done to equipment, and officials believe "security at the plant is appropriate."
Nuclear plants have at least two resident inspectors from the agency who watch things like work activity, and the Inspectors may go in on Tuesday to go over the arrest and what happened, Screnci said.

The couple was charged with trespassing. The woman was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. Police said she had a small metal pipe that smelled like marijuana.
Associated Press 

Pregnant driver hit two security guards with her car while fleeing privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Dublin IR May 31 2016 Mother-of-three Mary Gavin (27) pinned one man up against another car and struck the second guard as she turned to escape, but was caught when she got stuck in heavy traffic.
Judge Bryan Smyth jailed her for five months.
She pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to two counts of assault and one of dangerous driving. There was no theft charge.
The incident happened at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre on December 15, 2010.
The accused, of Moyne Park, Baldoyle, was fleeing security after an alleged theft incident, the court heard. She left the car park at speed but became stuck in a queue of traffic.
There was a suspicion there were stolen goods in the car.
At Bothar Na Life, the two security guards stood in front of the car. She moved it forward, pinning one of them to the car in front. He fell onto the bonnet of her car and then onto the ground.
Gavin then turned right, striking the second security guard. The court heard it had been obvious that the guards were standing in front of her to stop her moving on.
After striking the second security man, she managed to get onto the other side of the road, where she again became stuck in traffic. Both victims had made full recoveries and were back at work.
Gavin was under a lot of financial pressure at the time, was pregnant and suffering from panic attacks, her solicitor said.
When the security men came after her, she panicked and acted in a manner "beyond her own comprehension", he said.
She could not remember the incident. She was on no drugs other than prescription medication from her GP.
"It was all her own doing, she has only herself to blame," her solicitor added.
Her youngest child was ill and Gavin was the only person able to bring the child for hospital visits.
It was an isolated, unusual incident and she was "terrified of being taken away from her three children". She also admitted a series of other unrelated motoring charges.
The judge said he found it surprising that the accused could not remember the incident. He said it was an "appalling set of facts".

"Maybe she did panic, but she continued and didn't stop," he said.

US Security officers nab teen with gun at Buffalo event privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Buffalo NY May 31 2016 A stepped-up police presence was promised for the remainder of the Canalside Boardwalk Carnival after a teenager was arrested with a handgun Saturday night following a fight, officials said.
“We’re disappointed with this, which we believe to be an isolated incident,” said Sam Hoyt, a board member of Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp., which operates events at Canalside. “But we have increased the security presence.”
A 17-year-old Buffalo youth was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana after a fight involving several youngsters broke out at about 9 p.m., Buffalo Police Department spokesman Michael J. DeGeorge said.
No injuries were reported.
U.S. Security, a private firm hired to provide security at Canalside events, apprehended the youth within minutes of the incident, DeGeorge said. The youth was turned over to Buffalo police and charged, he said.
After the incident Saturday night, Hoyt said carnival organizers asked for additional help from Buffalo police for the carnival’s final two days. The carnival concludes Monday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Central Wharf.

Hoyt blamed the incident on “a handful of misbehaving kids” and said safety and security are “our No. 1 priority.”

Monday, May 30, 2016

SC security officer shot to death privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Dorchester SC May 30 2016
Police report that a security officer was shot and killed during a confrontation at a Colleton County nightclub.
The Dorchester County man was shot and killed and a second man critically injured at the nightclub early Saturday morning.
Colleton County Coroner Richard Harvey reports that Jesse Guy, 38, of Dorchester was pronounced dead at the Trauma Center at Trident Medical Center in Summerville.
Harvey said medical center officials reported Guy had been killed by a single gunshot to the torso.
A second man, whose identity has not been released as yet, was also shot during the disturbance outside Club Leon on Round O Road.
Lt. Shane Roberts, the public information officer for the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, says an emergency calls sent deputies and Colleton County Fire-Rescue personnel to the nightclub Saturday at about 3:30 a.m.
Guy and the second gunshot victim were security guards at the nightclub. Roberts said that the two men were shot outside the club following a disturbance at the club.
Roberts said the investigation into the shooting death is still in its early stages.
A motive for the shooting still has not been determined and deputies were still attempting to learn the identity of the suspect or suspects involved in the incident.

Note: This the second security officer killed and the seventh security officer shot during the past 72 hours.

