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LODD: Sergeant Craig Hutchison:

Sergeant Craig Hutchison | Travis County Sheriff's Office, Texas

Sergeant Craig Hutchison
Travis County Sheriff's Office, Texas
End of Watch: Monday, July 25, 2016

Bio & Incident Details
Tour: 32 years
Cause: Gunfire
Offender: At large

Sergeant Craig Hutchison was shot and killed when he interrupted a burglary in progress as he arrived home, in Round Rock, at the end of his shift at approximately 1:20 am.
Sergeant Hutchison, who was still in uniform, contacted dispatchers via radio and reported that several subjects were running out of his backyard. Responding deputies located Deputy Hutchison suffering from fatal gunshots in the yard as they arrived approximately 10 minutes later.
 The subjects fled the area and remain at large.
 Sergeant Hutchison had served with the Travis County Sheriff's Office for 32 years and was scheduled to retire in two months. He is survived by his wife.

Please contact the following agency to send condolences or to obtain funeral arrangements:
Sheriff Greg Hamilton
Travis County Sheriff's Office
509 West 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 854-9770

16 Injured-2 Dead in Fort Myers nightclub shooting

FORT MYERS, Fla. July 25 2016– Two people are dead and four remain hospitalized with serious injuries after a shooting at a local nightclub early Monday morning.
The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. at Club Blu located at 3580 Evans Ave. The gunman injured at least 16 people, four of whom had very serious injuries. The victims were as young as 12 years old, Cherly Garn of Lee Memorial Health System said. One of them died in the hospital.
Three remaining patients are still in the hospital. One is in fair condition. Two are in intensive care: one is in critical condition and the other in serious.
Two suspects were detained before 5:30 a.m. on Ortiz Avenue between Luckett and Ballard roads, Capt. Jim Mulligan of the Fort Myers Police Department said, bringing the total number of people known to be in custody to three.
There were at least two other active scenes as authorities searched for suspects and other persons of interest. The second was on the 2500 block of Parkway Street where a house and cars were shot at.
The other crime scene is Club Blu. One attendee said the gunshots rang out outside as she hid under a table inside the nightclub, which was hosting a teen party.
“Everyone tried to run and duck for cover. I’m sorry I’m so shaken up,” she wrote via Facebook.
FMPD confirms that the shooting occurred in Club Blu’s parking lot.
Witnesses describe the moments outside the club as a “mad house.” People poured out of the nightclub, a witness said. One woman who lives two blocks from Club Blu said she heard about 30 gunshots from what she believes to have been multiple guns.
When she arrived, people were crying and screaming as others were being carried away in ambulances to Lee Memorial and other area hospitals.
“It was unbelievable,” she wrote via Facebook.
The victims have not yet been identified by authorities. FMPD is unsure exactly how many people were injured as some people were not transported to hospitals by ambulance.
“The numbers, they’re sort of fluctuating. We have multiple hospitals calling in. We’re trying to confirm. So, 15 to 17. We do have two confirmed dead,” Capt. Mulligan said.
The level of injuries to victims vary, Capt. Mulligan said.
“Officers arrived on scene. Found multiple people suffering from various levels of gunshot wounds. EMS was called, multiple units responded. Helped triage transport multiple people from the scene,” he said.
One man said a close friend was at the club at the time of the shooting.
“I called and couldn’t get a hold of them, I rushed to Blu scared when I arrived I got one of them and he said that the shooter took of and the cops where chasing him,” he wrote via Facebook.
He said he was struck by the large number of people desperately calling out the names of their loved ones outside the club.
“It was a mad house people were running everywhere. All people were saying was their friends’ names to see if they’re okay — a lot of phone calls to parents,” he wrote. “But it was one of the scariest sights to just see people come pouring out like that.”

This witness then rushed to the hospital, where he said as many as 75 other people were waiting, just hoping to hear that their loved one was going to make it.

