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Atlanta security detain murder suspect privateofficer.com

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ATLANTA GA Oct 17 2017
Security officers at a nightclub were able to apprehend a shooting suspect before he fled their property.
Police were called and when they responded found one person was in custody after a deadly shooting overnight in the parking lot of Peaches of Atlanta adult entertainment club.
When police arrived to the scene, club security had a suspect detained. Officers found a man in his late 20s dead inside of a vehicle.
The victim has been identified as 29-year-old Jalal Ross-Beyah of East Point, Georgia.
The preliminary investigation indicates the suspect and victim were inside a vehicle and became involved in some type of dispute. The suspect then pulled a gun and shot the victim several times.

Security officers heard gunfire and responded and detained the suspect after he left the vehicle. The suspect, 30-year-old David E. Robinson, has been charged with murder. 

Man punches security guard at Seminole Casino privateofficer.com

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IMMOKALEE, Fla. Oct 17 2017- For many, Seminole Casino Hotel in Immokalee is a place to go and enjoy themselves. People go to play a few slots and maybe have a drink or two. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case on Friday when, according to Seminole Police, a man attacked a security guard at the front entrance to the casino.
The man who attacked the guard is 27-year-old Antonio Hernandez. On Friday, Hernandez went to the casino. After some time had passed, Hernandez was asked to leave by security personnel after being cut off for having to much to drink.
According to the arrest report, Hernandez became angry when he was cut off from having more alcohol. After he was banned from the casino grounds, he returned. At that point, police say he got into a fight with three security officers and punched one in the face.
People who regularly go to the casino say they're shocked by what happened. but one regular Casino goer, Paula Garcia, says she isn't going to let the incident ruin her good time.

She told Fox 4 "We're still coming. I will be a little more careful probably but I will still come".

Safeway panhandler sues for $500k after security guard beats him privateofficer.com

Portland OR Oct 17 2017 A homeless panhandler who claims a security guard beat him without provocation with a baton in front of the downtown Portland Safeway filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the security company Monday.
Westley Foster, 30, claims he was exercising his First Amendment right to stand on the public sidewalk and ask passers-by for money when a guard with Signal 88 Security, the company hired by Safeway to provide security, asked Foster to leave.
When Foster said he wouldn’t move, another security guard stepped out of the store, shoved Foster into the street and repeatedly struck him with a baton, according to his lawyer and his lawsuit filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court.
That security guard, Ibrahim Seraphin, 19, then handcuffed Foster and dragged him across the sidewalk, where Foster remained until an ambulance arrived. Medics took Foster to a local hospital to treat a gash on his leg and bruises on his torso on the evening of April 5, according to the suit.
A representative from Signal 88 Security declined comment. Seraphin also couldn’t be reached immediately for comment, and he isn't listed as a defendant in the suit.
Safeway also isn’t listed as a defendant, and a grocery spokeswoman didn’t immediately return requests for information about any instructions the chain might have provided to the security company for dealing with panhandlers.
The sidewalk lining the downtown Safeway at 1010 S.W. Jefferson Street has been a panhandling hot spot for years.
Foster's attorney, Lake Perriguey, said his client was targeted "because he was a person on the street that was asking for money that wasn’t with the Salvation Army and didn’t have a bell."
People have a right to stand on the sidewalk, whether they’re “reciting a biblical verse or asking for a dollar,” Perriguey said.
Foster has struggled with a heroin addiction over the years: Court records show he’s been convicted four times for possessing the drug from 2009 to 2013 and been in and out of treatment. Perriguey said his client has made strides in his life by attending Portland Community College and earning a 3.7 GPA for the most recent grading period.
According to a police report, Foster told police who responded that he had asked about 10 people for money when the first security guard, Michael Templeton, walked out of the store to talk to him.
Although Foster told police he wasn’t acting aggressively, Templeton said Foster was speaking very closely to his face. That’s when Seraphin came over, Templeton said.

