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North Carolina Security Officer Shot To Death During Robbery privateofficer.com

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. Dec 12 2017- Winston-Salem police are considering numerous leads as they search for two suspects they say shot two employees of a sweepstakes business, killing one of the men and putting the other in critical, unstable condition.
“It’d be sad any time, but it’s sadder this time of year,” said Marilyn Fredrick Stanley, who used to frequent the business and knows both victims.
Police say they’ve determined that shortly after 4 a.m. Monday, two suspects armed with handguns entered “The Hook” sweepstakes on Kernersville Road. There, they shot the victims before running away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
“It was probably pretty frantic,” Fredrick Stanley said. “I can’t imagine being in that position.”
The employee who was killed has been identified as 53-year-old Albert Fitzhugh Haskins Jr. Coworkers and friends say Haskins worked as a security guard at the business. Police say he died at the scene.
“He’s such a gentle giant,” Fredrick Stanley said. “He’s such a nice guy.”
Police say the second victim is a 28-year-old, but are not releasing his identity for investigative purposes. The 28-year-old was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment.
“I guess obviously, even with security, it wasn’t good enough,” Fredrick Stanley said.

Police say the same sweepstakes business was robbed at gunpoint on June 13 and July 22.

Security officer at Atlanta movie shoot ran over by angry driver privateofficer.com

Atlanta GA Dec 12 2017
A security officer working on a movie set was hit by a car after the driver became angry that he had saved parking spaces in a shopping center for the movie crew.
The Atlanta movie team had to halt production because the security guard was allegedly run down by a mall customer in a parking lot, according to police and local news sources.
The terrifying incident happened on Dec. 6 at the Buckhead shops where shooting was set to begin.
The series is filming its seventh season, which should premiere sometime in 2018.

Before cameras began rolling, their security saved a parking spot for the production, which apparently angered the shopper. The customer then revved the engine and hit the security guard, injuring his left leg, witnesses told the media outlet.
The driver went into a nearby golf store before fleeing, cops said. While there haven’t been any arrests made yet, police did speak to employees at the golf store to ID the driver, and got surveillance footage of the incident from another store.

Security officer nabs employee stealing $10,000 in buffalo coins privateofficer.com

OKLAHOMA CITY OK Dec 12 2017 A man is behind bars after attempting to steal almost $10,000 in coins.
A worker at APMEX, was caught by a security officer trying to hide buffalo coins in the bathroom. The coins are made by APMEX.
On Dec. 8, 34-year-old, Ryan Garden, was arrested on the count of Grand Larceny.
At APMEX, any coworker must be escorted by security when going to another floor of the building.
Garden needed to go to another part of the building so a security guard joined him.
The security guard noted that Garden was very sweaty and was acting suspicious. Garden told the security officer he needed to use the restroom but the security officer stated that he had to go into the restroom with him.
Garden went into the last stall of the bathroom and the security guard said that what happened next was even more suspicious.
Garden made what sounded like a "fake" sneeze then blew his nose and made a lot of noise which included a rattling noise from the toilet paper holder.
After Garden was done, he walked out and told the security officer he needed to go back to his original floor. The security guard thought it was suspicious so took him back to his floor then went back to the bathroom.
The security guard found seven 10oz gold buffalo coins concealed inside the toilet paper holder.
The security guard confronted Garden in the conference room and Garden admitted to stealing the coins.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail without incident.

Man facing charges after allegedly committing lewd act in public view near college privateofficer.com

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. Dec 12 2017– A man is facing charges after allegedly committing a lewd act in public view.
Michael Hollenbaugh, 34, is facing indecent exposure and failure to yield to emergency vehicle charges for the incident.
On December 9 at approximately 10:00 a.m., police were requested to assist Dickinson College’s Department of Public Safety in the 200 block of W. High St. for a report of a male masturbating in a vehicle in public view.
Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the vehicle continued to drive for several blocks before pulling over.

A witness was able to positively identify the driver of the vehicle, Hollenbaugh, as the one who committed the lewd act.

Fire ravages United Commercial Bank branch in Narayanganj, security guard dies privateofficer.com

Narayanganj Bangladesh Dec 12 2017
A fireman was critically injured after falling from a roof during the battle to control the fire in the Tanbazar neighbourhood.
The fire started on the third floor of the 10-storey ‘Padma City Plaza – 1’ building around 4:30am, said Narayanganj Fire Service Deputy Assistant Director Mamun-ur Rashid.
Nine fire service units from Dhaka and Narayanganj fought the flames for nearly two-and-a-half hours before they managed to subdue it.
An initial investigation of the scene suggests an electrical malfunction may have been responsible for the blaze, said Mamun-ur Rashid. The fire did not spread to any of the nearby flats and a major disaster was averted, he set.
The bank lost furniture, computers and a substantial number of documents, but the vault was unharmed, said UCB Narayanganj Branch Manager Nurul Absar.
The Narayanganj City Corporation owns the 10-storey building. The first and second floors are occupied by stores. The UCB branch and a branch of Bangladesh Krishi Bank were located on the second floor. The upper floors had various offices and residential flats.
A local resident said they heard shouting around dawn and ran outside to see flames engulfing the third floor of the Padma City Plaza. Soon the entire area was covered in smoke.
Many of the residents ran to the roof to escape the flames. The fire service later rescued 35 people trapped on the roof.
The fire service also recovered the body of a 43-year-old security guard after opening the gates to the bank branch.

