Saturday, May 23, 2015

NJ State Police deploys "Ghost Cars" on patrol

Trenton NJ May 23 2015
Motorists on New Jersey highways may see the newest car patrolling the roads. Then again, they may not.
New Jersey State Police have unveiled "ghost cars" as their newest tool to catch unruly motorists. The black Chevrolet Caprices appear unmarked from far away. But a closer examination shows a faint gray State Police emblem on its sides.
State Police spokesman Capt. Stephen Jones says they're trying to avoid notice on the highways so troopers can catch dangerous drivers who behave in the presence of marked cars.

He says the cars give drivers piece of mind that they're talking to actual troopers and not someone masquerading as an officer.

Man strips naked at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Naked man at airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C. May 23 2015-- An unusual scene at Charlotte Douglas caught the attention of passengers, and police.
A man stripped down to the buff right in front of everyone, including kids. A passenger, Sherry Ketchie, snapped photos on her cell phone. Ketchie says he stood there in the nude for about 40 minutes before police finally escorted him away.
Other passengers NBC Charlotte spoke with were shocked to hear about this.
"It's embarrassing. That guy should think about what's going on, who's around him and seriously get some psychological evaluation, or help," Mike Osborne, a traveler, said.
Ketchie said the whole thing started when the man learned a flight to Jamaica was overbooked. Airport officials have not commented.
Police at the airport told NBC Charlotte on Thursday that the man was off his medication, was "having an episode", and was trying to collect his medicine from his luggage.
Authorities also said that while the man may have been disrobing for some time, officers responded within minutes of having been notified of the naked man in the terminal.

The man was not arrested, however, he was taken to the hospital, where he, according to police, is "getting the help he needs".

University Professor Charged in Wire Fraud Scheme

PHILADELPHIA PA May 23 2015—Xioaxing Xi, 47, of Penn Valley, PA, was charged by indictment, unsealed today, with four counts of wire fraud in an alleged scheme involving the exploitation of technology for the benefit of third parties in China. Xi, a naturalized U.S. citizen and a native of the People’s Republic of China, is a world-renowned expert in the field of magnesium diboride thin film superconducting technology. The fraud, it is alleged, was an effort to assist Chinese entities in becoming world leaders of the superconductivity field.
The charges were announced today by United States Attorney Zane David Memeger, and FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Edward J. Hanko.
The indictment alleges that, in 2002, Xi participated in China’s 863 Program, which was a Chinese government program intended to boost high-technology innovation and development in China. Thereafter, in 2002 to 2003, the indictment alleges that Xi took a sabbatical from his university position and worked with a U.S. company in the field of thin film superconductivity research. During his tenure at the company, individuals there invented a piece of technology which revolutionized the field of superconducting magnesium diboride thin film growth. The indictment alleges that, starting in January 2004, Xi made efforts to obtain the technology from the company. The indictment further alleges that Xi applied for and was awarded a U.S. Defense Department grant to finance his purchase of the device for research relevant to the Department of Defense. In January 2006, Xi obtained the device for 12 months subject to an agreement that he not reproduce, sell, transfer or otherwise distribute the device or any copies of the device to any third party. The indictment alleges that Xi signed this agreement as part of a scheme to defraud the company into providing him the technology, so that he could provide it to entities in China and assist those entities in further exploitation and use of the technology. The indictment further alleges that Xi repeatedly reproduced, sold, transferred, distributed, and otherwise shared the device with, and exploited it for the benefit of, government entities and other third parties in China. It is further alleged that, in exchange for his efforts, Xi repeatedly sought lucrative and prestigious appointments in China.
According to the indictment, Xi’s e-mails include a communication on May 14, 2010, to an associate in China, confirming the delivery of certain technology to a laboratory in China; and three e-mails to separate associates in China, in June 2010 and December 2010, in which Xi offers to build a world-class thin film laboratory.
If convicted the defendant faces a maximum possible sentence of 80 years in prison, three years of supervised release, a fine of up to $1 million, and a $400 special assessment.
The case was investigated by the FBI and is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams.
An Indictment is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Louisville Water Company security guard charged with theft

Bryant A. Terry (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)LOUISVILLE, Ky. May 23 2015  A former security guard at the Louisville Water Company is accused of stealing from a storage locker.

According to an arrest warrant, it happened last year, on June 14, 2014. Police say 48-year-old Bryant Terry was employed as a security guard and scheduled to work from midnight to noon at the Louisville Water Company, when he opened a storage locker in the Information Technology Department and took two iPhones and one iPad.