According to the police report, all three men said Seraphin pushed Foster first. Whether Foster responded with a punch is in dispute. According to Foster’s attorney, Foster said he didn’t punch the security guard, but that Foster might have thrown up his arms in defense.
Seraphin said the panhandler punched him. That's when Seraphin took out his baton and used it, according to the police report.
At the time, Seraphin had been certified as a security guard in Oregon for about seven months, according to state records. Templeton had been certified for less than a month.
In 2015, Foster received a $1,500 payment from Safeway. A security guard wrongfully detained him when he accused him of stealing orange juice from 1100 N.E. Broadway St. in the Lloyd District, Perriguey said. Foster had a receipt for the juice, the lawyer said.
In another case involving an altercation with someone who was homeless, Signal 88’s insurance company agreed to pay $10,000 to a homeless man, Mark Richardson, said Richardson’s attorney, Michael O. Stevens.

On May 1, Richardson and security guard Maxwell Hardcastle ended up in a scuffle at the Lloyd District Safeway after Richardson picked up some food for purchase and the security guard told him to put it down. Stevens said his client was in the store and in the process of selecting an item to purchase and hadn't shoplifted.
The Oregonian/OregonLive

Private security mercenaries are now moving into Puerto Rico privateofficer.com

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Puerto Rico Oct 17 2017 The situation is so bad in Puerto Rico that a private security firm formerly known as Blackwater has fielded several requests to send employees to the island — and there are already guards roaming around with long guns on the streets of San Juan.
US security firm Academi, formerly called Blackwater, has received at least five different requests for help, including one from Federal Protective Services, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.
“We’ve been invited to bid armed and unarmed security of fuel and water, but have not received responses,” said Paul Donahue, CEO of Constellis, Academi’s parent company.
“The top two concerns as reported to us are the need for security of fuel (for gas stations and for generators so businesses can operate), and for humanitarian support, i.e. water distribution.”
A job listing on the Constellis Web site says they’re looking for “security professionals to deploy to Puerto Rico to provide humanitarian and armed security services.” One of the tasks would be dealing “tactfully with the general public,” it says.
The Whitestone Group, another U.S. security company, posted an online ad on Sept. 29 seeking “retired officers with gun licenses for immediate response in Puerto Rico,” the island’s Center for Investigative Journalism reported.
Armed guards from unidentified private security companies have also been spotted around San Juan, some with long guns that may be illegal because they require special licenses given out by the government, experts told the CIJ.
“It is very restricted,” said Rosa Emilia Rodríguez, the chief federal prosecutor in Puerto Rico. “I’m surprised that this is happening. I don’t know if they are off-duty police officers. I don’t know, I would have to see the circumstances. A police officer can work in a private security company in their spare time.”
Héctor Pesquera, secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety, is crafting an executive order with rules that private guards must abide by.
Rodriguez said security contractors shouldn’t be able to carry long guns.
“They would be going very far,” she told CIJ.
A law enforcement source said sending private security guards over to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts “sounds unusual since Puerto Rico is a US territory.”
“Private contractors are usually hired for hot zones like the Middle East where there are concerns about terrorist attacks,” the source said.
But Donahue, the CEO of Constellis, said private security details were also deployed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

“In Katrina, we protected schools, churches, hospitals, food suppliers, water, power, tent cities…everything,” he said. “The police, military and guard were doing the heavy lifting and we were in critical support roles.”
In 2014, four former Blackwater security guards were found guilty in the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis in Baghdad, which raised questions about the US use of private security contractors during the Iraq War.

One of the convictions has since been overturned.

Woman commits suicide at Anne Arundel Community College privateofficer.com

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Arnold MD Oct 17 2017 Anne Arundel Community College reports that a person has ended her life on campus.
The body of the Arnold woman was found Sunday on the Anne Arundel Community College campus, where she apparently committed suicide.
An Anne Arundel County police officer was performing a routine check of the campus in Arnold around 10 a.m. when he noticed an unoccupied vehicle in a largely empty parking lot.
The officer noticed a rope hanging from a nearby footbridge and went to investigate. He discovered the body of Joan Ann Wilson, 60.
Police said she was neither a student nor a staff member at the college.
Her family in Virginia has been notified of her death.
No classes were scheduled Sunday.