Fireman Aminul Islam, 35, fell from the roof as he attempted to douse the flames and was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital in critical condition.  

Shuttle bus driver charged with killing colleague at Walter Reed says he was defending himself privateofficer.com

Washington DC Dec 12 2017 A shuttle bus driver who police said fatally shot a colleague on Friday at the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center told authorities that the victim had moments earlier punched him so hard that several of his teeth fell out, according to newly filed court documents.
The suspect, Wright Koonce, 59, who has addresses in Silver Spring, Md., and Falls Church, Va., said that after he was struck, he grabbed a .38 caliber revolver and shot the victim as he ran “with his back to him,” the arrest affidavits says.
Police said Koonce then stood over Brian Andre Gibson, 45, and fired another shot. He reloaded his revolver but did not fire again because the victim was not moving, the affidavit says. He told police he feared for his life and fired at the fleeing Gibson “because he did not know what the decedent was going to do.”
Koonce was charged on Saturday with second-degree murder while armed. A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered him detained until a preliminary hearing Jan. 4. In a statement Friday, police had reversed the order of the suspect’s name, erroneously identifying him as Koonce Wright.
The shooting occurred around 8 a.m. on Friday just inside the gated entrance to the old army complex located along Georgia Avenue between Brightwood and Shepherd Park in Northwest Washington.
Police said in the affidavit that Koonce and Gibson worked for G&M Limo Service, which shuttles construction workers from a parking lot near the Georgia Avenue entrance to a construction site. Walter Reed is being redeveloped into a residential and retail complex. Representatives for the limo company could not immediately be reached.
Relatives of Koonce and Gibson could not be reached on Monday. Koonce’s attorney did not respond to messages. Gibson lived in an apartment across the street from the Walter Reed complex.
Police said without elaborating that the two men had argued about transporting the construction workers. Koonce told detectives, according to the affidavit, that he retreated to his vehicle in the lot but that Gibson followed, opened the driver’s side door and beat him. Koonce said he grabbed his gun, got out of the vehicle and shot Gibson as he fled. The two were about seven feet away, according to police.
A witness told police he saw Koonce walk to a guard shack and that he “just stood by and waited for the police to arrive, without uttering any words,” the affidavit says.

Police said the suspect was bleeding from the mouth and was missing teeth.
Washington Post

Citadel campus officer find man shot on campus-woman arrested privateofficer.com

 Neslyn B. Berroa
Charleston SC Dec 12 2017 A 19-year-old woman has been arrested after a shooting victim told police he believed she set him up for a robbery in Charleston's Hampton Park on Friday.
Neslyn B. Berroa, of H Street in Charleston, was jailed at the Charleston County jail Monday morning and faces one count each of attempted murder and armed robbery.
Police responded around 9:30 p.m. to Grimsley Hall at The Citadel after campus public safety officials discovered a shooting victim in the building, Charleston Police Department spokesman Charles Francis said. He was transported to Medical University Hospital with a gunshot wound to his neck and later underwent surgery, authorities said.
An affidavit states the victim met Berroa at the park's Cleveland Street gazebo for a prearranged date. The two had been in the gazebo for about 10 minutes when the victim said two males wearing face masks approached. He told police one of the unknown males pointed a gun to his head and asked, "Where's the (expletive)?"
The victim fell to ground after being shot. The males went through his pockets and stole his wallet, cellphone and car keys, according to the affidavits. He said he heard Berroa ask, "Did you get the stuff" and "Did you kill him?"
"The defendant was complicit when acting in concert with the two assailants' actions when the victim was shot and left at the scene," police wrote in the affidavit.
The masked suspects dragged the victim by his legs before leaving the park. His car was located the next morning at Rodgers Alley and St. Philip Street.