Tulsa turns to private security force to lower crime

TULSA OK July 25 2016  - After the double homicide last month in Chamberlain Park, community leaders started planning for ways private security could help police patrol high crime areas in North Tulsa.
State Senator Kevin Matthews (D) reached out to Dean Finley, owner of North Star Security. Finley grew up just blocks from Chamberlain Park and said his armed guards are stationed at many businesses throughout the North Tulsa area. He said right now, guards make unscheduled patrols but he, Matthews and local organizations are creating plans and raising funds for more scheduled patrols.
"I sympathize with police. I see the situation they are in," Finley said.
The double homicide in June at Chamberlain Park was disturbing to the community. Meshawna Jones and Markey Goff were shot and killed in an SUV. Young children were left with bodies for hours before they were discovered. Though a suspect has been arrested in connection with the deaths, it was those murders that sparked action from community leaders.
"[People] tell us before they call the police themselves. That's one thing when you are in security, a lot of people don't want to call the police themselves," Finley said.
Finely said many of his officers are from the same streets they now patrol. Guards like Damian Brown, who served in the military before returning to Tulsa.
"We don't run in to too many problems. We are more or less a deterrent," Brown said.
"I think when you have people that are raised here, we have an interest. We have a vested interest in what's going on in this community," Finley said.
Finley said they are a deterrent to crime, but not a replacement for police. Finley is quick to point out– they work hand and hand with officers.
"I tell my guys, 'If there is a crime being committed, you are going to call the police,'" he said.
In fact, Finley said his guards are often witnesses to crimes– even testifying in court. He said often his armed guards are monitoring crimes and acting as an extra set of eyes for police, while hoping to add to peace of mind for the community.
"It makes people feel a little bit safer. We believe just being there at least they can come say, 'Hey, this is my issue this is happening assist us can you assist us?" he said.
State senator Matthews is working with North Star to set up those patrol schedules. They hope to announce a start date for them soon.


Protesters march through Mayfair Mall, block traffic

WAUWATOSA, Wis. July 25 2016 —Demonstrators arrived at Mayfair Mall Saturday afternoon and marched through the shopping center's hallways to protest the June shooting death of Jay Anderson by a Wauwatosa police officer.
Demonstrators marched Tuesday evening against traffic south along Mayfair Road, entered Mayfair Mall, and protested inside the second story of the mall. At Red Arrow Park, a separate group of protesters gathered.
Some stores closed temporarily while the some two dozen protesters, mostly friends and family of Anderson, made their way through. They were demanding more answers after family was allowed to see 20 seconds of video leading up to Anderson's death.
"The family wants the whole video, from the time he approached the park, to the time he left," Starkeisha Delarosa, Anderson's fiance, explained. "Until the both time he claims he woke Jay Anderson up, we want it all. Until then, there won't be peace. I will protest every day to get justice for both of my kids."
The demonstrators soon left the mall and stood in the street, at Highway 100 and North Avenue, and blocked traffic. Police squad cars could be seen nearby.
It was the third time demonstrators have walked through the mall in the past month.

A July 8 protest over the killing of Anderson, 25, by a Wauwatosa police officer in Madison Park eventually led to Mayfair Mall. Another protest by a separate group, Blackout United, rallied over Anderson's death at the mall July 12. Both protests led to the temporary shutdown of several stores.

Off-duty security officer springs into action

PHOENIX AZ July 25 2016–An off-duty security officer driving down a road sprang into action after being flagged down by a woman reporting a kidnapping in progress.
After getting off the light rail, the night turned to chaos after she says a man tried to grab her 7-year-old daughter.
Boone and her husband were able to keep the man away from their daughter, but they needed help and that’s when she flagged down a passing security guard.
"A woman who saw my patrol vehicle was jumping up and down and waving at me. I drove up and asked her if she needed help and she said 'Yes, someone tried to steal my kid,'" said Security officer Casey Smith.
Smith says he was off-duty but that he wanted to help the Boones.
He confronted the man and tried to him down and keep him in the area until police could arrived but things turned violent, and the man tried to fight him. So Smith, who says he weighs at least 300 pounds, got him on the ground and held him until help got there.
"I just rolled the person over and then sat on them. Literally just jumped on his back and sat there holding his hands behind him until the police arrived," said Smith.
Officers told him the guy may have gotten away if he hadn't intervened.
"I would want someone to do the same thing for me. This day and age everything is so volatile. People are getting taken from different states and everything else and it's just really hard not to help people," said Smith.
The suspect now faces a charge of misdemeanor assault for pushing the husband. But detectives told Boone he's not facing attempted kidnapping charges because he didn't touch their daughter.
The man is not in jail. Phoenix police were not able to provide an update on the case Saturday night.

A local Phoenix news station has reported that the man has been arrested 54 times, mostly for public intoxication, drinking in public and assault.

Kingman AZ. man confesses to murder to casino security staff

KINGMAN, Ariz. July 25 2016- Mohave County Sheriff's detectives arrested Richard J. Polaski, 62, in connection to a homicide that occurred in Kingman, Arizona.
According to a media release, Polaski was contacted by casino security and Metro Police during a medical emergency when he was visiting Laughlin.
Officials said during this contact, Polaski confessed to a homicide he allegedly committed in Kingman.
Polaski was taken to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in Bullhead City before he was contacted by Mohave County Sheriff's detectives and provided a statement regarding the homicide.
Polaski was arrested on July 12 at the medical center after doctors examined and released him.
Polaski was taken to the Mohave County Jail and booked on first-degree murder charges.
Detectives identified the homicide scene and served a search warrant at the location, seizing evidence.
The investigation is ongoing at this time.