Virginia youth softball coach accused of sex crimes against children privateofficer.com

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CULPEPER, Va. Oct 17 2017 — A longtime youth softball coach has been charged with dozens of child sex crimes.
Cathy S. Rothgeb, 57, of Stanley, Virginia, was jailed following her arrest Friday, according to Virginia State Police.
“The charges stem from an investigation State Police initiated in the summer of 2016 after a female victim approached a State Police investigator about alleged sexual abuse during Rothgeb’s tenure as a volunteer softball coach in Orange County,” a Virginia State Police spokesperson said.
“Rothgeb, a former youth softball coach for Orange County High School, has coached youth recreational leagues and travel teams in Orange County, Spotsylvania County and throughout the region from the 1980s through the early 2000s.”
Rothgeb had no recent affiliation with Orange County High School, police said.
An Orange County grand jury handed up the 34 indictments last week.
She was charged with seven counts of object sexual penetration, seven counts of forcible sodomy, eight counts of indecent liberties with children, eight counts of cruelty to children, and four counts of aggravated sexual battery.

Witnesses can email news tips and photos here. Anyone with information about Rothgeb or her charges are encouraged to contact the State Police at 1-888-300-0156 or 540-829-7400 or by email.

Security disarm-detain menacing man at Honolulu game room establishment privateofficer.com

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HONOLULU HI Oct 17 2017
Game room security are always watchful for troublemakers or intoxicated patrons especially during the week-end but they never expected to be face to face with a man pointing a handgun at them.
But that’s exactly what happened Saturday night.
Police say that around midnight, 24-year-old Dayson Kaae entered the game room establishment and pulled out a semi-automatic pistol.
He then threatened the security personnel working. 
A security guard charged and tackled Kaae to the ground, disarming him.  Security was able to hold him until police arrived.
Police said that Kaae was transported to a hospital for head injuries suffered during the scuffle and later arrested.
The firearm was later found loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition, sources say.
Kaae now faces terroristic threatening and firearms charges. He remains in custody pending investigation.

Men doused with pepper spray in scuffle with Myrtle Beach security guards privateofficer.com

Myrtle Beach SC Oct 17 2017 
Two men were pepper sprayed when they got into a scuffle with security who asked them to leave a club at Broadway at the Beach Sunday, but exactly how the scuffle started remains a mystery.
The men said security attacked them first. Security said they sprayed the men because they were charging them. Surveillance footage told a different story, before the camera recording it turned away.
Myrtle Beach police were dispatched to an assault in the Broadway at the Beach parking lot around 1:30 a.m. Three men were in handcuffs when officers arrived, according to a police report.
A man in one of the handcuffs told police he walked outside of the club to smoke a cigarette, but when he tried to re-enter through the back door, a security guard wouldn’t let him enter. The security guard told him he needed to leave, the man said, so he grabbed his friends and they started to walk to their vehicle.
He said they were asking security guards why they were being told to leave as the guards escorted them to their car. Then, one of the guards put hands on his friend, who pushed back, he told police.
“That’s when the security guard took out his pepper spray” and sprayed his friend, the man said. His other friend “tried to push the security guard away” and was also sprayed, according to the report. The man, who talked to police, said he got in his car as the scuffle happened, but security ordered him out of the car to detain him.
The security guards had a different story to tell.
Broadway security told police they were escorting the men off of their property and as the men were getting into their car and arguing with the guards, two of the men got out of the car and “walked towards them.”
“That’s when security stated they pepper sprayed (the men)... and tried to put them into handcuffs” as one of the men punched a guard, police noted in the report.
Surveillance footage started to reveal a different account, before the camera panned away.
The footage showed the men “walking away from Broadway security” and then guards trying to grab the men as they walked to their vehicle, according to the report. “It shows a small pushing match then shows the one security guard pepper spray” one of the men.
“At the moment of the spray, the camera then turns the other way and zooms in on a vehicle showing nothing,” police noted in the report. It later zooms back out and pans over to show the men being handcuffed.
“Due to the conflicting stories and the lack of video surveillance no charges were filed” and the men were released, the report stated.