Authorities said the injured man is not a Citadel cadet.
post and courier 

Intoxicated man assaults officer at sports bar, bites security officer privateofficer.com

 Emigdio Gallardo

Odessa TX Dec 12 2017 Odessa police arrested a 32-year-old man who is accused of assaulting a police officer, taking away his pepper spray and also biting a security guard while resisting arrest at a bar early Sunday morning.
Police said Emigdio Gallardo was trying to fight another patron of Halftime Grill & Cantina at about 1:56 a.m. Sunday, where Cpl. Shawn Allafchian was working an off-duty security detail. Allafchian reportedly called for police backup.
Officers reported they arrived at the bar, at 2120 Andrews Highway, and saw Allafchian and two security guards trying to detain the 325-pound man. “At one point he reached for Cpl. Allafchian’s crotch and squeezed causing intense pain” to the policeman, one of the responding officers reported.
Then, police say, Gallardo bit a security guard on the hand, drawing blood. Officers also reported that Gallardo yanked Allafchian’s pepper spray from his duty belt. Police reported using a Taser on Gallardo, but it was not successful in subduing him.
Gallardo was arrested on misdemeanor charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest, along with felony counts of assaulting a public servant, assaulting a security officer and attempting to disarm an officer of a weapon.

He was listed as being held Monday at the Ector County Detention Center on bonds totaling more than $46,500.

Liberty Ohio police charge shoplifter with robbery after assaulting security officer privateofficer.com

James Blackmon, charged with robbery in Liberty.

LIBERTY, Ohio Dec 12 2017 – A Cleveland man is facing charges after a security guard at the Liberty Giant Eagle reported that he tried stealing cigarettes and then pushed him as he tried to run away.
Police said around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, a customer reported suspicious activity by a man at the grocery store. The customer told a security guard that a man grabbed four cartons of cigarettes after reaching over the front service desk counter and then put those cigarettes into his pockets.
As he was leaving the store, the security guard stopped the suspect, identified as 60-year-old James Blackmon, Jr. Police said the security guard said, “You have something in your jacket,” at which time Blackmon handed him two cartons of cigarettes.
The security guard then detained Blackmon to call police.
He reported that Blackmon then began swinging his arms and that he pushed him. He said Blackmon ran toward the doors, knocking over two display stands and several shopping baskets in the process.
Blackmon was stopped by a man near the front door who identified himself as an off-duty police officer. Blackmon was detained until officers arrived.

Blackmon was arrested on two warrants and charged with robbery.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Las Vegas NV Dec 11 2017 Activate satellite view in Google Maps and head to the Las Vegas strip, and you'll see it: a strange smattering of Y-shaped buildings. Mandalay Bay. Monte Carlo. Treasure Island. The Mirage. Their blueprints put gambling at the center of everything, funneling visitors past slot machines and card tables whether they're en- route to a show, their room, a restaurant, or a retail shop. For years, the casino floor was where Vegas resorts made most of their money, and the Y was devilishly good at monetizing it.
The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino was the first megacasino to feature the design—a bit of trivia that Mark Waltrip, Westgate Resort's chief operating officer, relays with a mixture of pride and irony. Y-shaped buildings have their issues, after all.
For one thing, gambling isn't the moneymaker it used to be; revenues from other extravagances—hotels, food, booze, shopping—outstripped gaming in the late '80s.
For another: Y-shaped buildings pose a unique security challenge. "The bulk of your guests are in this highly concentrated area, just lingering," Waltrip says. Ensuring their safety— and the safety of the resort's assets—requires more than a few cameras and guards.
That fact has prompted Westgate to be an early adopter of not just architectural features but surveillance tactics. And it's why, this week, the resort began testing a discreet weapon-sensing device called the Patscan Cognitive Microwave Radar. Marketed by Canadian security outfit PatriotOne, the Patscan CMR combines short-range radar with machine learning algorithms to scan individual guests for guns, knives, and bombs in real time—without forcing them to line up and walk through metal detectors.
And unlike the giant, whole-body scanners you see in places like airports, Patscan units are small enough to hide inside existing infrastructure, from walls and doorways to turnstiles and elevator banks. Most people will never realize they're there—and that's exactly how Westgate wants it.
Creepy? Sure. But a system like PatriotOne's could be the ideal security solution for a destination like Las Vegas, where resorts find themselves in the unenviable position of ensuring the safety of their guests, while also stoking an ambiance of freedom, excess, and—as the city so famously advertises—unaccountability.
"People come to Vegas because it's the fun capital of the world. They're there to let loose, rock and roll, and do things they'd never do," Waltrip says. "If they show up at their resort and they have to line up for metal detectors, or get wanded down, or walk through a gauntlet of security guards carrying rifles and pistols—that's not going make them feel comfortable. It's going to ruin their experience." From an atmospheric standpoint, an overt security presence is the opposite of excitement, impunity, and dubious deeds. It's a 10 o'clock curfew. It's the chaperones at prom.
That's not to say venues in Vegas don't take safety seriously. On the contrary, most have no qualms prioritizing it over local laws. Nevada is an open-carry state, and with a permit it's perfectly legal to hide a weapon on or near your person. Yet most resorts don't allow guns on their premises. "I believe in people's right to bear arms," Waltrip says. "I have a concealed carry permit myself. But, you know, on our properties, we want to maintain a safe environment, and we don't need guests bringing weapons on site. We really don't want that kind of surprise."