Attacks raise focus on mall security

NEW YORK July 25 2016 -- Attacks such as the one in a Munich shopping mall and at a nearby McDonald's on Friday may lead mall owners to increase security or even persuade global brands to focus expansion plans on the U.S. rather than Europe, security firms and retail experts said.
Retail industry experts also said that at this point brands don't appear to be the targets -- it's just that many of them happen to be in public places that are vulnerable to attacks.
"There are lots of Starbucks and McDonald's, and they are in public places," said Trevor Wade, global marketing director at Landor, a marketing firm whose clients include BMW, FedEx and Procter & Gamble.
A gunman opened fire Friday at the Olympia shopping mall, one of Munich's largest, killing nine people and wounding at least 10. A body found near the scene was that of the shooter, and he appeared to have acted alone, officials said.
More global brands are setting their sights on the U.S. for expansion after recent attacks in Germany and France, said Faith Hope Consolo, chairman of retail leasing and marketing at Prudential Douglas Elliman. Consolo, who brokers deals with luxury brands, said her clients feel the security situation is more "under control" in the United States.
Mall security was a key topic at a convention organized by the International Council of Shopping Centers trade group in May, she said. While U.S. shoppers don't want to be subjected to metal detectors, Consolo said, overall, such attacks are likely to push mall owners to increase security measures.
"They're going to have to make [the increased security appear] under the radar," Consolo said.
After the 2013 attack at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya that killed dozens, the trade group -- which represents about one-third of retail space globally -- said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reached out to corporate security at all malls.
The council spent $2 million to develop an anti-terrorism training program after the September 2001 attacks. Many U.S. mall operators now also have evacuation drills once or twice a year that focus on lockdown situations. They're also sharing three-dimensional, virtual blueprints of their layout with law enforcement agencies.

Officials at the mall trade group couldn't immediately be reached for details Friday.

Tulsa hospital security detain sex assault suspect

Tulsa police car

Tulsa, Okla. July 25 2016 — A man is being held at the Tulsa County Jail, after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman on Saturday. 
Police say they were told by the victim that Washington Onopwy inappropriately touched her and attempted to kiss her at Hillcrest, near 12th and Utica at around 2:24 a.m.
Onopwy tried to get away, but he didn't get very far because hospital security arrived quickly.
"The subject was detained by hospital security while attempting to leave the hospital," police said. 

He was arrested on one count of sexual battery.

Trinity College campus security help make burglary arrest

HARTFORD CT July 25 2016 — A 21-year-old man broke into a Trinity College building and stole a laptop early Saturday morning, police said.
Kenneth Sanchez, of Curtiss Street, was arrested after Trinity College campus security called Hartford police to report a burglary. He was charged with burglary and larceny.
Police said Sanchez admitted to breaking into the building and stealing the computer. Police could not confirm whether Sanchez was a student or affiliated with the college.

At about 1:35 a.m., Sanchez was spotted walking through a secure, closed campus building at 300 Summit St., police said. Officers surrounded the property and a West Hartford police dog helped search the building.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tennessee Highway Patrol Named Top State Police/Highway Patrol in the Nation