Store owner dies of heart attack after shoplifting attempt privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for Store owner dies of heart attack after shoplifting attempt

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. May 30 2016— A general store owner in Bedford County has died following a heart attack she suffered after arguing with a suspected shoplifter, according to investigators.
The incident started when 26-year-old Trista Foor walked into Linda's General Store in Hopewell Township and attempted to steal a pack of Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Hamburgers, according to District Attorney Bill Higgins.
The store owner, Linda Fluke, came to the store after the clerk who was working called her after catching Foor in the alleged act.
Foor and Fluke argued outside of the store about stealing, Higgins said.
After the argument, Fluke walked back into the store to call police, and that's when investigators say she suffered a massive heart attack and later died at an area hospital.
Surveillance video of the incident showed Fluke walking back into the store to call authorities.
"As far as argument and the crime, those things likely contributed to her death. I will seriously take that into consideration on how this case is resolved," Higgins said.
Foor was wanted in the area for two prior retail theft offenses, Higgins said.

Foor is currently facing felony retail theft charges and felony in the third degree. She has been arraigned and placed in the Bedford County Jail.

Off-Duty Officer Shoots Armed Suspected Shoplifter privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Washington DC May 30 2016 Police in Washington say an off-duty officer shot a man suspected of shoplifting after the man produced a gun and failed to comply with the officer's orders.
Police said in a statement that the shooting happened Sunday near Union Station. Police say an off-duty officer saw a man carrying objects in his arms and backpack and the officer attempted to stop the individual for shoplifting. It was not immediately known what items the suspect had taken.
Police say the suspect produced a firearm and that the officer shot the man when he failed to obey orders. Police say the suspect's weapon was recovered from the scene and that he was taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition.
Police did not release the man's name, age or race and did not identify the officer.

Kingston security guard dies in crash privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

KINGSTON, Jamaica, May 30 2016 The principal of the Orange Hill Basic School in Brown’s Town, Karene Johnson, was among five people killed when two vehicles collided on the Laughlands main road in St Ann, the largest parish situated on the north coast of Jamaica.
Police said several others were injured in the early morning crash that involved a bus and a sport utility vehicle.
The authorities named the others killed as security guard Odain Latty, Charles-Anthony Jones and Kevin Minto. The fifth person is yet to be identified.
Seven students from various schools were also in the bus. A student of the Lime Tree Garden Primary is said to be in critical condition.
Media reports said the victims were in a passenger bus which plies the Brown’s Town to Ocho Rios route.
The Jamaica Observer newspaper said that initial reports are that the drive shaft of the bus broke causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which then collided with the SUV heading in the opposite direction. The driver of the SUV was slightly injured.
The paper quoted Superintendent Wayne Cameron as saying that speeding was an “apparent” factor, adding that the bus which should have been carrying 12 passengers had approximately 15 people, including seven children.
“It appeared that it lost its drive shaft and some other mechanical part fell off resulting in the driver losing control colliding in a vehicle coming in the other direction… then the bus landed in the soft-shoulder,” Cameron said.

“Speeding was an apparent factor…It’s not for a lack of the police presence on the road,” he added.

Woman faces theft and meth charges at West Monroe Walmart privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews


West Monroe LA May 30 2016 A shoplifting complaint Thursday left a West Monroe woman accused of theft and drug possession charges.
According to an arrest affidavit, officers were dispatched to the West Monroe Wal-Mart for a shoplifting complaint and made contact with the suspect, Natasha Babineaux, 39, 703 Edwards Road, West Monroe.
The suspect had been observed for more than six hours in the store and had reportedly damaged multiple goods and left the store without paying for items. Arrest records state the suspect damaged more than $46 worth of merchandise and had more than $700 of merchandise in her buggy.
While searching the suspect's belongings, officers located five baggies of suspect methamphetamine, one partial Alprazolam tablet, multiple syringes, a spoon with methamphetamine residue inside, a glass methamphetamine pipe and digital scales according to arrest reports.

Babineaux was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on charges of shoplifting, theft of goods; possession of a controlled dangerous substance, schedule II; possession of a controlled dangerous substance, schedule IV; and prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia.
The News Star

Man drowns on Cape Cod during lifeguard test privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Orleans Mass May 30 2016 A man in his 20s drowned this morning during a lifeguard swim test on Cape Cod, fire officials say.
The search began for the swimmer at 8:49 a.m. after he went missing during the town's annual lifeguard test at Pilgrim Lake, Orleans Fire Chief Anthony Pike said.
Pike said a multi-agency team responded to the scene, including members of the Barnstable County Technical Rescue Team, the Orleans Police Department and Orleans Fire Department.
The man's body was found at 9:23 a.m., Pike said.
The victim, whose name has not been released, was rushed by ambulance to Cape Cod hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The case is under investigation by the Orleans Police Department, Mass State Police and the Cape and Islands District Attorney's office.