But surprises do happen—sometimes with violent consequences. When authorities searched the hotel room of Mandalay Bay gunman Stephen Paddock earlier this year, they found 23 firearms. For Vegas resorts and casinos, screening for concealed weapons has become more critical than ever, but most would prefer to do it without metal detectors, wands, pat-downs, and other buzzkill tactics.
That's where Patscan comes in. Each radar unit consists of a service box and two antennae (the combined footprint is about the size of a movie poster). The first antenna emits 1,000 pulses of electromagnetic radiation per second, at frequencies between 500 MHz and 5 Ghz. Yes, that frequency range makes these microwaves, and no, they're not going to cook anybody; to keep them from interfering with cell phones and GPS devices, Patscans generate a very weak signal. That also limits their detection range to about two meters.
The second antenna monitors for electromagnetic patterns inside that two-meter range. When you hit an object with electromagnetic radiation, it resonates according to its shape and material composition, not unlike a bell or a guitar string. Pistols, grenades, rifles, knives, machetes, machine guns, pressure-cooker bombs—they all resonate in the frequency range that Patscan emits.
But lots of other things do, too, from luggage and clothing to prosthetics and laptops. Fortunately, everything resonates differently. "We call it an object's radar signature," says electrical engineer Natalia Nikolova, director of McMaster University's Electromagnetic Vision Research Laboratory. Nikolova has worked on concealed weapon detection for years, but says electronics have only recently become small enough to create something as compact as Patscan, which is based on her research.
PatriotOne maintains a growing database of known radar signatures, which Patscan's onboard computer uses to distinguish weapons from benign objects and notify security personnel. "The best analogy is antivirus software," says PatriotOne CEO Martin Cronin. "You get it out of the box and it's equipped with a set of signatures. But it’s constantly checking the database for new ones." Cronin says that, in time, machine learning algorithms will also allow Patscan devices like the ones at Westgate to improve with use, by learning to separate the normal signatures of their immediate environments from abnormal ones.
For a place like Westgate Las Vegas, those environments could eventually include entry and exit points, registration desks, baggage check, parking garages, elevators, and other high-traffic areas. So-called choke points—areas within the resort that 100 percent of guests will traverse at some point during their visit—are of particular interest to Westgate security. "Right now, we’re looking at four or five where a Patscan unit could be very viable,” says Tim Cook, the resort's head of security operations.
For now, though, Westgate's security personnel and a team of PatriotOne engineers will test Patscan devices at the resort's employee entrance before putting them through their paces throughout the premises. "It'll be a rolling process," Cronin says, adding that the next six months will be all about training, testing, and evaluating the system's performance. "We may well see broader implementation before the second half of the 2018, but we want to be conservative about it so the tech is really robust for a broader launch."

And what better proving ground than Las Vegas? Yes, the city's appetite for vice is ample. "We have the great advantage here," Cronin says, "of having access to a lot of weapons we can't get anywhere else." But so, too, is its incentive to surveil in secret.
Source: WIRED

Nashville Security Officers Return Gunfire Killing Man privateofficer.com

NASHVILLE, TN Dec 11 2017
For the second time this year, a man was shot and killed outside the Cloud IX hookah lounge on Gallatin Pike.
In this incident, security officers shot and killed an aggressive armed man who shot at them first.
According to police, a man later identified as Jason McClain, 30 is reported to have engaged in a verbal argument outside the hookah bar. 
When McClain was asked to leave, he refused, and security escorted him out of the lounge. That's when McClain allegedly retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and shot at the security guards.
Police responded to a 911 call about shots fired Sunday around 12:45 a.m. They found McClain in the rear parking lot of the lounge suffering from a gunshot wound.
When Nashville Fire Department arrived, they pronounced McClain at the scene.
Nashville metro police say that the security officers returned fire, fatally wounding McClain. 
No charges have been levied against the security guards, but an investigation is underway.
Police added that a second gunshot wound victim arrived to Southern Hills Hospital about two hours later, but it is unknown at this time if the two shootings are related

Birmingham firefighter accused in 2nd city of showing genitals photo to young girl privateofficer.com