NASHVILLE TN July 24 2016 - The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security and the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) wanted to share some positive news about the THP. We are proud to announce that THP was named the “First Place Winner” in Highway Patrol/State Police agency category consisting of 501-1500 troopers in the nation for 2016. Additionally, THP received two awards in “Traffic Incident Management and Technology”.
The THP recently competed in an annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Law Enforcement Challenge by presenting programs and results of public safety efforts. All law enforcement agencies in the country (local police departments, sheriff’s offices, campus police, military police and state police agencies) are invited to submit a presentation or packet detailing their public safety efforts. The THP competed in the largest state agency category which is the “mid-size department” division of state police agencies between 501 and 1500 Troopers. THP competed against all law enforcement agencies in the special awards category.
Over the last four years, THP was the only state police agency to place in the top three and has won several special awards for our Commercial Vehicle Program. “It’s an honor to receive notification on the 2016 awards to be given at the IACP International Conference in San Diego this October. This is a testament to the dedication, passion, and professionalism exhibited daily by the men and women of the THP,” Colonel Tracy Trott of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said. The THP was the only Tennessee agency recognized.
First Place - State Police Agency with 501-1500 troopers;
Winner - The Technology Special Award Category for our predictive analytics program in our TITAN Division;
Winner - The Traffic Incident Management Special Award Category based on our training program and the facility we built with the help of TDOT at our Training Center.
Trott praised his staff by recognizing their efforts that contributed to becoming recipients of the prestigious awards. “The over 850 troopers who work daily to represent our department and make our state safe are the main ingredients that combine to keep our citizens safe,” Colonel Tracy Trott said.
The Tennessee’s Integrated Traffic Analysis Network (TITAN) Division of the THP, which works to predict where serious crashes will occur so troopers can be deployed to these areas in an effort to save lives, has been an integral part THP’s success. Our Training Division works to protect and train first responders in Traffic Incident Management along with our lead instructors stressing our philosophy to protect our employees (and all first responders) by training them to deal effectively with these situations.
“I also want to thank the highest educated and best trained command staff ever assembled in the THP for their leadership in all our programs and endeavors,” Colonel Trott said. “I think we have demonstrated our abilities to lead this organization in the right direction with the opportunity given to us by Commissioner Gibbons and the Governor.” Trott continued to say that he has benefited personally from the efforts of these people and many more that support the THP.
In addition to receiving the IACP’s top award, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) notified Colonel Trott that he will receive the prestigious Martha Irwin Lifetime Achievement Award for Highway Safety at the AAMVA Annual International Conference in Williamsburg, VA in August.
Previous winners include Colonel Mike Edmonson from the Louisiana State Police, Chief John Batiste from the Washington State Patrol, and Commissioner Joe Farrow from the California Highway Patrol. Trott will accept that award on behalf of his command staff and all the troopers of the THP.
Another major accomplishment for the THP is the installation of Colonel Trott as the General Chairman in conjunction with the State and Provincial (S&P) Division of IACP this October in San Diego. Additionally Colonel Trott will serve on the Executive Board representing the issues of the S&P with the IACP. This position is recognized as the leader of all state police organizations from the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. The success as a department has led the way for Trott to be individually recognized and elected to this office.
“I am proud of THP and Colonel Trott for their continued success and accomplishments,” Commissioner Bill Gibbons said. “It is an honor for THP to be recognized on a national level for their innovativeness, expertise and professionalism. THP is truly the law enforcement leader in Tennessee and across the country.”
“This is extremely positive news about our department,” Colonel Trott said. “I also want to thank all the people of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security who support the THP.”

Via Press Release

Euless Junior High teacher arrested for impregnating 15-year-old student

EULESS TX July 24 2016-- A teacher at a HEB ISD middle school was arrested last month for sexual assault of a child, Euless police confirmed in a news release.
According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Euless Junior High teacher Cornelius Smith impregnated the 15-year-old girl.
On Friday, June 3, the girl told her parents she was pregnant and Smith had called to tell the parents he was the father. The following Monday, Smith agreed to meet the family and go with them to the Euless Police Department.
Smith was the victim's speech teacher for the 2015 school year.
Smith told police he began communicating privately with the victim through the Kik messenger app nearly every day over Christmas break of 2015, then in February 2016 he began seeing her outside of school and the relationship became physical.
The victim told an investigator that Smith would get her out of other teacher's classes to come to his classroom, where they would kiss and once had oral sex.
According to the affidavit, Smith told police he and the victim only had sex once, in May 2016 in the back of his car in the parking lot of a vacant store.
The victim told police a different story.
She told an investigator Smith came to her home on more than one occasion when her parents weren't home during spring break, and that they had consensual sex then, as well.
The victim contacted Smith on June 2 to tell him she might be pregnant, and they confirmed it with two store-bought pregnancy tests and a trip to a pregnancy center.
The girl told police Smith had told her he would "help her if she was going to have the child or have an abortion," but "he would have to take his wife and child to East Texas first," the affidavit says.
The victim's mother brought the girl's cell phone to police on June 7, and messages recently deleted off of the device corroborated her account of the relationship.
Smith surrendered himself to the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department on June 22. He is charged with sexual assault of a child, a second-degree felony.


Cedar Rapids teacher admits to sex with student

CEDAR RAPIDS IA July 24 2016
A Cedar Rapids teacher admits she has had a relationship with a high school boy.
Mary Beth Haglin, 24, is facing charges of sexual exploitation.
We were at the Linn County Sheriff's Office this morning when Haglin turned herself in.
Haglin's relationship with the 17-year-old student was going on while she was a substitute teacher at Washington High School. She claims the school found out about her relationship, telling her to keep the situation quiet.
Haglin turned herself in at the Linn County Sheriff's Office today, but contacted us last month, wanting to tell her story.
At the time of the interview, 24-year-old Haglin says she and the high school boy were still in a relationship.
"We both knew what could happen," says Haglin. "He gave me a lot of solace and comfort."
Haglin claims the school let her go, and documents shown to us by her family friend support that claim.
However, she says she was told to keep it quiet.
"They tried to keep this under their hats so that it wouldn't look bad for Washington High School," says Haglin.
She says, "speaking with us was to make the public aware of wrong doing at the school."
But now the public is also aware of the alleged wrong doing on Haglin's part.
"I do regret what took place, I did not intend for anything to get this far ever at all in my life, and so I do, you know, apologize to everybody involved for that."
After the apology, Haglin confirmed that she is sorry, however she's still in the relationship.
Haglin is at the Linn County Jail on a $65 bond.
We've reached out the Cedar Rapids School District, and they confirmed Haglin was let go from Washington High School following the investigation. But the school district says she was then re-hired within the district at an elementary school - due to a miscommunication in the substitute placement program. Haglin has ever since been removed from the program.
Here is a statement from the Cedar Rapids Community District:

Today, the District received notice that Mary Elizabeth Haglin, a former substitute teacher with the District, has been arrested by the Linn County Sherriff’s Department on an arrest warrant charging her with sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist or school employee as a result of an investigation by the Cedar Rapids Police Department.  Ms. Haglin served as a substitute employee with the District during the 2015-16 school year.  During Ms. Haglin’s employment with the District, the District became aware of allegations of an inappropriate relationship between Ms. Haglin and a student and investigated the matter.  The District, by law, is required to handle these types of investigations in a confidential manner and it did so in this instance.  Although both individuals denied the existence of an inappropriate relationship, as a result of its investigation and additional information the District received after its investigation regarding this matter, the District took the following actions: the District informed the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners of the information it had gathered; the District removed Ms. Haglin from her position at Washington High School; and the District informed Ms. Haglin that she could no longer serve as a substitute employee in the District.
Due to a miscommunication with the substitute placement system, the individual in question was placed in a substitute teaching position for a short time in an elementary setting at the end of the 2015-16 school year.  When the District was made aware of this miscommunication, the District took action to remove the substitute employee from the substitute placement system.  The District is not aware of any issues the substitute employee had while working in the elementary setting.  The District uses the SubCentral System through the Grant Wood Area Education Agency for the placement of substitute employees in the District.
Providing for the safety of the District’s students is of paramount importance to the District.  The District has and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement in its investigation and prosecution of this matter.
The age of consent in Iowa is 16-years-old, however Haglin has been charged because she was in a position of authority as a school teacher.


Clovis West teacher accused of sex crimes with a teenage girl


FRESNO, Calif July 24 2016-- A Clovis West teacher spent several hours in jail Friday, accused of sex crimes with a teenage girl.
Pete Arguijo, 40, was booked on one count of lewd acts with a minor.
Investigators say the victim is not a Clovis West student.
Detectives believe the crime happened a few months ago. So far, it appears this was a single incident.
Investigators say it does not seem to be tied to the school at all and happened away from campus.
Fresno Police say a tip Thursday led them to the Clovis West math teacher.
"He was cooperative," Sgt. Mark Hudson with the Fresno Police Department said. "Certainly, at this point, we're still doing the investigation making sure we have all the information we need to move forward with this case with the district attorney's office."
Detectives are not revealing much about the circumstances around the arrest and how Arguijo knows the teenage girl.
According to the charges, she is under 15 years old.
Students on campus Friday said they were in disbelief when they got a breaking news alert about the arrest of Arguijo.
"He is a good math teacher," senior Amit Randhawa said. "He knows his stuff, he knows how to teach and he's just he's very nice. He's just a genuine guy. He is very open, he is very friendly. If anyone ever had a problem they could come up to him and talk to him about anything they wanted. He is a good guy."
Many students even went so far as to say he was one of their favorite teachers.
Right now, detectives say there is no indication of misconduct "on the job." But even so, Arguijo has been placed on leave by Clovis Unified School District.
A spokesperson for the district said, in part, "the arrest is deeply concerning to the school and district administration and will be treated with the utmost seriousness."
Fresno Police won't even say where the alleged crime occurred. But detectives showed up to Arguijo's Fresno home Thursday with plenty to ask.
Investigators say his exposure to teenagers has prompted even more questions.

"Because he is a teacher, we want to make sure that there's no other victims at that school," Hudson said. . (KFSN)

Chicago aldermen want to deploy private security to reduce crime

Image result for private security

Chicago IL July 24 2016 After a spike in crime, two Chicago aldermen want to bring private security services to the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods to supplement what police are already doing.
Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) and Ald. Joe Moreno (1st) proposed a plan to use the taxpayer surplus Special Service Area, or SSA, funds for guards to help Chicago police patrol the Northwest Side communities. On Friday, the aldermen and 14th District Police Commander Fabian Saldana brought together dozens of residents to discuss the proposal.
"It's no different than snow removal, beautification or the other things that SSA does. I believe security is important, and it's important to augment it, not replace it," Moreno said.
Since May, 1700 crimes from battery to arson were reported in the area, but only 200 arrests have been made, according to the aldermen.
"We're trying to get a handle on that with this proposal," Hopkins said.
The proposed budget amendment would use $100,000 of the $1.2 million SSA budget, allowing for the hiring of off-duty and retired police officers for late-night patrols.
Some residents expressed support, saying it would be "egregious" to not do anything about the crime.
"It's a really good idea, but we need to think about standards and oversight," said community resident Gretchen Vermuelen.
Others were not enthusiastic about the idea.
"Police service is a fundamental service that the city should be providing on its own. We should not be providing that," said Steven Lipe.
The SSA district overlaps three wards, with two of the three aldermen backing the private security proposal. Ald. Hopkins said the SSA funding will expire if not spent by the end of the year.
"If we're not able to come to an agreement or some compromise, a willingness to work together, then really the entire $1.2 million is in jeopardy," said Kimberly Bares of the Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.
The aldermen said they hope to work out a solution within the next week.