It was soon discovered that the devices, which together were worth over $1,000, were missing.

Police say that a review of surveillance video revealed that Terry opened the unlocked storage unit and took the items, then got into a vehicle on 3rd Street driven by an unknown individual. Just over 10 minutes later, the video shows that unidentified driver brought Terry back and he resumed his duties.

According to the arrest warrant, police confronted Terry about the incident and he admitted that he "messed up," adding that he wanted to return the devices.

However, police say Terry did not return the Apple products and a warrant was issued for his arrest on Thursday, June 19, 2014. Louisville Metro Police arrested him on the evening of Thursday, May 21, and he was charged with theft by unlawful taking.


Ohatchee High School teacher arrested for sexual contact with student

Ohatchee AL May 23 2015 An Ohatchee High School teacher has resigned after being charged with having sex with a student.
Alabama leads nation in inappropriate student-teacher relationships, study says
Alabama has the most cases per capita of inappropriate teacher-student relationships, according to a new study.
Investigators received information Wednesday about inappropriate conduct between a student and a teacher at Ohatchee High School and interviewed the victim.
The suspect, 32-year-old Richard Wright, resigned during a special called meeting of the Calhoun County Board of Education Thursday. He was interviewed by investigators afterward, and charged with three counts of first-degree sexual abuse and one count of school employee sexual contact with a student under the age of 19.
Wright was an English teacher at the school.

He's being held pending $76,000 bond at the Calhoun County Jail.

Father of student arrested in assault of security guard at Jeffersontown High School.

William Thomas III (source: Louisville Metro Dept. of Corrections)LOUISVILLE, Ky. May 23 2015 Police in St. Matthews have arrested a man after he allegedly attacked a security guard at Jeffersontown High School. 

According to the arrest warrant, it happened on March 17. That's when police say William E. Thomas III showed up at the school to confront a student he believed stole a gold chain from his son, who is a student at the school. Police say Thomas was observed by school staff with his son on the bus loading dock as his son pointed out a group of students.

Thomas allegedly confronted the students "as if he wanted to fight."

That's when police say school security stepped in, asking Thomas to back away from one of the students. When Thomas refused and again approached a student, the security guard "grabbed Thomas and tried to restrain him."

Thomas struggled with the security guard, police say, they both fell to the ground, and the security guard hit his head on the pavement. The security guard was finally able to restrain Thomas, and Jeffersontown Police were called. Thomas was allowed to leave after officers took his information.

The security guard was taken to the hospital and treated for head wounds, including a concussion, laceration and a large knot on the back of his head.

An arrest warrant was issued for Thomas, and he was taken into custody on May 21.

He's charged with assaulting a school employee and criminal trespassing.


Gaston Co. soccer coach, teacher accused of soliciting minor online

Jason Scott Webb
Gaston County NC May 23 2015 A Gaston County high school soccer coach and teacher is accused of soliciting a child on the Internet. 

Jason Scott Webb, 46, was arrested by Lincolnton police as part of a larger sting operation. 

An undercover officer was posing online as the minor, police said. 

Webb is a coach and teacher at South Point High School in Belmont. 

Channel 9 has contacted Gaston County Schools for a comment, but has not heard back yet.

Web was also charged with possession of marijuana, police said. 

Police said there will be other arrests made in connection to the sting operation. 

His bond was set at 105,000.