Birmingham AL Dec 11 2017 A Birmingham firefighter arrested in Hoover Wednesday after police say he showed obscene photos to four different females, two of them under the age of 10, is now charged with another crime in Midfield.
Kevin Dewayne Turpin, 41, was released from the Hoover City Jail Wednesday night and was taken into custody by Midfield police. The firefighter, who served Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service for several years at Station 3, has now left his job.
In Midfield, Turpin is charged with indecent exposure. The incident happened in 2014 at a Midfield doughnut shop where a 10-year-old girl was visiting with her grandmother while her mother was at work. According to the girl's mother, the suspect - now identified as Turpin - walked in and out of the shop's bathroom multiple times before showing the girl a picture of his penis on his cell phone and asked her, "Do you like what you see?"
"It was a terrifying thing for her to experience,'' the mother told AL.com Thursday. "She was reliving it all last night."
The mother said she immediately notified police three years ago, filed a report and signed the misdemeanor warrant against him. She said she doesn't know why it took three years to arrest him. "This all could have been avoided,'' she said of the more recent Hoover incidents.
In Hoover, authorities said they were notified of the incident on Nov. 14. The allegations, said Lt. Keith Czeskleba, are that Turpin approached the two young girls in the parking lot of Dollar General on Tyler Road. They were sitting in a vehicle when the suspect approached the window with his cell phone in his hand.
The girls told police the man showed them an obscene photograph and then left the area. Hoover police did not elaborate on the photo's content.
Hoover's Special Victims Unit began an investigation and learned that two adult females had also been approached by the man - later identified as Turpin - while they were inside Dollar Store. In those cases, Czeskleba said, the approached the victims and showed them an obscene picture on his phone.
Investigators were able to identify Turpin as the suspect. On Wednesday, they obtained four warrants charging him with four counts of disseminating obscene material - all misdemeanors.

Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Chief Charles Gordon confirmed that Turpin resigned from the department Thursday morning.

Inmate sues sheriff after gouging his own eyes privateofficer.com

While Ryan Partridge was an inmate at the Boulder County Jail, is suing the sheriff because he holds jail staff responsible for a psychotic episode in which he gouged his own eyes, leaving him blind. (Source: KMGH/CNN/Partridge family)

BOULDER, CO Dec 11 2017- A sheriff is facing a lawsuit from a former inmate who said he blinded himself during a psychotic episode in his cell. Ryan Partridge filed the lawsuit in federal court Friday, saying the injuries he suffered in the Boulder County Jail should not have happened.
Shelley Partridge says her son, who suffers from schizophrenia, had a psychotic episode late last year while serving time in the jail.
“I was told that he would be kept safe,” she said.
At one point, Ryan Partridge jumped from second-tier cells in the jail down to the floor below.
“I fell over and somersaulted onto my back,” he said.
He refused medication because he didn’t trust the staff. He thought they might be trying to poison him. He said he couldn’t bathe, shave or clip his fingernails.
Four weeks later, he said, “I walked around in my cell and I started getting overly hyper and ultimately I undressed and sat down and put my fingers in my eyes.”
He gouged his eyes and is now blind.
Richard Partridge remembers his son being re-sentenced for misdemeanor harassment after he had just served 181 days.
“As soon as he left the courtroom, we could hear the yelling and the scream after the doors were closed,” he said. “And it was the last time Ryan had eyesight to see me.”
Richard Partridge said he understands that a jailer’s job is tough, that they see the worst in humanity. But he also believes that the jail’s staff isn’t being properly trained on how to deal with inmates who have mental issues, and that some of them are bullies.
“If you can’t take the heat, then maybe you should find a different occupation,” the father said.

The sheriff’s office said that deputies and mental health professionals went above and beyond to assist Partridge in jail. The lawsuit is asking for compensation and punitive damages.

Alleged makeup thieves behind bars after pepper spray attack at Walmart privateofficer.com

Image result for Joshlyn Dasha Robinson arrested

SPRING, Texas Dec 11 2017 -- Two women accused of using pepper spray to steal $400 worth of makeup from a Montgomery County Walmart store are now behind bars.
We told you on Eyewitness News how the pair allegedly used the spray to get away when they were approached by a manager at the store on Riley Fuzzel Road on November 22.
Captain Dan Zientek with the Precinct 3 Constable's Office says two women have been arrested after our story aired this week.
Joshlyn Dasha Robinson, 19, and Maria Le Ann Inman, 20, both of Spring, are charged with aggravated robbery.
Deputies said the pair attacked at least two people with pepper spray.
A shopper we spoke with, Lindsay Slott, also told Eyewitness News a number of children were also sickened from inhaling the spray.
"They did spray the manager," said Captain Zientek. "However along their way to the exit, they just started spraying customers including an elderly 73-year-old."
Both women are in the Montgomery County jail on a $50,000 bond.