Four months earlier, in June, Myrtle Beach police were called to Broadway at the Beach after security guards say they were forced to use pepper spray on an unruly crowd.

Surveillance footage of that incident showed a group walking toward the parking lot when a couple of people inside the crowd started to fight and then stopped, according to the June report. The fight had ended when security surrounded the crowd and started spraying, police said.
Myrtle Beach Sun News

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrest man in robbery of security officer and rental car company privateofficer.com

A security officer told Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigators in July that he was on duty at a car rental lot near Palm Beach International Airport early in the morning when four cars approached the exit.
One man whose face was partially covered with a shirt pointed a semiautomatic gun and demanded that the security guard open the gate and allow the vehicles to exit, the report said.
The security guard complied and two cars were successfully taken. The two other cars crashed as the automatic security gate closed again.
Two men fled the crashed the vehicles and were picked up by the other two vehicles, the sheriff’s office said.
On Wednesday, a Mangonia Park man was arrested in connection to the thefts of four vehicles.
Jaylon Griffin, who turned 23 on Sunday, faces one count each armed robbery, grand theft and unlawful use of a two-way communications device. He was being held without bail early Monday on the armed robbery charge.
Authorities say Griffin was among a group of young men and teens who stole two cars and attempted to steal two others July 13 at the Budget Car Rental location on Belevedere Road. Griffin was tied to car thefts this month after investigators traced his cellphone activity, according to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.
A search warrant for his phone found that Griffin left his home, traveled to the crime scene and then returned home within the time frame of the robbery, the report said.
 “Them boys made it safe?” he reportedly asked in a text message sent about 90 minutes after the robbery.

Surveillance video also captured Griffin driving a Nissan Altima that was stolen from the car rental lot, according to the report.

Police investigate murder at Cincinnati Premium Outlets privateofficer.com

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MONROE, Ohio Oct 17 2017  The shooting death of a 21 year old man at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets is under investigation but few details are being released.
Monroe Police said the man sustained a fatal gunshot wound in the parking lot of the Cincinnati Premium Outlets but have not commented on whether it was a robbery gone bad or some other type of crime that preceded the shooting.
The department said it got a 911 call around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, and responded to find Brandon McGee in the parking lot near his car with a gunshot wound.
Officers administered first aid before McGee was transported to Atrium Medical Center, where he later died from his injuries.

The Monroe Police Department is asking anyone with information about the incident to call them at 513-539-9234.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Carson-Newman University holding fund raiser for injured security officer privateofficer.com

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Jefferson City TN Oct 16 2017 Carson-Newman University has set up a benevolent fund to help a security guard who was injured last weekend when a speeding SUV hit the vehicle he was in.
Security Guard Lucas Trent and Jefferson City Police Sgt. Scott Winstead were involved in the crash and airlifted to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.
Trent is now recovering.
“He’s doing real well,” said Boyd Hodges, deputy director of security for Carson-Newman. “He’s very sore.”
Carson-Newman is asking for donations to help with medical expenses for the security guard.
The officers were in a cruiser when the SUV ran a red light and struck their vehicle, officials said.
The car burst into flames and students rushed to their aid, using fire extinguishers to put out the flames. Students were able to get the officers out.
Brittany Brown, 27, was ejected from the SUV and died at the scene of the crash. Kelly L. Livesay, 35, survived the crash.
An investigation is ongoing on the incident.
Anyone wishing to donate money for Trent can mail to Carson-Newman University, Department of Public Safety, 2130 Branner Avenue, Jefferson City, TN 37760.