West Virginia security officer files gender discrimination lawsuit

HUNTINGTON WV May 23 2015  - A courthouse security officer alleges she was passed over for employment and forced to wait for adequate training in a gender discrimination lawsuit filed against the Cabell County Commission, Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Tom McComas.
Deanna Fouch applied for employment with the security force in June 2014, but waited approximately four months for an interview and five more months before being asked to report for duty, then had to wait even longer for firearm qualification, according to the civil complaint filed April 29.
Fouch asks the court for lost wages and punitive damages as well as damages from emotional distress and anguish she said she suffered. She is represented by Charleston attorney Maria W. Hughes of Hughes and Goldner.
Cabell County Manager Chris Tatum declined comment in light of the ongoing litigation. McComas was out of the area Thursday, but has previously declined comment on such pending matters.
Defense attorneys had not filed a response as of midday Thursday.
Fouch first applied for employment June 2014. She was not interviewed and eventually passed over for two men, according to the complaint.
County officials then explained she had been "third on the list" and a hiring freeze would prevent immediate employment.
But the lawsuit contends no such hiring freeze was in place and interviews continued with other candidates. That included interviews with men in August and September 2014, despite their applications having been filed after Fouch's.
The plaintiff contends she remained persistent, inquiring about the supposed hiring freeze and her consideration Sept. 4, Sept. 12 and Sept. 22. Officials said she would be contacted, after which they said McComas "had been swamped" and eventually scheduled an interview for Oct. 2.
That appointment was postponed one week, but occurred Oct. 9 with the interviewing sergeant describing the job as dangerous and saying "if someone came into the courthouse, [she] would be the first person shot."
Officials called Fouch for a second interview Nov. 6 and requested she complete a new job application without explanation. She was told the job would carry 16 to 33 hours with nobody being hired until January 2015.
But three men were interviewed at the same time. Fouch's lawsuit contends they were hired by Dec. 11. She continued to wait.
Fouch's name appeared on the county commission agenda for hire Jan. 8, but she was not notified of her successful employment until Jan. 20. That's when officials told her they would be in touch, though she was never told to report until March 18.
Hughes claims her client worked two days without carrying a firearm, before officials prohibited her from returning until she became qualified to carry a gun. She was still waiting for her qualification exercise to be scheduled as of April 29.
Meanwhile, the lawsuit claims male officers were able to qualify with their firearm or work without qualifying. It also contends another man was hired to replace Fouch.
The case marks Hughes' third gender discrimination lawsuit filed against McComas, the Sheriff's Office and the County Commission.
The prior cases, filed on behalf of retired Sheriff's Lt. Patrice Lambert and former home confinement officer Cindy "Shellie" Stiltner, led to $1.75 million in settlements at a total price tag of more than $1.89 million in insurance payouts.
The Herald Dispatch 

Norco Cal. bouncer fired for helping victim of attempted rape

NORCO, Calif.  May 23 2015 Joe Navarrete returned Wednesday night to his former place of work -- Slick's in Norco, where he worked as a bouncer at the bar every other weekend.
While working at Slick's in the 1800 block of Hammer Avenue on May 9, Navarrete says, a woman approached him. She was bleeding and was barely able to talk.
"She was trying to but she was just so hysterical... All I understood was that she fought off a rape, and right away, my first instinct was to call 911 for her," Navarrete said.
James Allen Schneider, 21, of Norco was arrested on attempted rape, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon charges in connection to the incident, according to the Norco Sheriff's Department.
Schneider had followed the victim to the 1500 block of 2nd Street. He physically assaulted her and then threatened to sexually assault her. During the assault, Schneider took her purse and cellphone. The victim fought back and ran about a half-mile to Slick's.
Navarrete called police and the victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Back at the bar, however, Navarrete says the owner was upset he had called 911 and told him that the woman's problems were not the bar's responsibility.
"I was shocked. I couldn't believe that he was stating that to me," Navarrete said.
Eight days later, he says he received a call from the owner telling him he was fired.
"Right away, I asked him why, because I called 911? And then he started stating about it's not our responsibilities to be calling 911. We have no responsibilities outside the door. That she should've called it herself," Navarrete said.
Eyewitness News attempted to contact the owner identified as Simon Fangary.
He released the following statement: "Joe was not fired for calling 911 as he claims since he was instructed to do so by the head bouncer... Over the last 20 years numerous employees called 911 from Slick's and no one was ever fired."
Fangary refused to say why Navarrete was fired stating alleged legal reasons.
Navarrete is far from convinced.
"There is no other reason," he said. "Obviously, I know he's just doing what he has to do to feel to protect himself but honestly, he knows the truth that there is no other reason."
Whatever the official reason, customers have already taken to social media, posting comments on Slick's Facebook and Yelp pages.

"DON'T SUPPORT THIS PLACE!!!!!! the owner would not allow his bouncer to help a raped and beaten woman. Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself," Monika W. of Riverside posted on the bar's Yelp page.
Despite her dad losing his job, Navarrete's daughter, Chelsea, says she is happy he did what he did.
"I have a little sister. I don't want that to happen to any girl. That's just a bad situation, but he did the right thing by helping her," she said.
If the same situation arose again, Navarrete says he'd handle it the same way. He says that at this point even if he were to be offered his job back at Slick's, he wouldn't accept the offer.