Man Drives Stolen School Bus To Queens After Stealing ATM privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for LI Man Drives Stolen School Bus To Queens After Stealing ATM With Bare Hands
WESTBURY, N.Y.May 30 2016— A Long Island man was arrested after allegedly stealing an ATM machine, loading it on a stolen yellow school bus and driving the vehicle into Queens.
According to police, David Hughes, 61, of Westbury, smashed the window of a Bravo Supermarket at 306 Post Avenue in Westbury and physically dragged the store’s ATM machine out of the store before placing the machine on a yellow school bus that was parked in front of the building. Hughes then got in the bus and drove away, police said.
Exclusive surveillance obtained by CBS2 shows the school bus pulling into the supermarket around 5 a.m. as the driver peers in the doors and eyes the ATM. He tries to kick the door in, but when that doesn’t work he gets a large rock and smashes the glass and then climbs though the broken door. After a couple of minutes he topples and wrestles the machine to the ground and manages to lift and shove it out the broken door, CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported.
Store manager Victor Perez said the ATM weighed about 500 pounds and had as much as $3,000 in it.
“I was surprised to see he was 61 years old. I don’t know how he could lift an ATM so heavy.”
Police managed to locate the bus, which had reportedly also been stolen, at Springfield Boulevard near the Grand Central Parkway in Queens.
Police arrested Hughes without incident. He is facing charges of burglary in the 3rd degree, grand larceny in the 3rd degree and grand larceny in the 4th degree.
The ATM was also recovered.
Police investigation revealed Hughes was also responsible for a July 2013 burglary of another Westbury convenience store.

Man Charged 9 Years After Bomb Left in NC Walmart privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Sylva NC May 30 2016 Authorities say a fingerprint has led them to a man who placed a pipe bomb near small propane tanks in a Walmart in the North Carolina mountains.
Officials say there were no serious injuries at the store in Sylva when the bomb exploded in September 2007.
Federal court records say Larry Bowlsby's fingerprint was found on a shopping cart after the explosion. Initially, it didn't match any prints in the federal system, but agents ran it again this year.
He was arrested Tuesday and charged with using an explosive device to damage or destroy a business involved in interstate or foreign commerce.
Prosecutors say Bowlsby was captured on surveillance video in the Sylva Walmart pushing a cart and leaving an object behind.
It wasn't known if Bowlsby had a lawyer.

Lawrence cop extorted cocaine from drug dealer privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

FBI: Lawrence cop extorted cocaine from drug dealer

LAWRENCE MA May 30 2016  -- A Lawrence police officer who lives in Methuen wrote personal checks to buy cocaine and then extorted his dealer into giving him the illegal drugs, according to federal authorities.
John Desantis Jr., 43, was arrested on a federal warrant for extortion late Thursday night. He was booked at the North Andover police department and was expected to make an appearance in U.S. District Court in Boston Friday.
A patrol officer on the midnight shift, Desantis has been on unpaid leave due to a non-work-related medical issue for about year, police Chief James Fitzpatrick said.
Desantis was arrested by federal agents after an investigation into cocaine purchases he was making from a confidential FBI informant, according to court papers.
The informant told authorities he was selling powdered cocaine to Desantis "once or twice per week for the past 10 to 12 months," according to a copy of a criminal complaint filed by FBI special agent John Walker.
Desantis allegedly paid for some the cocaine using personal checks issued by Service Credit Union from the account of "John R. Desantis Jr." and "Amy Desantis," Walker wrote in the complaint, filed at U.S. District Court in Boston.
The informant said he sold Desantis cocaine at his Methuen home and also in parking lots at The Loop in Methuen and on Route 114 in North Andover.
On Monday, May 16, Desantis allowed the confidential informant into the living room and kitchen of his Methuen home, Walker wrote.
Desantis "lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun and what appeared to be a police badge on his belt," wrote Walker, adding Desantis also showed the informant a police identification card bearing a photograph.
The informant said he feared Desantis was either "an authentic police officer who would arrest him or a police imposter who intended to rob him," according to the complaint.
Desantis then conducted a "pat-down search" of the informant, taking from him a bag of powdered cocaine and two bags of crack cocaine intended for other customers. The informant had cash in his car but Desantis did not take it -- instead just throwing it at his alleged cocaine dealer.
Up until May 16, Desantis had never identified himself as a police officer, according to court records.
DeSantis afterwards texted the informant, telling him to continue to bring him drugs.
"So we know that you are not talking and keep in touch I will call you once a week and you bring a $150 so I can turn it in ...." Desantis allegedly texted the informant. "You must answer when I call. No excuses. This way we know you are keeping quiet and you are not trouble for us. It is the only way so we don't have to bring you in," he added, according to the criminal complaint.
In other texts, for which Desantis allegedly used Google to translate into Spanish for the informant, he wrote, "You say nothing so you don't get hurt ... We after top brass and where the stuff comes in from. We been on this for over a year. You say anything, you go to jail. I worked out a deal for you because I think you are a good guy. We have phones wiretapped so we will know."
The confidential informant who worked with the FBI investigating Desantis is a "dealer of cocaine and crack cocaine for several years" in both the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.
The informant, according to court records, is a Dominican national in the United States illegally. He does not speak English.
Walker concluded the complaint by writing Desantis "did unlawfully obtain and attempt to obtain property from a person by extortion."
Court records indicated Desantis has worked for the Lawrence Police Department since Nov. 21, 1999 and "that he's been absent without leave from the department since Nov. 5, 2015, after he exhausted all remaining medical leave benefits."
"Fitzpatrick advised that Desantis is still considered to be a sworn officer with full police powers," the complaint states.
The criminal complaint also noted Desantis "had been exclusively assigned to uniform patrol operations" and "is not presently assigned to any type of drug investigation."
The last time Desantis submitted drug evidence to the Lawrence police was Sept. 12, 2014 and any other type of evidence was on Dec. 1, 2014, according to court papers.
Fitzpatrick said the department became aware of the federal investigation two weeks ago and cooperated with investigators.
Mayor Daniel Rivera issued a statement on Desantis' arrest.
"We are glad that federal law enforcement was able to apprehend this individual, while we hope that Mr. Desantis gets the help he needs, his arrest continues our effort to increase the credibility and professionalism of the Lawrence Police Department," Rivera said in the statement. "It is important to remember that the unfortunate actions of one officer should not overshadow the stellar things that our police department does as a whole, but if any officer conducts him or herself in less than a professional and legal way they will be disciplined and or terminated.
"Our police department has so many good officers that are working hard every day to make Lawrence safer," Rivera added. "Our community should know that we have a strong, disciplined police department that is always prepared to protect them with the highest caliber service."
In June 2015, a Go Fund Me page soliciting donations for the Desantis family was created online raising more than $4,000.