Former Atlanta cop guilty in breaking man's leg over a tomato privateofficer.com


ATLANTA GA Dec 11 2017  - A federal jury has convicted a former Atlanta Police Department sergeant after he violently arrested and broke the leg of a shopper he suspected of shoplifting a single tomato.
According to U.S. Attorney Byung Pak and the evidence presented during the trial, Stockbridge resident Trevor King had been working off-duty as a security officer at a downtown Atlanta Walmart in October 2014 when he saw the victim weigh a tomato.
As the victim began walking toward the store's exit, King stopped him and quickly began to hit him with his baton, breaking two of the victim's bones in his right leg.
After searching the man, who was on the floor of the Walmart bleeding, King found a receipt showing that he paid for the tomato, the Department of Justice said. He then wrote up a false report as cover for the assault and charged the victim with assaulting a police officer and obstructing his investigation.
“This defendant violated the law and his oath as a police officer when he unjustifiably beat a man with a baton, breaking the man’s leg, because he wrongly believed that the man had stolen a tomato,"  said Acting Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Department. "The Department of Justice will continue to protect all citizens from violations of their constitutional right to safety and security.”
The victim was transported to Grady Hospital for emergency surgery and then to Fulton County Jail due to King's charges. The man later had all his charges dismissed by a state prosecutor.

King has been convicted of using unreasonable force and writing a false incident report.

Suspect injected teenager with drugs outside NM casino privateofficer.com

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Dec 11 2017 — Police arrested a man after they say he shot up a 16-year-old with drugs Saturday morning in the Sandia Resort & Casino parking lot.
Antonio Dominguez, 30, is charged with felony child abuse.
A patrolman with the Sandia Pueblo Police Department responded to the casino parking lot after a security camera caught a man injecting a girl with drugs, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court.
When they arrived, police say they found Dominguez in a car with the girl.
The girl told police she asked Dominguez to shoot her up but, when he did, “it burned” and “she got scared.”
Police say officers found syringes and a burnt spoon in the car. They also found a loaded firearm under Dominguez’s seat.

The complaint did not detail what kind of drugs were being injected or the suspect’s relation to the teen.
Albuquerque Journal

Kentucky constable charged with helping inmate escape privateofficer.com

GREENVILLE, Ky.  Dec 11 2017 Authorities say a Kentucky constable has been charged with helping a jail inmate escape from custody.
Kentucky State Police say Muhlenberg County Constable Willie Parker was arrested Friday on charges of bribery of a public servant and escape by complicity.
Police said Greenville inmate Anthony White escaped while being transported by Parker from the Muhlenberg County Court House to the Muhlenberg County Detention Center in June.
Investigators said Parker agreed to accept a bribe from Kelly Dooley, the inmate's girlfriend, to help in White's escape. 

White and Dooley have been indicted on the same charges as Parker. Both were in jail at the time of their indictments. Jail records do not show if they or Parker have lawyers.
AP Wire

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Line of Duty Death Police Officer Eric Chapman

Johnston Police Department, South Carolina

Police Officer Eric Chapman
Johnston Police Department, South Carolina
End of Watch: Friday, December 8, 2017

Bio & Incident Details
Age: 30
Tour: 2 years, 5 months
Military veteran
Cause: Automobile crash

Police Officer Eric Chapman was killed in a single vehicle crash on Columbia Road, between Star Road and JET Middle School, at approximately 10:30 pm.
Officer Chapman was responding to back-up another officer who was dealing with an armed individual when his vehicle hydroplaned. He was ejected from his vehicle as it overturned multiple times. He was transported to Augusta University Trauma Unit where he was pronounced dead shortly before midnight.
Officer Chapman was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had served with the Johnston Police Department for 2-1/2 years. He is survived by his wife, one child, and several stepchildren.

Please contact the following agency to send condolences or to obtain funeral arrangements:

Police Chief Lamaz Robinson
Johnston Police Department
500 Mims Avenue
Johnston, SC 29832
Phone: (803) 275-2488

Gateway Jewelry Exchange guard fires gun in dispute privateofficer.com

Gateway Jewelry Exchange in North Patchogue, where

Patchogue, NY Dec 10 2017 An armed security guard employed at a North Patchogue jewelry store was arrested Friday evening and charged with first-degree reckless endangerment after firing a round during a dispute, Suffolk County police said.
Zahid Raja, 37, of Selden, fired his handgun at 5 p.m. on the premises of the store, Gateway Jewelry Exchange, at 499-13 Sunrise Hwy. North Service Rd.
Raja was intervening in an altercation between a store clerk and a customer over a business transaction, police said. There were no injuries.
Raja is licensed to carry the weapon, according to police.
He was arraigned on Saturday at First District Court in Central Islip.
Raja was released after paying bail of $2,000 cash, according to court records.
His attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Police said the investigation is continuing. Additional details were not available on Saturday.