Anyone with additional information on this case was urged to contact Deputy Richard Rosales at the Norco Sheriff's Office at (951) 270-5673.

Houston firefighter stabs girlfriend to death, hangs himself

Murder-suicide investigation on Lake Prince Lane

HOUSTON TX May 23 2015 -- A Houston firefighter has died in an apparent murder-suicide, according to the Houston Police Department.
The bodies were found before 7 p.m. Thursday at a Lake Houston-area home on Lake Prince Lane near Smith Lake Lane. Family members went to check on the couple because the female victim had not picked her daughter up earlier in the day.
According to HPD investigators, it's believed the firefighter fatally stabbed his girlfriend and then hung himself inside the home.
In an interview with KHOU 11 News, family identified the murder victim as Caroline Minjares, who was a registered nurse.
The mom leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old daughter, her family said.
The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association identified the firefighter as Richard C. Deluna.
The association released the following statement:

Houston fire fighters mourn the off-duty death tonight of Houston fire fighter Richard C. Deluna, who was a member of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 341. Our organization will strive to help support his brothers and sisters in the fire service, his family and his friends in this difficult time. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as answers are sought after this inexplicable tragedy.

Security screening detectors improve school safety

Security screeners at DAHS

DuBOIS PA May 23 2015  — Since last October, DuBois Area High School students have been walking through security screening detectors the district purchased through the Safe Schools Initiatives Program and school officials believe it has been a positive step in making the school safer.
“Each day when arriving at DuBois Area High School, over 1,000 high school students are directed through five different safety screeners which are manned by staff and school police officers,” said Janice Bart, officer in charge of the DuBois Area School Police. “This process takes less than a half hour for students to pass through, allowing them to properly proceed to their first period class without interruption of the educational process.
“The goal of the safety screeners is to rule out any possible weapons including guns, knives, sharp instruments or other weapons,” Bart said. “The purpose is to keep students, staff and visitors safe while on school property.”

Bart said, “I can think of no more important accomplishment than the successful use of Safe Schools’ grant money for the extended safety measures considering the age of the high school building. The safety screeners, combined with the investment of time, a properly laid out plan, laboring minds at work, along with old-fashioned hard work, have all been implemented resulting in the safety and security of our students, teachers, principals and other public school employees.”
The Courier Express

Man charged in 2012 slaying of Wackenhut guard

Demarkeo Lockhart: Man, 21, has been charged in the killing of Hester Jackson.

Richmond County GA May 22 2015
The police investigation into the slaying of a Wackenhut guard at Savannah River Site has been closed with an arrest after more than two years.
Richmond County sheriff’s Lt. Allan Rollins confirmed Thursday that Demarkeo Jarome Lockhart, 21, has been charged in the killing of Hester Jackson.
Lockhart was booked into the Richmond County jail a week ago on charges of driving under a suspended license. Charges of murder, burglary in the first degree, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and false statement in a government matter have since been added.
On the anniversary of Jackson’s death last year, investigators said the case had gone cold, and although detectives had an idea who it could have been, it would come down to someone talking.
Police said Jackson, 56, was fatally shot when he arrived at his home in the 2700 block of Willis Foreman Road from his job at Wackenhut Services on Dec. 8, 2012, and surprised a burglar. Police found his body the next morning after he failed to show up for work and didn’t answer phone calls from his wife.
According to Lockhart’s arrest warrants, he entered Jackson’s home through a rear door and removed three watches. He then used a .380-caliber handgun to shoot the victim multiple times in the torso.
The warrant also said that upon Lockhart’s arrest for a traffic violation last week he told a sheriff’s investigator that his friends “Jay” and “Zay” told him they shot and killed Jackson while attempting to burglarize his home. Investigators were later able to identify Jay and Zay and determine the two men were in custody at the Georgia Department of Corrections when Jackson was killed. The two men told police they never told Lockhart anything about Jackson’s slaying.
Jackson was an Air Force veteran and had been employed at Wackenhut for 29 years. He was described in his obituary as an “avid racquetball player” who played across the country and was a “dynamic” saxophone player.
Jackson was also newly married. He and his wife, Brenda, had known each other for more than 20 years before finally tying the knot about six months earlier. Brenda Jackson was still living in North Carolina when her husband was killed. She was in the process of moving and had planned to move the final truck of her belongings the next week. Investigators said she had remained a faithful caller seeking answers to her husband’s death.
The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, WSI-SRS and Professional Pro-Force of Savannah River Local 125 also offered a $10,000 reward, hoping it would convince someone to give details on the case.
“They obviously don’t know how this feels to be without your mate and friend,” Brenda Jackson said on the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death. “I just want them to turn themselves in and justice be served. It won’t bring him back, but it will give me some peace and closure.” 
Augusta Chronicle