Police capture Toys-R-Us burglar

Kareem Wali Bright, 20, of Waldorf
Charles County MD July 24 2016 On Friday, July 22, 2016 at approximately 1:50 a.m., officers from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Toys-R-Us in Waldorf for the report of an intrusion alarm.
When the first officer arrived, he observed the front door was open. While inside checking, the officer observed the suspect, who was not wearing a shirt but had on gloves and pants, hiding behind a shelf in the rear of the store.
The suspect fled out of the back doors and the officer pursued him on foot. The suspect continued to a wooded area where he fell and was subsequently apprehended.
A total of 24 PS3 and PS4 video games were recovered.
Kareem Wali Bright, 20, of Waldorf, was charged with burglary and theft.

"Pokemon Go," player Tased by police after refusing to leave park

pokemon player arrested photo

TAMPA, Fla. July 24 2016
Police officers arrived and cleared a park that was closed but filled with 150 people playing "Pokemon Go," except for one man who was shot with a stun gun Thursday night.
Everyone was asked around 10:30 p.m. to leave Ballast Point Park, a Pokemon hot spot according to the Tampa Bay Times. The entirety of the group complied, except for one man, according to police.
David Mastrototaro-Baermude was in his aunt’s car but then he got out and started making threats, according to the Times.
He was asked several more times to leave, police said. When officers tried to arrest him he grabbed an officer’s arm and pushed off and also tried to pull another officer to the ground with him, according to investigators.
“The officer continued to ask the suspect to get on the ground numerous times, which the suspect just refused to do so, which resulted in him being tased,” Janelle McGregor, Tampa police spokeswoman, told WFLA-TV.
Mastrototaro-Baermude, 20, was arrested and charged with trespassing after warning and resisting arrest, according to Tampa police.
Mastrototaro-Baermude’s mother thought the treatment was extreme.

“This is all over Pokemon. I’m gonna sue Pokemon for this and I’m gonna sue Tampa Police,” mother Michelle told WFLA-TV.

Sudden death of Desert Vista High School security officer saddens many

Phoenix AZ July 24 2016 When parents and students pull into the Desert Vista High School parking lot 12 days from now, a familiar face with a friendly smile will be missing.
Security guard Thomas J. Lambke died suddenly July 10, the day after celebrating his 39th wedding anniversary. A Chandler resident, he was 60.
Lambke had been a memorable fixture for the last eight years at the school’s main gate, said Laurie Neville, the mother of three Desert Visa graduates and one child who is still there.
“The first thing you saw when you got to the gate was Tom. He not only knew parents and students by name, but remembered stuff about them. He knew if you liked football, or knew if you liked something else,” Neville said. “He made you feel like he cared about those kids as much as you did.”
Lambke knew parents and students not only from their daily treks to school.
“He worked the dances, the football games, all kinds of activities,” Neville recalled.
But he made an even bigger impact beyond Desert Vista.
Lambke, whose son Bryan has Down syndrome, had long been a mentor to young parents confronting the same challenge.
“Whether you discover during pregnancy or at birth that your child has Down syndrome, it’s a shock,” said Neville, who has a daughter with Down. “It’s a great thing to be able to talk to a parent who has walked that walk.”
Neville worked with Lambke for the last 10 years in Extended Family Disability Services, a nonprofit organization that helps children and teens with Down syndrome enjoy the same activities as others.
“We worked together every Friday so the kids could go out with other kids to movies, whatever and on bowling on Saturdays,” she said. “He helped a whole future generation of parents realize these kids have something to offer society.”
He also wrote several books about Down. Among them was a children’s book that explains what Down syndrome is.
Lambke was active in the Arizona chapter of Best Buddies, a nonprofit that helps find friends, employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
In a Best Buddies activity last year, he and his son rode a tandem bicycle along part of the California coast.
Desert Vista Principal Christine Barela said she’s been inundated with emails from students and parents   who heard the news about Lambke.

“They are all saying how sad they are and how they remember how he knew them by name and would ask them about their day,” Barela said. “We are really going to miss him.”