The page said John Desantis had been diagnosed with a severe form of pneumonia which prevented him from working since February 2015 and had undergone treatment at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Boston.
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Police investigate possible suicide at NJ indoor range privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Woodland Park NJ May 30 2016 Authorities say a man has shot himself to death at a firing range in New Jersey.
Woodland Park police say the 30-year-old Garfield man had gone to the Gun For Hire indoor shooting range with a friend Saturday night. They say he shot himself in the head a short time later.
The man was taken to a hospital, where he died a short time later. His name has not been released.
Authorities say the death appears to be a suicide, but a formal ruling has not been issued.

Dozens of Sacred Heart University students charged in mix-up privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

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BRIDGEPORT CT May 30 2016  — An error by city police officers, compounded by a state judicial clerk, means more than 80 Sacred Heart University students ticketed for allegedly using fake IDs are facing misdemeanor charges that could leave them with criminal records.
“This is a big mess,” said Fairfield lawyer Daniel Ford. “I have never heard of this happening before.”
On April 5, a crowd of Sacred Heart students were in the Golden Star CafĂ© on Main Street for “Student Night,” when it was raided by police.
Police said most of the students were underage and drinking alcoholic beverages. More than 80 of them had gotten into the bar using fake or altered driver’s licenses from other states, Police Chief Armando Perez said, showing a stack of the phony licenses police had seized.
At the time of the raid, officers Mark Blackwell, Carlos Negron and others issued the students tickets listing the state law violated as 30-88, misrepresentation of age, an infraction with a $200 fine.
All the ticketed students promptly sent in their $200, according to court records, many probably hoping their parents would never learn of the incident.
But, it turns out, state statute 30-88 had been repealed in 2012.
When the tickets and fine payments arrived at the Judicial Branch’s Centralized Infractions Bureau in Wethersfield, employees saw the incorrect charge and changed it to 30-88a.
But 30-88a, misrepresenting age to procure liquor, is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500, imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or both, according to court records.
“Generally speaking, if a police officer charges someone with the wrong thing, a nonexisting infraction, we then transfer it to the court of the jurisdiction. This process should occur at the court,” infractions bureau Deputy Director Stacey Manware said. She declined to comment on any specific case.
Now, the students all have an Aug. 11 court date on Golden Hill Street in Bridgeport and their legal affairs have become considerably more complicated.
“This is terrible,” Perez said when he learned of the error. “I didn’t want to hit these kids. I just wanted to send them a message. A fine is one thing, but a misdemeanor can go on their record.”
The court clerk’s office and prosecutor’s office at state Superior Court in Bridgeport have been getting a number of panicked phone calls from students and their parents, a source said.
Perez said he would work with prosecutors to try and resolve the issue.
But Ford said he doesn’t understand how the infractions bureau, essentially a clerk’s office, can unilaterally make the decision that someone should be charged with a misdemeanor rather than an infraction.
“The intention of the officer was to give the students an infraction and not charge them with a crime,” he said. “Centralized infractions should defer to the intention of the officer. ”

Sacred Heart University officials declined to comment on the issue.
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