You can also drop off a donation in person at the Department of Public Safety, Carson-Newman University, 2209 Branner Avenue, Jefferson City, TN 37760. Online donations can be made at www.cn.edu.lucas.

Two men charged with shooting at Hickory Hill nightclub security privateofficer.com

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. Oct 16 2017— A late-night shootout at a Hickory Hill nightclub led to assault charges for two men accused of firing at nine security guards.
Police responded to a shooting call at the Truth Night Bar in the 6700 block of Winchester near Kirby at 3:10 a.m. Saturday.
An officer reported seeing a black Cadillac Escalade driving north through a parking lot with the front-seat passenger firing back at security guards at the club.
The Cadillac jumped a curb and crashed into a ditch. When an officer opened the passenger's door, he said he saw a handgun fall between the passenger's legs and onto the floorboard.
Police also said they saw an AR-15 assault rifle in the rear floorboard behind the driver's seat and a Glock 9 mm handgun.
Nine security guards at the club told officers that both occupants in the Cadillac had fired at them, and some of the guards had returned fire.
The passenger, Lucas Smith, was taken into custody and to Regional One hospital with a gunshot wound to the left leg.
The driver, Reggie Weeks, was also taken into custody.
Smith, 34, faces nine counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm in commission of a dangerous felony and reckless endangerment.
Weeks, also 34, faces the same charges. He was later released on $50,000 bond.
"There was tons of traffic because cops were blocking the entire area," said Armaan Virani, a clerk at a nearby convenience store. He says store surveillance shows drivers getting caught in the cross hairs of a drive-by shooting.
"Kind of crazy that people would just start shooting in a crowded area like that."

Virani says he's most concerned with customer safety and he doesn't want the gunplay to keep business away.

No injuries after patient, 78, fires handgun inside Saginaw hospital privateofficer.com

SAGINAW, MI Oct 16 2017 -- Police are still piecing together what took place after a patient fired a handgun inside a third-floor room at Covenant HealthCare late Saturday night in Saginaw.
Officers from the Saginaw Police Department responded shortly before midnight Saturday, Oct. 14 to the hospital at Cooper and North Michigan avenues for a report of an active shooter. 
Kristin Knoll, a spokeswoman for Covenant HealthCare, confirmed "there was an isolated incident that was quickly identified and contained."
The elderly patient became disruptive and a security alert was issued at 11:52 p.m. Oct. 14 at the Cooper campus and security was dispatched, according to Larry Daly, a Covenant spokesman.
"While staff attempted to calm the patient, he produced a handgun from his bag and proceeded to wave it around," said Daly. "Staff exited the room, taking the other patient in the room out to safety with them. A shot was heard, but no one was injured, and the armed patient remained in the room behind a closed door."
A heightened security alert went out at 11:55 p.m. and police arrived less than 10 minutes later, entered the room, subdued the patient, and secured the weapon.
"At 12:47 am the police deemed the patient no longer a threat, and an "all clear" was issued," Daly said. "There were no reported injuries. A Covenant security officer is now stationed with the patient 24/7."
Daly noted "Actions are being taken to assist those staff and patients who were immediately affected by the incident through the Covenant Second Victim program" as well as a "thorough analysis of the incident and response is planned as part of the Covenant Culture of Safety."
"Covenant leadership expresses deep appreciation to the clinical and security staff involved who took quick, heroic action, and to the members of the Saginaw and Michigan State Police for their fast response, and immediate command of the situation," he said. "We are extremely thankful that no one was hurt. This incident stands as a reminder of the importance of the safety procedures and drills we perform on a regular basis."
Michigan State Police are assisting the Saginaw Police Department with the investigation. Deputies with the Saginaw County Sheriff's Department were also dispatched to the scene.