Shooting victims found outside Myrtle Beach Fire Department door


Myrtle Beach SC July 24 2016
Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department said officers responded to a shooting on Warren Street in Myrtle Beach just before 9:00 p.m. Saturday evening.
Two people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.
According to a police report, Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue crews at station one said they heard gun shots and someone was knocking on their back door. An officer told them to stay in the building, the report says, and the officer went to the door
When the officer went through the back door where fire crews had heard pounding, another officer was already with an injured person out back, the report says
The officer then called for EMS for two victims who were critically wounded, the report says.
According to our media partner, The Sun News, those two victims later died.

Myrtle Beach police officers are on scene investigating the incident and gathering suspect information.

$1B Medicare fraud nursing home scam, 3 charged


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. July 24 2016 Three people have been charged in an unprecedented $1 billion health care fraud scam, accused of using dozens of Miami nursing homes to bilk the taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid programs, according to an indictment unsealed Friday.
"This is the largest single criminal health care fraud case ever brought against individuals by the Department of Justice," Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department's Criminal Division Leslie Caldwell announced in a statement.
Authorities said Philip Esformes, who ran 30 nursing homes and assisted living facilities, joined with two conspirators and a complex network of corrupt doctors and hospitals to refer thousands of patients to their facilities even though the patients did not qualify for the services. Some of the treatments were harmful, they added.
All of this was done with little regard for the patients, Caldwell said.
"Among the thousands of people cycled through the fraudulent network were, for example, drug addicts who were allegedly prescribed opioids - including OxyContin and Fentanyl - and other narcotics in order to entice them to stay in facilities where they didn't belong," she said at a news conference.
Authorities said Esformes, along with Odette Barcha and Arnaldo Carmouze, also received kickbacks for steering patients to other community health care providers, including mental health centers. When a patient reached their Medicare-imposed length of stay limit at one facility, conspirators simply moved patients to a different facility, Caldwell said, calling it a "ruthlessly efficient" scam.
Authorities allege in court documents that those facilities also billed Medicare and Medicaid for unnecessary services and that kickbacks were often paid in cash or disguised as charitable donations.
Esformes' two other defendants were identified in court documents as a hospital administrator and a physicians' assistant.The three were charged Friday with conspiracy, obstruction, money laundering and health care fraud, the indictment said. It's unclear if they have retained lawyers. Emails sent to Esformes' lawyers from previous cases were not immediately returned Friday.
According to court documents, Esformes paid $15.4 million in 2006 to resolve civil federal health care fraud claims for similar charges. But authorities said Esformes was able to continue with alleged crimes after that date through a sophisticated money laundering scheme.
Miami has long been ground zero for Medicare fraud, a crime that has morphed into complex schemes over the years, moving from medical equipment and HIV infusion fraud to home health care, as criminals try to stay one step ahead of authorities.
For decades, Medicare has operated under a pay-and-chase system, paying providers first and investigating suspicious claims later. The system worked when the agency was paying hospitals and institutions that couldn't close up shop and flee the country if they'd been overpaid. In recent years and in this case, authorities said, they used data technology to flag suspicious claims before they were paid.

Federal health officials partnered with the Justice Department several years ago, allocating more money and staff and creating strike forces in fraud hot spots around the country. Friday's announcement marks another major Medicare fraud crackdown under the strike force teams. Nearly 2,900 individuals have been charged in schemes involving almost $10 billion since their inception, according to authorities.

Homeland Security employee caught with gun, knife arrested

CHARLESTON, W.Va. July 24 2016

Authorities arrested a Department of Homeland Security employee Friday for charges related to walking into his agency's Washington headquarters with a gun, a knife, an infrared camera, pepper spray and handcuffs last month.
Federal government analyst Jonathan Leigh Wienke is charged with illegally building a silencer on an unregistered pistol and having materials to build more silencers, according to the seven-count grand jury indictment unsealed Friday in U.S. District Court in Martinsburg. The charges carry up to a 10-year prison term.
Wienke, a 45-year-old federal employee with top-secret clearance, was arrested Friday in the Middle District of Pennsylvania.
Ashley Lough, a spokeswoman with the U.S. attorney's office in northern West Virginia, said the arrest was related to a search warrant last month on Wienke's house in Martinsburg, West Virginia, about a 75-mile commute to the Washington office.
Previous court documents allege Wienke carried the assortment of weapons in his backpack into the Homeland Security building the morning of June 9. The building has a security level on par with the White House and the Pentagon, according to an affidavit by a Homeland Security special agent.
Investigators believed they had probable cause to think Wienke "was conspiring with another to commit workplace violence, and more particularly may have been conspiring or planning to commit violence against senior DHS officials in the building," according to court filings by the federal government last month.
But this month, the department's chief security officer, Richard McComb, told a House homeland security subcommittee that there is "no indication" Wienke was "planning or conspiring to commit workplace violence."
Initially, Wienke was charged with carrying a pistol without a license last month. He was placed on administrative leave from his job after his initial arrest, and a judge has barred him from entering the Homeland Security headquarters while the investigation continues.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Department of Homeland Security continue to investigate the case, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney in southern West Virginia.