Houston bounty hunter and girlfriend indicted for international sex trafficking privateofficer.com

Luis De Jesus Rodriguez, 26, known professionally by the nickname Htown Hunter, and his girlfriend, Helen Leon Mesa, 28, are to appear before a U.S. Magistrate on Monday, facing allegations of international sex trafficking. Photo: Courtesy Of FOX 26

Houston TX Dec 10 2017 A Houston bounty hunter and his girlfriend have been arrested on allegations they ran an international sex trafficking network that solicited women from South America and forced them into commercial sex, according to a U.S. Department of Justice press release.
Luis De Jesus Rodriguez, 26, known professionally by the nickname Htown Hunter, and his girlfriend, Helen Leon Mesa, 28, were indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury are are set to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dena Palermo on Monday.
A third person charged in the case is being sought and has not been identified by Justice Department officials.
Rodriguez, who runs a business as bail bondsman and bounty hunter, previously had criminal charges against him dismissed by state prosecutors on allegations he'd been one of the masked men involved in a strong arm robbery in a game room in southeast Houston. His attorney, Christopher Downey, said he presented affirmative evidence that Rodriguez was not involved and his record was cleared.
According to court documents, the criminal scheme recruited young women in Colombia and the United States. Investigators say Rodriguez and Mesa told the women they could work as dancers at a Houston nightclub. They told the women Rodriguez was a bounty hunter and worked in law enforcement.

But once the victims arrived in the U.S., Rodriguez and Mesa put them to work a Houston strip club and compelled them to pay back the debt they charged for finding them employment, which ranged from $13,200 to $25,000.  The women had to pay about $250 each day towards their debt and the traffickers threatened them and their families if they didn't pay. They monitored the women's movements and cellphones and forced them into engage in commercial sex acts, according to the indictment.
Houston Chronicle

Chairwoman and President of Birmingham Water Works Board has been charged with embezzlement privateofficer.com

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Birmingham AL Dec 10 2017 The chairwoman and president of the Birmingham Water Works Board has been charged with embezzlement.
Sherry W. Lewis was booked Wednesday afternoon into the Jefferson County Jail with a $30,000 bond.
Jail records list embezzlement as the charge, but no further details are available at this time. More details will be added to this story as they are confirmed.
In a statement, an attorney for Lewis said she is innocent of the charges and said the grand jury has heard only one side of the evidence.
"Sherry looks forward to her day in court and expects to be acquitted of all charges by a jury of her peers in a trial where she will have the right to confront the prosecution's evidence," the statement read.

Lewis' indictment comes after months of speculation about an ongoing special grand jury focused on public corruption in metro Birmingham.

Bouncer sentenced to 35 years for beating Moses Malone Jr. privateofficer.com

Darian Blount, 39, is wanted by police for the June 25, 2016 assault and robber of Moses Malone Jr. Photo: Texas Department Of Public Safety

Harris County TX Dec 10 2017 A bouncer at an after-hours club was sentenced late Thursday to 35 years in prison for inciting the beating of Moses Malone Jr. last year because of a Facebook post about basketball star James Harden.
Darian Blount, 40, was convicted of aggravated robbery after confronting the son of NBA legend Moses Malone with a group of people outside V Live, a near-westside strip club that operated between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. V Live has since closed.
Harris County jurors earlier on Thursday convicted him of the first-degree felony. They then worked past 7 p.m. to determine punishment. He was
Because Malone's jewelry was taken, and some people in the crowd had guns, prosecutors charged Blount with armed robbery. He was convicted under the state's "law of parties," which assigns everyone connected to crime with the same culpability. In other cases, prosecutors have used the law to charge getaway drivers or other conspirators with the same crime that a masked gunman would face.
The jury agreed that at least one handgun was involved in the crime, so he will have to serve at least half of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.
Malone arrived at the club in the 6200 block of Richmond about 2:30 a.m. on June 25, 2016, and was confronted outside by Blount and a crowd of people.
Testimony showed that Blount apparently told Malone he disrespected Harden and needed to be punished. He then shouted, "Get 'em!"
People in the crowd, some with handguns, began beating Malone and took his iPhone, and jewelry valued at $50,000, including diamond earrings that were ripped out of Malone's ears.
He also lost two David Yurman pendant chains worth $20,000 each.
After the beating, Malone identified Blount, who was known as "Blunt" and two other men who were all arrested on a felony charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. The cases against Kavon Boutte, 27, and Oscar Wattell, 26, are pending.
Blount's attorney, Clint Davidson, argued that his client broke up the fight.
Prosecutors Britni Cooper and Lauren Reeder told jurors that Blount initiated the fight because he wanted to show basketball superstar Harden that he "had his back."
Harden was a frequent visitor of the club, police testified, and stars like singer Rihanna, boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper Wiz Khalifa had been spotted there. The night before the attack, the singer Drake was at the club, according to one witness.
Blount has a long criminal history beginning with arrests for marijuana in 1997. Since then, he has been arrested and pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and cocaine in several cases.

Malone is the son of former Rockets center Moses Malone who was a three-time NBA MVP. The Hall of Famer died in September 2015.

'I’ll smoke you, security guard.' Shout precedes gunfire at McKeesport housing complex privateofficer.com

Dailan Smith.