Morton Hospital security nab three persons including patient selling cocaine privateofficer.com

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TAUNTON MA Oct 16 2017 — Three people, including a patient, who police say engaged in a crack-cocaine transaction in a hospital room last week will be summoned into district court to face drug charges.
Taunton police say they were alerted at 10 p.m. by Morton Hospital’s security department that the three had been observed by nurses making the deal.
The patient, a 48-year-old Taunton woman, was allegedly found in the bathroom of her room with a visitor, identified as 53-year-old Betty L. Rogers, also of Taunton.
The two allegedly were caught by a security officer holding a glass, crack pipe and several small pieces of the narcotic, police said.
Police said in addition to the pipe and cocaine, they found a receipt for a $40 withdrawal made about 40 minutes earlier from the ATM on the building’s first floor.
Police said they retrieved a Direct Express Mastercard — a prepaid debit card available to recipients of electronically transferred federal benefits — that allegedly was used to make the withdrawal.
Hospital security told police they managed to intercept and detain a man, identified as Michael A. Alifonso, 35, of Norton, as he exited the room.
Alifonso allegedly told police he had come to the hospital “to visit a friend” and wasn’t aware of any illegal activity.
When police told him that he and Rogers were caught on video using the ATM and then heading back to the patient’s room, he allegedly handed over $40 from his pocket to an officer.
Rogers, meanwhile, allegedly told police she had no knowledge of any crack cocaine and was with the patient in her bathroom, because they “always use the bathroom together.”
Police say the patient told them the $40 was in her purse.
Police said there was no $40 in the purse but said they did find as many as 20 hypodermic needles, several of them uncapped; a number of empty Fireball whiskey nips; a small bag of pot; and a “very large, plastic bag” containing various prescription medications.
Alifonso, police said, is being charged with distributing a Class B substance and conspiracy to violate drug laws.
Rogers will be charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws.

The patient, police said, will face arraignment for Class B possession and conspiracy.
taunton gazette 

Peace Harbor Hospital patient dies in police custody privateofficer.com

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FLORENCE OR Oct 16 2017— A person who refused to leave PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center died Friday while in custody of the Florence Police Department.
Police officers had taken the person into custody after a complaint by workers at the hospital in Florence that he or she was being disruptive and refusing to leave, according to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. The hospital discharged the person earlier Friday. The hospital staff, including security guards, asked the person to leave.
The police officers also tried to convince the person to leave, but he or she continued disruptive behavior, according to the sheriff’s office. Once in police custody the person’s health deteriorated rapidly and despite efforts by hospital workers to aid them, the person died.
The sheriff’s office did not release the name of the person, pending family notification.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office will investigate the death along with the Lane County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Event Workers Aren’t Trained For Active Shooters and It Scares Them privateofficer.com