Tesco store security officer helps have child in hypoglycaemic shock

Image result for Supermarket security guard hailed as a hero after helping save toddler's life in Farnworth Tesco
Longcauseway, Farnwort UK May 23 2015
A hero security guard helped save a toddler's life after she suddenly went into hypoglycaemic shock in a supermarket.
Toni Rimavicius was shopping in Tesco on Tuesday morning when she noticed her two-year-old daughter Ava-Mai’s eyes were rolling back into her head.
The toddler’s body had gone floppy, her lips were blue, her breathing was shallow and she was slipping in and out of consciousness.
Panic-stricken Miss Rimavicius, aged 27, shouted for help and staff at the store in Longcauseway, Farnworth, rushed over to help.
Little Ava-Mai was then taken to the front of the supermarket, where she was given first aid by 51-year-old security guard Ronnie Walker.
He checked the youngster’s pulse and breathing, tried his best to keep her awake and put her in the recovery position when she lost consciousness four times while other staff called for an ambulance.
When paramedics arrived Ava-Mai was rushed to the Royal Bolton Hospital, where doctors discovered she had low blood sugar and had gone into hypoglycaemic shock.
The youngster had barely eaten or drank in the previous days due to a diarrhoea and vomiting bug, but after being given glucose gel and a drink she made a full recovery.
Miss Rimavicius, who is also mum to Demi-Lea, aged 10, and Charlie-James, aged four, said: “I am so thankful to the staff in Tesco, and especially to Ronnie — he saved Ava-Mai’s life.
“Everyone was absolutely brilliant. They could not have done anything more.
“The doctors at the hospital said she was very lucky.”
Miss Rimavicius is a first aider herself, but said shock and panic meant she did not know what to do.
The factory worker, of Boscombe Gardens, added: “It was so awful. At one point I looked at her and I thought she had died — her lips were blue.”
Ava-Mai’s dad John Whenlock added: “I am just so grateful — I cannot thank the staff enough really.”
Mr Walker, of Eastham Way, Little Hulton, has worked in Tesco in Farnworth for four years.
In the three years he has been first aid trained, he said he has dealt with all manner of medical incidents in the store — from slips and falls to heart attacks.
The father-of-five and grandfather-of-18, who is originally from Liverpool, said: “I am just so glad she is okay.
“After the ambulance took her away I walked off to take five minutes and that was when I just went to pieces. I was so worried.
“All the staff did their best and everyone was fantastic — it was not just me.
"I am not a hero, I was just doing my job.”
Mr Walker is now urging store bosses to install a defibrillator and purchase medical screens — as during Ava-Mai’s emergency staff had to instead hold up blankets and sheets to give her privacy.
He added: “I always wanted to become a first aider to help the customers.
“I think in a family at least one person should be first aid trained — it does save lives.”
Store manager Warren Sheady was having a meeting in the Tesco cafe at the time of the incident.
He said: “I am so proud of all my staff — they jumped to work so quickly and knew exactly what to do.”
Bolton News

Olympia police shoot unarmed shoplifters after being assaulted by skateboard-demonstrators march