Wienke is due for a court appearance before a U.S. Magistrate judge in Martinsburg on July 27.

Ga court rules 'Upskirting' legal in public places

ATLANTA GA July 24 2016- A recent Georgia Court of Appeal's decision has ruled that "upskirting" is not a crime in the state.
The shocking announcement came following a case in which a man was caught filming underneath a woman's skirt back in June of 2013.
While working for a Publix Grocery store in Houston County, Brandon Lee Gary was caught on the store's security cameras with his camera aimed underneath a victim's skirt at least four times as the victim walked and shopped in the aisles.
Gary later admitted to the action after being questioned by police. He was later indicted by a grand jury on a single count of "Unlawful Eavesdropping and Surveillance."
Georgia's Invasion of Privacy Act (OCGA § 16-11-60) deems it illegal for “[a]ny person, through the use of any device, without the consent of all persons observed, to observe, photograph, or record the activities of another which occur in any private place and out of public view."
However, since the incident took place in a public place, like a supermarket, these rules did not apply to Gary.
The Court of Appeals said this issue is one that can be fixed with the proper language by the General Assembly.

In closing, we note that it is regrettable that no law currently exists which criminalizes Gary’s reprehensible conduct. Unfortunately, there is a gap in Georgia’s criminal statutory scheme, in that our law does not reach all of the disturbing conduct that has been made possible by ever-advancing technology. The remedy for this problem, however, lies with the General Assembly, not with this Court. Both our constitutional system of government and the law of this State prohibit the judicial branch from amending a statute by interpreting its language so as to change the otherwise plain and unambiguous provisions thereof
Emory Law Professor Randy Kessler said the court's decision interpreted the law as it was written, before cell phones were commonplace nearly everywhere.
"The strict interpretation of the statute means a private place is private out in public and she was out in public," Kessler said.
Kessler agrees with the court that Georgia privacy laws are in need of an update.
"If the law is unclear you get a bad result like this someone will introduce a bill to say from now on, this is clearly against the law clearly a crime," Kessler said.
Georgia State Sen. Vincent Fort says he's on the case.
"I have already asked legal counsel to draft a bill to deal with this issue," Fort said. "I'm sure there are going to be other legislators offering it is well. I am fine with that; the most important thing is getting it done."

Kessler warns that upskirters they can face civil penalties. With surveillance video everywhere, they are likely to be easy to catch.

Deputy arrested for smuggling contraband to Columbia County inmate

Columbia County July 24 2016
A deputy was arrested after he smuggled contraband to an inmate who he used to be friends with before he became incarcerated at a Columbia County detention center, officials said.
Deputy Dillon Moore was arrested around 6:50 a.m. on Saturday and charged with delivery of contraband into a detention facility.
Columbia County Sheriff's Office said an investigation began earlier in the week when deputies began to suspect an inmate was getting tobacco products from an unknown source.
Deputies found out Moore was friends with the inmate before he became incarcerated. Moore was supplying him with smokeless tobacco as a favor, Columbia County Sheriff's Office said.
Moore was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

Teen charged in stealing $41,000 in watches, attacking mall guard with sledgehammer

TROY MI July 24 2016 Three teens used a fake 911 to try to divert police from where they were about to commit an armed robbery but it didn’t work out well for them.
Police say the thieves made a bogus call to 911, claiming shots were fired at Oakland Mall while they used a sledgehammer to bust glass cases at a jewelry store at Somerset Mall.
One of the suspects, a juvenile grabbed a sledgehammer from his pocket and began striking the Cartier watch display," said a Troy police detective. "Once the glass was broken, others reached into the now broken display case and grabbed three Cartier watches valued at $41,000."
Police soon captured and arrested 17-year-old Antonio Caeser but not before the teen used the sledgehammer to attack a security officer.
"He's got a bruised arm but he's fine thankfully," said Capt. Bob Redmond, Troy police.
Caeser is being held on a $100,000 bond that is a full cash bond - meaning if he is to get out of jail before his trial is done, he'll have to put up that money in full.
Two others were also arrested in the armed robbery appeared in court Friday.
Anthony Mitchell, 22, was arrested and accused of driving the get-away car but was only charged with having a suspended license. Never the less, the judge told him to stay away from Somerset mall.
"Why can't I have contact with Somerset collection if I'm just here on driving," Mitchell said.
Judge: "Sir listen to me, it's my turn to talk."
A third person, Shawn Miller, was also told to stay away from the mall. He was a passenger in the alleged get-away-car. Miller was charged with possession of a fake credit card.
No one has been charged in connection with making a fake phone call to 911.
But the case remains an open investigation.