Las Vegas NV Oct 16 2017 What should a stagehand do if the event they are working is suddenly interrupted by a man with a gun? Teresa Hull, a lighting specialist currently on tour with the classic rock band the Eagles, has always wondered what her response should be – and the recent attack on a Las Vegas country music concert has sharpened the questions in her mind.
Should she throw the room into darkness so the shooter can’t see to shoot? Turn her spotlights on the shooter so the audience can see their attacker? Or should she abandon her control board and get herself to safety? She doesn’t know. “The problem is there’s nobody telling us what to do,” says Hull. “There’s got to be some standard for what are we supposed to do.”
Event workers and security experts across the country tell Newsweek there is a frightening lack of training and guidance on how the people who staff large events should react when their audience is attacked. And in the wake of the Route Harvest 91 music festival shooting that killed 58 people in Las Vegas on October 1, industry associations and informal groups of event workers are questioning the lack of training and working to come up with a plan to solve the problem.
Workers are prepared for handling common events like medical emergencies or lost children, says Michael Rozin, president of a security consulting company that bears his name and an ex-Israeli soldier. “But when it comes to active threats, they do not receive adequate training,” he says. “The consequence is simple: number of casualties.”
The lack of guidance has sparked worried posts on Facebook pages like the one for members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. “Lights up. Let people evacuate quickly and as safely as possible,” the head electrician for an opera house in Dallas commented on a post questioning how event workers should respond to a shooter. “So you're saying to raise the house lights when a sniper is picking people off?” another person responded.
And a draft letter that’s circulating among event workers demands “training that will consist of pre-planning and distributing of what do in the event of a bomb threat, riot, and active shooter scenarios,” with plans to send the letter to lawmakers or other authorities.
When passengers board a plane, stewardesses instruct them on what to do in case of an emergency. “But we don’t do that generally at places of assembly. We don’t do it at arenas, we don’t do it at churches,” says Kristi Ross-Clausen, the theater director at the high school in her Wisconsin town and the vice president of her IATSE local.
The audience as well as event workers needs to be educated on what to do if they are attacked – including how to exit and plans for prerecorded messages with instructions to be played on video screens and broadcast over the sound system, Ross-Clausen says. “There’s a core group of us in the live event industry ringing the bell saying, ‘Hey guys, we can do this better.’”
There’s also a significant difference in the amount of emergency training provided for workers at fixed facilities, like Madison Square Garden, as opposed to mobile festivals like Lollapalooza. Staff at fixed facilities are regularly trained to evacuate the facility or instruct people to “hold in place,” but at a festival site like the Route 91 Harvest festival, there could be event employees and lights people who are working there for the first time, says Russ Simons, managing partner at Venue Solutions Group, consultants for public assembly facilities.
Examples of the training that event workers should receive include getting on communication systems – like a bullhorn or microphone system – to tell the public what is happening and what they should do, says Rozin, the security consultant. “It’s really simple. The goal of this type of training is guide people how to get to safer place and how to communicate to others how to get to a safer place,” he says.
A spotlight operator who was working the Route 91 Harvest festival says he had no idea what to do when Stephen Paddock began firing into the crowd. “Nobody knew what to do, where to go. We, the guys on the towers, we could turn a few degrees and look directly at where that guy was shooting from,” Paul Weiss told Pollstar, a concert trade publication.
The communication lines remained open between event workers, Weiss says, but nobody gave him or the other workers any instructions other than “Stay down.” And an OSHA trainer told Pollstar that the agency’s active shooter trainings focus on office employees and not workers at open spaces like music festivals.
Las Vegas was only the latest attack on a concert or event, with 90 killed at a rock concert at the Bataclan theater in Paris in 2015 and 22 killed in a bomb blast at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May.
The problem with current training – besides the fact that it doesn’t reach all workers – is that it follows a “Run/Hide/Fight” strategy that doesn’t work well for people attending a concert or big event. “Run, hide, fight presumes a high level of situational awareness. First, you have to know what gunfire sounds like, [but] ‘Oops, most people don’t,’” says Steven Adelman, vice president of Event Safety Alliance, a nonprofit founded after a roof collapsed onto a country music concert at the Indiana State Fair and killed seven people in 2011.
A better model would acknowledge that event attendees are in crowded dark spaces that are unfamiliar to them, sometimes they’re drunk and they aren’t paying attention to anything except the act onstage – so they need event professionals to guide them away from the attacker. 

“Most people in an event audience aren’t situationally aware. They’re basically sheep. Sheep need to be led, they need shepherds,” says Adelman. “There might be better outcomes if event professionals are taught to be shepherds, to lead people who are confused or frightened or paralyzed how to move someplace safer.”