Hundreds marched peacefully in Washington state's capital city to protest a police shooting that wounded two unarmed stepbrothers suspected of trying to steal beer from a grocery store.
The officer reported he was being assaulted with a skateboard early Thursday before the shooting that left a 21-year-old man in critical condition and a 24-year-old man in stable condition. Both were expected to survive.
The stepbrothers are black, and the officer is white, but Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts said, "There's no indication to me that race was a factor in this case at all."
Protesters who turned out Thursday evening held signs that read "Race is a Factor" and "We Are Grieving."
The two men were identified as Andre Thompson, 24, and Bryson Chaplin, 21, both of Olympia.
"It was terrible," the young men's mother, Crystal Chaplin, told KIRO-TV. "It's heartbreaking to see two of my babies in the hospital over something stupid."
The shooting is being investigated by a team of detectives from several agencies. Brad Watkins, chief deputy of the Thurston County Sheriff's Department, said two skateboards were recovered from the shooting scene and an investigation will likely take three to six weeks. The young men had no guns, investigators said.
The crowd of demonstrators rallied first at a park, then marched about a mile to a building that houses the Olympia police headquarters and City Hall. Protesters chanted "Black Lives Matter," ''No Justice, No Peace" and the names of the young men who were shot.
Olympia police tweeted their thanks to marchers "for keeping the event nonviolent."
"We are committed to helping our community work through this difficult circumstance and help us understand this tragic event," the police chief told a news conference Thursday afternoon.
Officer Ryan Donald was among those who responded around 1 a.m. Thursday to a call from a Safeway store, Roberts said. Employees said two men tried to steal beer and then threw the alcohol at workers who confronted the pair.
Officers split up to search for the men. Donald encountered two men with skateboards who fit witnesses' descriptions, and moments later, he radioed in that shots had been fired, the police chief said.
In radio calls released by police, Donald calls dispatchers once he spots the men, and again to report that he fired shots.
"I believe one of them is hit, both of them are running," Donald said.
He tells dispatchers that one of the men "assaulted me with his skateboard."
"I tried to grab his friend," Donald said. "They're very aggressive, just so you know."
He says he has one man, then both, at gunpoint and asks for help.
Seconds later, he shouts, "Shots fired! One down," and asks for more backup units. He then says the second man has been shot.
The police chief said Donald wasn't injured but an officer "has the right to defend himself" if a suspect wields an object that could be used as a deadly weapon.
Donald, 35, who is on administrative leave pending the investigation, has been with the department for just over three years. No residents have filed complaints against him, and he was recently recognized by the agency for being proactive on investigations, Roberts said. He worked previously as an Army police officer, the chief said.
The shooting follows a string of high-profile killings of unarmed black men by police, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City, which set off weeks of protests and a national "Black Lives Matter" movement that has gained momentum across the country.
Olympia Mayor Stephen H. Buxbaum called for calm in the community.
"It deeply saddens me that we have two young people in the hospital as a result of an altercation with an officer of the law," he said. "Let's come together to support their needs, the officer's needs, the needs of the families and our community's needs. Let's not be reactive."
Merritt Long, a retired chairman of the state's liquor control board, was one of several residents to attend the news conference Thursday.
"Does the punishment fit the crime?" he asked afterward. "Given the seeming epidemic of this happening not only here but in our country, it makes you pause and wonder what's going on."

Teacher Arrested For Letting Middle Students Have Sex In Closet

Image result for atlanta teach er lets students have sex in closet
Atlanta GA May 23 2015 
Quentin Wright is out of a job and behind bars on four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The 25-year-old 
Atlanta teacher was arrested on Tuesday after complaints from parents that he set up times with his middle school students to have sex in his empty classroom… provided them with condoms and kept a lookout to keep anyone from interrupting.
arrest warrant in the case claims that Wright, “willfully encourage(d) a minor under the age of 17 to commit the offense of statutory rape.” One mother said Wright sent her son a calendar showing him teacher’s schedules and reminding him not to tell anyone about the arrangement.
 In March, the CDC released a study showing that more than 20% of female and 10% of male high school students 
have experienced some form of dating violence in the past year, including being forced into unwanted sexual behaviors.

Fatal police shooting inside hospital ER in Guelph, Ontario

Guelph Ontario Canada May 23 2015
Police have shot and killed a man in the emergency unit of a hospital in Guelph, Ont.
"At approximately 1 p.m. today, Guelph Police Service members were involved in a critical incident. It occurred at the Guelph General Hospital in their emergency unit," said spokesman Const. Mike Gatto.
The officer said he couldn't give out any more information, noting the Special Investigations Unit, Ontario's police watchdog, is investigating.
Two officers discharged their firearms and the man was declared dead at the scene, the SIU said in a release.
A witness told CBC News that she saw a woman running out of the hospital while yelling, "My boyfriend's shooting at me."
"There's blood on the ground," the witness said. "It was freaky."
According to the hospital, the shooting occurred in the waiting room of the emergency department.
"Our [emergency department] remains open, although wait times will be longer than usual," said Marianne Walker, the hospital president and CEO, in a news release. "Our focus now is to provide support to all those who need it, including staff, patients and visitors."
Ten investigators, including four forensic specialists, are investigating the shooting.

The SIU is an arm's-length body that is called in to investigate cases in which a member of the public has sustained severe injuries or died in an interaction with police.