McKeesport PA Dec 10 2017 A 17-year-old Duquesne boy and a 26-year-old McKeesport man were arrested late Thursday night on charges of firing shots at a security officer in an apartment complex in McKeesport.
Dailan Smith, 26, and Jahi Rox, 17, both face attempted homicide, assault and firearms charges, according to court records.
The security officer, identified in a criminal complaint as Ronald Fialkovich, said he was standing in a parking lot in the Hi View Gardens apartment complex in the 700 block of Sixth Street when a vehicle drove by.
Someone inside the vehicle shouted, “I’ll smoke you, security guard,” Mr. Fialkovich told McKeesport police, and then fired six shots in his direction.
Mr. Fialkovich was not wounded.
McKeesport police saw a vehicle that matched the vehicle Mr. Fialkovich described over the radio as it drove away from the apartment complex, according to court records.
A McKeesport detective tried to pull the vehicle over and a pursuit ensued, according to a criminal complaint. The driver eventually crashed into a storm drain at the corner of Walnut Street and 25th Street, a criminal complaint said, at which point the two people inside the car — identified as Smith and Mr. Rox — surrendered.
McKeesport police found a .45 caliber handgun, still hot, under the driver’s seat and partially in view, according to a complaint.
The firearm had been stolen from Pittsburgh, according to a complaint.
Smith and Mr. Rox are scheduled to appear for preliminary hearings in City Court, Downtown, on Dec. 20.

Both are in custody in the Allegheny County Jail after they were unable to make bond.
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West Salem man arrested after allegedly masturbating in front of girl on city bus privateofficer.com


Salem OR Dec 10 2017
A West Salem man was arrested Thursday on suspicion of masturbating in front of a 12-year-old girl on a Cherriots city bus.
It was Richard Joseph Wilson's third time being arrested on public indecency charges in the past four months.
According to a probable cause statement, the girl was riding the bus from Wallace Road NW to the transit mall downtown on Nov. 30 when a man, later identified as Wilson, 40, boarded to bus and sat across from her.
She told police she noticed Wilson was staring at her. When she looked back, she saw he was stroking his exposed, erected penis.
The girl said she looked out the window and tried to ignore Wilson. Once the bus stopped, Wilson zipped up his pants, and the girl hurried off the bus.

She went home and told her mother, who then contacted Cherriots security about the incident. Security personnel reported the sex offense to Salem police.
While reviewing surveillance footage of the bus, a Salem officer noticed a man, whose lower body was blocked by a seat, watching the girl and moving his arms just outside of the camera's view. When the victim exited the bus, the man was seen standing up and touching his groin.
Using a photo taken from the surveillance footage, the officer issued a department-wide attempt to locate memo. Two other officers later contacted him and identified the man as Wilson, a suspect in two other public indecency incidents earlier this year.
In August, a woman walking with her 8-year-old daughter along Senate Street in West Salem spotted Wilson sitting in a white SUV with his phone and masturbating.
When she hit the window of Wilson's car and told him he needed to leave, he grabbed the gear shift, threw the SUV into reverse and sped off, according to court records.
The woman told police Wilson reversed at least 100 feet down the street until he struck a curb, which ricocheted his SUV into a parked car. The impact was so severe, it spun Wilson's vehicle around.
Even though he had at least two flat tires, Wilson drove away from the scene.
After the woman contacted police, officers realized the man's and vehicle's description matched another indecent exposure incident reported in the area in July. Using the license plate number from the earlier case, police traced the vehicle to Wilson's home on Glen Creek Road NW. 
Officers found a damaged, white SUV parked in front of his home. Wilson told police he parked on Senate Street but denied masturbating. He said the witnesses were lying about him exposing himself. He admitted to hitting the curb, adding that he thought he hit trash cans, not a car.
Wilson was arrested and charged with two counts of public indecency and hit-and-run. He was released from jail on Aug. 31 and order to only use his vehicle if driving to work or driving with a "responsible adult."
Wilson was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse in 1996 for an incident involving a girl under the age of 14. He was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and required to register as a sex offender.
Following his arrest Thursday, Wilson was taken to Polk County jail and held on $75,000 bail.
His next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 14.

Two security officers at Von's in San Diego stabbed by shoplifter privateofficer.com

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SAN DIEGO, CA Dec 10 2017  -- A shoplifting suspect injured two grocery store security guards in a knife attack when he was confronted at a Von's in San Diego, police said Saturday. The attack occurred at 8:27 p.m. Friday at 3561 Midway Drive, said San Diego police Sgt. J. Wells.
The suspect was confronted by security as he was exiting the store and a fight ensued, according to Wells.
The suspect pulled out a knife and cut one security officer's finger and stabbed another guard in a leg, Wells said. The suspect was detained by citizens until police arrived, he added.

The suspect was taken into custody and the security officers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.