Former Loyola Marymount University security officer awarded $16.3 million after tripping on curb privateofficer.com

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Los Angeles CA Oct 16 2017 A former security guard from Maywood who suffered a spinal cord injury after tripping on a curb at a Loyola Marymount University construction site in 2013 was awarded $16.3 million today in his lawsuit against a contractor, but his attorney said the total his client receives may be about a third of that amount due to the contributing negligence of the plaintiff and the school.
A Los Angeles Superior Court jury deliberated for several days before finding in favor of 61-year-old Steven Paul Picazzo in his lawsuit against C.W. Driver Inc.
The panel apportioned negligence at 40 percent to C.W. Driver, 15 percent to Picazzo and 45 percent by LMU, which was not sued.
Attorney Harvey Horikawa, who stood in for plaintiff's trial attorney Edward Deason to take the verdict, said he believed Picazzo will receive about $6 million after all the setoffs are calculated.
Horikawa said Picazzo's main goal in filing the lawsuit was to be able to get the care he needs at home after spending the last four years in a care facility.
Horikawa said confidential settlements were previously reached with three other defendants.
Picazzo, who appeared in court in a wheelchair, said he was pleased with the verdict. Asked if he believed the long legal fight was worth it, he replied, "I've never been through something like this, so I guess so."
Academy Expels Harvey Weinstein Amid Sex Assault Allegations
According to the lawsuit, LMU hired C.W. Driver to build a $110 million Life Science building across the road from the Pereira Hall of Engineering structure. The contractor took over a part of a small internal campus roadway to provide a place for trucks and a construction crane, which required the building of a temporary bypass road.
Picazzo, who worked for a private security service, went to LMU about 6 p.m. Aug. 30, 2013, to work a special event that night at the gym, his court papers stated. He suffered the spinal injury when he stepped on a rolled black asphalt curb, lost his balance and fell head-first at about 7:50 p.m. into a k-rail barricade in the construction area, his court papers stated.
Picazzo's lawsuit alleged C.W. Driver negligently created the trip hazard and failed to take steps to make sure it was not dangerous to pedestrians

Bealls loss prevention charge Naples woman with shoplifting, trespassing privateofficer.com

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NAPLES, Fla. Oct 16 2017 -- A 37-year-old Naples woman is in custody, Saturday, after stealing almost $500.00 worth of items from a Bealls department store, according to investigators.
Collier County Deputies arrested Vivian Rodriguez-Rodriguez at the Bealls on Tamiami Trail in Naples, Friday. A security guard watched her take jewelry, clothing, intimates, and several perfumes into a fitting room, and exit the fitting room with nothing.
Rodriguez-Rodgriguez was apprehended outside of the store, where employees realized she put the items in her purse.

She is being charged with retail theft and has been trespassed from Bealls.

Man arrested after making threat at LaGuardia Airport, privateofficer.com

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Queens NY Oct 16 2017 A man was arrested at LaGuardia Airport Saturday morning after police say he threatened an airline employee with what he said was a bomb.
Police say the man got into an argument with a Spirit Airlines employee at Terminal B.
The suspect told the employee he was coming back with a bomb and then returned a short time later carrying a bag, according to the NYPD.
The ticketing area of Terminal B was temporarily evacuated.
The NYPD Bomb Squad was called in as a precaution to identify the package.
The suspect, identified as 70-year-old John Park of Farmington, Michigan, was quickly taken into custody.
No explosive was found and no one was injured.
The Port Authority said the airport was functioning normally by 9:30 a.m.

Port Authority police interviewed the man and charges were pending.

Man shot, guard slashed outside Westbury nightclub, police say privateofficer.com

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Nassau County NY Oct 16 2017 A man was shot in the back and a security guard was slashed in the face outside a Westbury nightclub early Friday morning after three people were thrown out of the establishment, police said.
The three suspects, who have not yet been identified, first slashed the male security guard after they were ejected from Oasis Long Island at 270 Post Ave. around 3 a.m., Nassau County police said in a news release.
The group then confronted a second male victim, who was standing on the corner of Post Avenue and Belmont Avenue, police said.
One of the trio, who was described as wearing a cast on his right arm, pulled out a handgun and shot the second victim in the back and shoulder area, police said.
The victims, both age 24, were taken to hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries, police said.
An Oasis representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Detectives ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 800-244-TIPS.